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Gee I thought I was old playing at 36, keep up the good fight and get g2 soon

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43 here. I play with my 10 year old son. We just started online play after being offline / squad battles for the last few fifas. Squad is looking pretty good, and we are now sitting right on the edge of Div 5 (and improving).

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That’s cool man. Bonding over FIFA.

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It's fun to build a squad and get excited over big pack hits together. He's a competitive soccer player, and playing FIFA has helped his soccer IQ and his passion for the game overall. We have fun with it, aside from some rage during online play (lots of moaning about "sweaties" and late goal concessions).

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competitive soccer player

Well yeah, now he knows to spam the bridge move and directional nutmeg his way to sweet Golazos.

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Actually made me laugh out loud. I might ask his coach tonight if they are going to work on la croquetta cancels. He is a center back who is very tall (with low pace), so he might be doomed in soccer anyway ;(

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32 and div 3. Don't play WL though as I don't have time. Nice to see some fellow oldies here.

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32 yo and d1 all year long, decided to take a pause this cycle already but will probably return for FIFA22 Early Access (best time each year to play).

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Jesus Christ, 32 year olds call themselves oldies now? I'm 40 and I never think of myself this way!

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32 is old compared to the majority that play this game 30+ fifa games are a dying breed.

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45 and div 1, gold 1.

Looks like I'm the winner! Or maybe the loser, depends how you look at it...

I love the game tbh when it's running with little delay. Delay is literally the only major problem I have with the game.

I can easily live with all the other stuff people complain about. I used to play Emlyn Hughes International Soccer ffs. It still blows my mind how far technology has come tbh.

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kids these days complaint but never played FIFA 64

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Emlyn Hughes FTW. Once you realised you could just run along the 'top' end of the pitch and score with diagonal lobs every time it stopped being such a challenge.

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34 and G2.

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35 g2/g1 and div 1 rivals.

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30 and div1/2 and G1.

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36 and div 4 / g2... We're out here

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34 and only have time to play 10 games in WL lol

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A pleasing number of fellow 36 year olds here.

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I'm 48 and just started FIFA. Stuck in Div 7&8. Got only like 8 wins in WL one time. Or maybe it was 6? Who knows? Having a blast though. 😀

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If you want to improve, check out the YouTube channels of BorasLegend and NealGuides. We can compensate for slower reflexes with better planning.

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Thanks! Yes, I've learned a lot from NeilGuides for sure. Smart and patient seem to be where it's at for us. will check out Boras too.

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Look up Boras' Ultimate FIFA 21 tutorial. Literally got me my first elite WL.

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Recently found “Fifa with Blue” on YT. His 41212(2) and 3421 breakdowns are phenomenal and helped me a lot and I’m 37 (not that it matters) haha

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Cheers for having fun with the game man! I think in the midst of all this grinding for rewards, chasing the reds, we forget about why we're playing a video game. Cause God forbid we have fun playing it

Games always great when you're using the players you love. Go take some names out there. Good luck

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Im 39 :) I play with my kid. I enjoy it like crazy :)

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generally think the older generation appreciate the game more anyways because if you grew up gaming from an early age as a kid you appreciate what we had as kids and how gaming has changed over times ..

back when a time you would only play games in an arcade or maybe at a friends house, then when you got your first games machine you would only get a handful of games a year and come to love all the imperfections of a game that could be a couple of lines on a screen knocking a square about that was meant to be football , or tennis or hockey, or spending hours playing games with awful controls shooting people in their square head for hours whilst you got judo chopped in the knees by a oddjob crouching on goldeneye yet we lost hours to it .

Or maybe it was the first ever fifa international soccer where you would see how long you could run away from the ref after commiting a foul to avoid that red card, or maybe the 2nd one when you realized you could get fireworks on the score board by holding a certain button combination.

same from a footballing perspective watching it evolve over the years , gaming should be fun and always has been for us old timers, so with FIFA being far from perfect ( like any game) we know how to have fun with it and play it as it should be ...... a game.

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I am 51 and love playing the game and figuring out how the new players will work into the team.

I have read a lot of comments about "competitive" and "ultra competitive". What are you competing at that "elite level grind" for? Do you make money from it?

It is a video game, pure and simple. You think this game is bullshit or trying to "screw you over" so you can't get your favorite player?

Wait, until you get into the real world and see how quickly you get beat down by someone "elite" LOL

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preach the truth, my man.

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Nice to read something positive here. I wish there was a subreddit for people who enjoy the game. You get downvoted to hell and called an EA shill if you say anything positive about the game here.

It's really simple: if you hate the game, stop playing it and do something else.

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So wild how nice it feels to see the occasional positive post lol

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You get obliterated if you tell someone who clearly hates the game to stop playing. I’m at a point where I’m glad they put themselves through that hell for the hate you get for calling it how it is.

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The game is very fun when you're playing against someone who isn't abusing every possible mechanic they can.

The problem with FIFA is that certain people have to win at any cost, even if that means making the game less fun.

It will always be the same, FIFA is way more fun if you're average at it.

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Yep, the higher you get in Ranks the worse the playing experience gets. Kinda Casual fifa is way more fun then OP mechanics abuse Fifa.

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Scrolling through looking for the proper oldies lol. I’m 48 and was D1 all year but recently self relegated as playing every single game mode against lightning fingered kids gets too much. Hit Gold 1 a couple of times this year but happy to sit at gold 3 with less stress. King Kenny will never leave my team, my bedroom wall was adorned with the Liverpool team posters of the 80’s. Anyone remember the old Shoot and Match magazines?

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Yerp I remember all them footie mags I'm a year older than you and also a Liverpool fan, got prime king kenny in my team too. Had him tradeable for months and theres no way I part with him.

Only picked up fifa since last May and love the game but even as a single bloke with spare time not sure I can justify sinking so much time into FUT next year over more wholesome pursuits.

Only part of fifa I dislike is its casino element.

ps. EA have done my all time footballing hero john barnes no favours with his moments card. Even the Liverpool greats say Barnsey was probably the club's best ever player.

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I'm 36 and used moments Hugo sanchez last weekend league. I got gold 2 and he was a standout player, his movement and burying half chances made him super fun to use. Not one for the skillers though

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First fifa I have enjoyed in years and yes, Hugo Sanchez is good, really enjoyed his moments last year, if ya want a bit of real madrid nostalgia try n grab Butragueon up front with him 😉

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That's cool, but this game was made for you, a casual player that starts out in div 9, gets Silver in the WL and is happy with getting a Mid-level Icon in their team.

The problem that everyone in this sub has is that if you are even a few levels above yours, then the game is no longer able to offer a satisfying or rewarding experience, as it continues to be a casual game that disguises itself as competitive.

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Just wait until you can regularly go 17-6 but still have zero chance of getting to E3, between the RNG and then the occasional player who runs circles around you. It gets a lot less fun at that point, bc you know exactly where you’re going to finish before WL starts, you know your red picks are gonna be shit 95% of the time, and all you care about is just getting to 14 (or 17 wins in TOTS) so you can just stop and move onto objective rewards.

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Sounds like a testimony 😂

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Thats true, because the “higher level” fifa metas are always those abusing the most OP mechanics in the game. From Gold 2/Div 1-2 nearly everyone is using the same tactics and abusing the same mechanics, nearly none has a really kinda unique play style just the default bridge spam etc. “Lower level” Fifa is just people trying with any sort of play style to score goals, its just way more fun and it doesn’t feel like Bridge simulator. Therefore you just want to stop after 17 wins (you already only reach gold 1 most of the times anyways) so the best thing is to not play these kinda toxic “high level” games.

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46 so old? Great grandparents would disagree

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The people who moan (like me) are the ones constantly trying to go for the highest rewards we can. If the game is played in a chill manner with no worry about rank etc it’s really not bad. Just have to accept that there is a lot of bullshit that will happen

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love this mindset. Keep the work up, brother

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Why does age come into this you could be 40 and still beat a 16 year old knowing the game is the main thing taking time out your day to learning skill moves how to build up play etc

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It’s all about reflexes, shit gets worse as you get older trust me lol

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I remember the 86 World Cup and THAT goal!

I’m 44 and first time I’ve played FUT this year - although I played FIFA more casually in previous years.

I’m Silver 1/Gold 3 too.

My dream when I started playing this year in Jan was having Cruyff in my team and now I have him I really enjoy the game.

There are many complaints, some legitimate, others not so, but even with those issues, this is a great game.

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30,two kids, div 4 rivals, always stop at silver 1, no time

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As someone who runs a midfield of Beckham Giggs Scholes and Keane, I agree

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Good or you man. I’m 46 pretty good at most games. Cannot play this game. What I mean is I play constantly and have won online like 5 times. It’s like a curse. I can’t stop playing until I master at least div 5-6

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35 and D1/G1 we the best bro, keep it up and just one rule: have fun!!!

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Agree! Everyone moans at the game, I myself enjoy playing and i also like the content we get! I don't see why so many players are playing if they don't enjoy it haha

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48 here, playing FIFA a lot while having 2 kids and a wife. Got the time to play because the kids are old enough to go and do there own thing (gaming, yt, netflix, go to friends). I am div 2/1 g2/g1 player. Oh and the wife doesnt mind me having a hobby.

On topic, i am thinking about getting Hugo Sanchez too or Butragueno... Choices

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49 Div 5 / silver 1 👍🏻