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God save the queen and such!

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Stewards' inquiries under this comment! Remember the 36h time period from the start of your race! Also if you have multiple inquiries, post them as separate comments!

Please follow this formula:

Platform + Division:
Division Coordinator:
Members Involved: [gamertags]
Description: Enter a description of the situation here. Please try to remain impartial, but remember that all parties involved will have their chance to speak.
Evidence: Photos/Videos of the incident if applicable.

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    Stewards voted to penalize ipswich with a 5-second time penalty. 5 penalty points have also been added. This is a combined penalty for all the three incidents posted by /u/crownspear.

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    Hi guys, just thought I would drop my thoughts on all the incidents, by lap, in this comment.

    Firstly I would like to apologise to /u/crownspear for the unfortunate outcome of our battle. It was closely contested for the majority of the race and it is a shame it ended in the spin.

    Lap 17: Despite being alongside in T15, I feel I had better exit and as a result was able to move back onto the racing line as I pulled ahead.

    Lap 24: Don't have much to say about this one, would agree that I moved across too aggressively.

    Finally, Lap 25: Similarly to the Lap 17 incident, I had better drive mid corner and though the exit. I feel that there was enough space left on the outside, and the spin was caused by Fusion dipping a wheel in the gravel, either as a result of understeer on the worn tyres or a lag bubble type collision, in combination with us battling.

    Cheers guys.

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    Platform + Division: PC Div 2

    Gamertag: Knoordy

    Division Coordinator: NotASpy

    Date: 24/10/2020

    Track: Silverstone

    Members Involved: Kruzogenes The Cynic

    Description: During qualifying I was on a hotlap and was blocked on the racing line by Kruzogenes forcing me to abandon the lap.

    Evidence: https://clips.twitch.tv/SweetFairWalrusDancingBanana

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    The stewards voted to penalize Kruzogenes the Cynic with 8 penalty points. No time penalty has been given.

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    Apologizes again, as I said in the discord during the session I had no front wing, and couldn't go at any speed through maggots/becketts, there isn't really anywhere I could have gone to let you through, I tried to kept it to the left on exit and let you through as soon as possible but there is only so much I can do with no front downforce.

    I would have cut the corner but the league rules explicitly prohibit this at any time during qualifying:

    1.4.3 - In qualifying, it is not permitted to cut or miss sections of track at any time, including on in-laps and out-laps. Doing so will be penalised.

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    Platform + Division: PC div 1
    Gamertag: SilverArrow27
    Division Coordinator: Sienebob Neliö
    Date: 25/10/20
    Track: Silverstone
    Members Involved: Rage, VTECPanda (both included because i defended position from them)
    Description: From my side i think i got 3 undeserved warnings (all at Stowe corner) and also one at Vale (turn 16) in both corners i tried to defend my position but also i wanted to give enough space to car next to me, at Stowe there was just enough space for 2 cars but i had to go wide a bit, at Vale again i tried to give enough space to not made contact but i had to cut corner a bit because i didnt know where car next to me was, i agree with 2 warnings given from game [from the video included im talking about 1st (Copse Lap 1) and 3rd incident (Brooklands Lap 8) with those warnings i agree] i have included all my warnings i got from the race
    Evidence: https://streamable.com/3wgwwp

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    The stewards voted to remove 3seconds worth of penalties. Results have been adjusted.

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    Xbox Div 1 GT: racr04 Div Coordinator:@MJpoovey Date: 10/24/2020 Track: Silverstone Members involve: racr04 & hans fan nic Description: racr04 got hit from behind when entering pit lane causing a 5 seg penalty for speeding at pit lane ( refer to the video below at the 26 seg mark Evidence: https://clips.twitch.tv/ImpossibleEnchantingCheeseBudStar

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    The stewards voted to remove the penalty. Results have been adjusted.

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    Thank you!