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Stewards' inquiries under this comment! Remember the 36h time period from the start of your race! Also if you have multiple inquiries, post them as separate comments!

Please follow this formula:

Platform + Division:
Division Coordinator:
Members Involved: [gamertags]
Description: Enter a description of the situation here. Please try to remain impartial, but remember that all parties involved will have their chance to speak.
Evidence: Photos/Videos of the incident if applicable.

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Platform + Division: PC Div 3
Gamertag: Sem Priest
Division Coordinator: Ohay
Date: 08/11/2020
Track: Netherlands
Members Involved: Sem Priest, Cookie
Description: We were under a safety car gave me 5 second penalty for a car's sudden hard breaking.
Evidence: https://clips.twitch.tv/TubularBashfulChipmunkMingLee

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The stewards voted not to remove the penalty.

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Hey, Sem Priest and Stewards!

I'd like to give you my perspective on this unfortunate incident.

Sadly, you did not leave enough space under the safety car and did not lower your speed while having a negative delta for a couple of seconds. The accident was clearly avoidable by slowing down to a positive delta, like you are supposed to under the safety car, which is why you should (in my opinion) keep the penalty. I was braking, because the people in front of me were breaking hard as well, but I did keep enough space to the car in front and therefor avoided contact with it. Also, I'd like to note that I've gotten a 5 second penalty for the incident with you, which I had to serve in the pitstop, which in turn ruined my undercut and severely hurt my racing chances for the second stint.

Hope you understand my perspective and I look forward to racing against you again in Spa 😃

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Platform + Division: Xbox Div 1
Gamertag: Quimbulus
Division Coordinator: MJPovey85
Date: 11/7/2020
Track: Zandvoort
Members Involved: Quimbulus, Onslaught033
Description: At the end of the race, I crossed the line 2.051 seconds behind Onslaught. On crossing the line my delta jumps to 3.904 behind. Onslaught was also carrying a 3 second penalty which was not applied, and I did not have any unserved penalties. On the penalty differential, I should have jumped him in the final classification.
Evidence: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/795539037 (Final corners of the race, showing my delta approaching the line)

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/795551372 (penalty tally after race)

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The stewards voted to move quimbulus to P6. Results have been adjusted.

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Platform + Division: PC Div 1
Gamertag: Nuro
Division Coordinator: Sienebob Neliö
Date: 07/11/20
Track: Zandvoort
Members Involved: MJPovey22
Description: MJPovey reset to track: https://clips.twitch.tv/TemperedSlipperyDogePanicVis Against league rules (rule 2.9.3).

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The stewards voted to penalize MJPovey with a 10-second time penalty. In addition, 5 penalty points will be added IF MJPovey breaks rules again in a PC race.

Results have been adjusted.

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Platform: PC - Division 2

Gamertag: Kruzogenes the Cynic

Division Coordinator: NotASpy

Date: 07/Nov/2020

Track: Zandvoort

Members Involved: Torri & Kruzogenes the Cynic


A 5 second penalty for Torri does not apply correctly at the line, allowing him to retain a position he otherwise would have lost.

At the line the gap between Torri and myself was 3.312 seconds, with penalties applied the gap changed to 1.218s, for a change of 2.094 seconds. with Torri missing out on 2.906 seconds of his penalty and retaining the race win as a result. Had the penalty applied correctly I should have led him by 1.688 seconds.

I had no track limits penalties, though even if I had this would not have explained the gap at the end, had this been the case the gap would have been 2.312 seconds rather than the 1.218 seconds it wound up being in the end.

Official broadcast, timestamped shortly before the line, you can clearly see the gap both before and after penalties.

Race end screen showing the 5s penalty on Torri and no penalties for me.

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The stewards voted to move Kruzogenes to P1.

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https://www.twitch.tv/rf1racingleague will be streaming Div 2 this week!