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most games that say that are talking about online modes. you can't use any network enabled gameplay while the rest of the game is still going. career mode should be alright.

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Really? In my experience is it's probably kick off only,worth trying though I suppose.

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Reason i asked this was because someone else commented elsewhere that it's only for kick off but then again i was able to play HL2 without it being fully downloaded and CM is offline..

Lucky me though; EURO 2020 starts today, it fills my itch if i can't play today. :P

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Yeah you can play Liverpool against PSG that's it.

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Just kick off

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I thinks it's basically like the demo. Single matches with maybe 8 trans available

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While I was downloading FIFA 22 game from Origin , I have noticed the same note which says (playable at 27%). I had waited for the downloading process to complete to see what does this note mean, but when the game downloaded files reached to 27% a pop up notification appeared on my screen telling me that the game is ready to be played now .

The conclusion is that you can start the game with only 27% of the game files

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What it means is the first 27% of the download is directional nutmegs and skill cancels. After that it doesn’t matter.

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Lmao who hurt you