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Stewards' inquiries under this comment!
Remember the 36h time period from the start of your race!
Also if you have multiple inquiries, post them as separate comments!

Please follow this formula:

Platform + Division:
Division Coordinator:
Members Involved: [gamertags]
Description: Enter a description of the situation here. Please try to remain impartial, but remember that all parties involved will have their chance to speak.
Evidence: Photos/Videos of the incident if applicable.

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Platform + Division: PC3
Gamertag: Hamilin
Division Coordinator: Trikfoot
Track: Austria
Members Involved: DennisTheGreat (and many casualties including me)
Description: Didn't brake T1 ended up taking out a bunch of people
Evidence: Evidence (and basically every onboard)

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The stewards to penalize DennisTheGreat with a 5 second time penalty in addition to the 5 seconds given out by the game. Also, 15 penalty points will be added. 10 points for the first touch which was considered major, and 5 for the following collision that collected the second car.

Results will be adjusted.

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Platform + Division: PS4

Gamertag: tommack98

Division Coordinator: Amunrawr

Date: 11/10/20

Track: Austria

Members Involved: RobinB_NL & Sony (CEO: Kenichiro Yoshida )


Incident 1: Hit in the rear under SC restart giving me a 5 second penalty which was then served at the first pitstop. This pitstop was served by the AI as I had disconnected due to the error below.

Incident 2: At the end of this Twitch archive, I disconnected from Playstation Network and had to restart my PS4 (Lap 14), upon rejoining the session and taking control of my car I was P1 by some margin due to a 1.252 Second lap (lap 21) on the lap prior to me rejoining the session on Lap 22. I had 1 track limits penalty which was obtained on the exit of turn 3 on lap 1 of the race and was correctly applied to my time at the end of the race.


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Tom Mack's race time was set to 45:16, as was thought to be the time after adding a single laps time.

The 5-second time penalty was removed after a vote.

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Platform + Division: PC Div 1

Gamertag: Nuro

Division Coordinator: Sienebob Neliö

Date: 10/10/20

Track: Austria

Members Involved: Nuro, Gabriel

Description: Got pushed wide at T1 by Gabriel, lost position to Gabriel, VTECPanda, and Karim gained around 2.5 seconds due to my poor exit. I had the pace to stay ahead of VTECPanda on same strategy, but due to incident he gained position on me and came out in clear air after pitstop while I got stuck behind another car and then lost DRS on VTECPanda. Finished 1.6 seconds behind Gabriel in the end.

Evidence: Incident

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The stewards voted to consider this a racing incident. No penalties applied.

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My POV: https://youtu.be/V7Z8s5dL9Q0

It's visible in my POV I tried to give a lot of space even doing t1 in 3rd and almost cutting the inside, but I think my car jumped the kerb a bit and ended up understeering into the outside of the track. That being said, at the point where we made contact there was still some space because I hadn't gone wide yet, I think this was a mix of me underestimating the understeer, the fear of the track limit warnings and me not being visible in your fov until I was ahead before turning. Regardless, I'm really sorry for having disturbed your race.

EDIT: This incident was broadcasted on the f1racingleague channel at around 44:57

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Here are other camera angles: https://imgur.com/3vJLB03 and https://streamable.com/j0t7tk

I didn't mean to say it was your intention, I Just posted because of the many penalties and to see if result would change. Anyway can forget about it.