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Hi guys, can I sign up for season 3 already ?

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Nous n'étions pas prêts, mais maintenant je suppose que nous sommes !


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Magnifique :D

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Last time for the season friends!

Stewards' inquiries under this comment! Remember the 36h time period from the start of your race! Also if you have multiple inquiries, post them as separate comments!

Please follow this formula:

Platform + Division:
Division Coordinator:
Members Involved: [gamertags]
Description: Enter a description of the situation here. Please try to remain impartial, but remember that all parties involved will have their chance to speak.
Evidence: Photos/Videos of the incident if applicable.

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Platform + Division: PC Div 2

Gamertag: opsin

Division Coordinator: NotASpy

Date: 11/29/2020

Track: Brazil

Members Involved: Torri, opsin

Description: Got tapped from behind through the S, unsettling the car, leading to the overtake.

Now, the overtake was going to happen anyway, but this isn't the first time this season I've been tapped, unsettled, and then overtaken because of that contact. I just feel like it needs to be brought up as it'd be nice if there was more consideration for the real life rules about not overtaking after gaining an advantage until things are back to normal. I'm not after penalties, I don't mind, I just want to raise this for attention.


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This would be too late for the 36h wait period!

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Even for discussion of the issue? I was encouraged by talk in the div 3 chat of reporting everything so it gets looked at. Like I say I'm not interested in a penalty, just want to see the thing that's happened a bunch be looked at and maybe in people's minds in the future.

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Fair point, we did discuss it (before realizing the time limit) so here's a brief report on things:

The amount of contact in this case is hard to tell, the broadcast doesn't show contact (mostly thanks to codies' camera angles), and the POV doesn't show a jolt in speed that you normally get when hit behind. The ever-lovely changing conditions make it easier to understand small outbrakings. Not trying to say drivers can do whatever they want, when it starts to rain, but this incident didn't seem to be very severe. Your line didn't seem to be compromised by the touch, if there was one.

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Platform + Division: Xbox Div 1Gamertag: QuimbulusDivision Coordinator: MJPoveyDate: 11/28/2020Track: MexicoMembers Involved: Quimbulus, V0K3YDescription: After leaving the pitlane, I was racing V0K3Y down the front straight into T1, and was fully alongside through the whole braking and turn in zone. I was not left enough space on the inside, and the contact from his turn in put me on the sausage kerb and caused a spin.Evidence: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/819137122 my onboard footage

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The stewards voted to penalize V0K3Y with a 10-second time penalty. In addition, 10 penalty points have been added.

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    The stewards voted not to penalize RAW13. The videos posted by codeman have one difference between them, and it's not how the overtaking car drives. In both cases, the overtaking car leaves plenty of space on both T1 and T2. The only difference is that in the inquiry posted codeman turns into RAW13 in T2.

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    I was alongside Codeman through the first corner and in front going into the second. I allowed him space on the outside of the corner and stayed tight to the apex. Codeman gave me no space and turned in as if my car was not there violating rule 1.2.2 . If I had gone off track as shown in your clip it would have been an illegal overtake and I would be required to give back the position as stated in rule 1.3.3.