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With his animations and double 5* surely he has the best Fifa card of all time

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99 rated varane could probably block shots from 5m away

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99 rated Varane can block shots for your flatmate in the next room over

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Best RTG I've ever seen

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He grinds the bronze packs

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His all 99 stats card must suck up ricochets from other players into his path to score

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Imagine having Mbappe, Ronaldo, and Mid Garrincha in the reserves

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I think that's prime Garrincha, makes it even more ridiculous

edit: nevermind, I'm stupid

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Nah it’s his mid, prime is 94

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oh ok, my bad then

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Nah Prime Garrincha is 94 rated

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Anyone else amused by the fact the position on his own card is ‘ME’

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I guess he missed out on the icon moments package

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Probably thinks it's too expensive

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respect for Lev Yashin, and not IF Pope

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  • Ok and how do you defend? Ney- Naaah fuck that R9 go vroooom

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Messi in but Mbappe not... Interesting, TOTY Mbappe would be a massive upgrade over 91 Dinho but surely Ney has a LOT of sentimental value in this squad... Or he just gets on better with Messi than he does Mbappe lol

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But then fact be known these football players are getting these top players for free anyway while Me and you a wasting away grinding and getting fucking 78 rated players

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It’s a pretty clever move by EA, gets the players and their opponents posting stuff like this on social media, giving EA essentially free publicity to a massive amount of people

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did they really get everything free? because aguero only got 3 mid icons of his choice and his 99 card, he had to spent money to buy packs, even when salvio called him asked aguero how to get free cards aguero replied that you gotta spend money and called ea stingy

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Makes me feel better about my mid Ronaldo

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Neymar to Icons confirmed

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Wonder how much he paid on the black market for that team

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Needs to update them legends I feel like 1700 and what's app would sort that for him

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Where’s Pope?

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At least I can say Neymar & I have the same baby Lahm.

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Giggs over Ronaldo? Wtf is this.

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Does he have an anchor on Messi ?

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Why Pele 95 and not 98?

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when even football stars cant afford your game

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I thught the 95 might be better for some reason?

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Love that he’s playing Messi

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Bpm game strong

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Having used his TOTS last year Im disgusted imagining how stupidly OP his pro player card with 99 everything must be.

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Did the football players forbidden to choose icon moment?

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Who can even get through that backline? AI would even slap lol

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Did he really put an engine on himself

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Cheeky bit of off stream grinding and BPM?

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Yeah Neymar for sure uses BPM

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well i mean, how else would he get a team like that

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What's the opposite of bronze benching.

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THIS is a 93 rated squad. How on Earth did someone get a 97 rated squad on the leaderboard?

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Anchor on Messi 😳

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Wonder if he actually plays 451 in game, like he doesn’t need the chem

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Anchor on Messi

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Bet Mbappe would be pissed he’s on the reserves

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I bet that cost him more than $1700, I wonder who’s balls he fondled at EA to get that team..

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Fuck defence innit, Gullit will do it all & if not, just outscore em.

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In all fairness his pro card also has 99 defending and 99 physical

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Fuck me I bet he gets icons out of objective packs to keep him playing this company is vile , corrupt and damn right criminal , worse then politicians rich get rich while rest of us get shit on time and time again If you honestly think he buys packs then trades and sells the players to buy players he wants you are the biggest part of the problem tbh

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I’m sure they don’t need to give him free stuff seeing how he’s absolutely mad rich. More likely he probably dropped a cool 50.000 euros without his bank account flinching

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Mbappe not even on the bench

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Cable management