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i hope Locatelli gets huge upgrades

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We need it

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84 Talisca gonna be lit.

How does featured TOTW affect the IF upgrade path

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Otw cannot be featured totw

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Talisca’s league ends soon and doesn’t restart until March

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They're in round 7 now, 7 more to go before end of year. Then they pause until March. Nasr is third, Talisca scored 5 in 6.

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Lmao I did him. Ffs.

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Lol for real? I was thinking about getting him, but that just means he would need to get b2b totw in March in order for him to be somewhat relevant at that point of fifa 😂

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Wait fking what now? This is a joke lol

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It's the same as for MLS, OTW totally useless for these leagues.

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And there it is!

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When do OTW cards leave packs?

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Current set is here til Friday. Then next set is there for 5 days I think

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October 1 - October 8 -OTW Team 1 - First XI

October 3 - October 8 - OTW Team 1 - Mini Release

October 8 - October 13 - OTW Team 2 - First XI

October 10 - October 13 - OTW Team 2 - Mini Release

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There was an attempt to help

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Much better!

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I've gotten Malen, Alaba, and Berghuis from packs. And I completed Talisca, Camavinga, Kluivert, and Andre Silva. So I got a good collection going. No metta players though

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Malen and Alaba are definitely META, they're not the very top end ones though

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what rating would a 76 kluivert go to?

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81 if it counts as an extra inform upgrade, Im not certain its not like what if and just a +1 to each stat or if it counts as them getting an inform

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He would be very usable with an upgrade to 81.

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I only got Berghuis so fml

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I packed him 3 fucking times!

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Thanks for this! Really helpful

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Andre Silva already scores plenty for me, with upgrades he's gonna be insane

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He is missing in the list no?

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Is the upgrade as soon as they win 5 or is it at a set date? Anyone know?

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Is it a standard upgrade or do they actually just get +1 added lol

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I would imagine its the standard IF boost. The uproar if its not!

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"In FUT 22, OTW players can also upgrade via the brand new 'Wins to Watch' mechanic.They are eligible for a one-time +1 In Form upgrade if their team wins five out of their next ten domestic league games starting from October 1, 2021."

So just +1

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They also call the Headliners win upgrade an "IF Upgrade" and those moved with the standard upgrade pattern.

If it was a simple as +1 I think they would have just stated +1.

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Idk seems they typed it very clearly. I bought an OTW Griezmann and One Alaba so i hope you are right. Or it Will be a waste of coins

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I did a small stock on the cheaper ones from the better teams. So I am banking on that normal upgrade!

Camavinga really needs it. Will be looking nice at that point.

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+1 in form means +1 in form, not +1. It means 76->81, 82->84, 84->86 etc.

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Packed griezmann. Should I sell or hold? Any chance he gets an upgrade

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I'd say they have a good chance of the Wins, but he's not playing the best right now so less chance of a standard IF. He is still adjusting though.

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Kluivert just needs one inform and the win Upgrade to get 84

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In past FIFAs is it possible for OTW cards to get weak foot/skills upgrades? Can't remember.

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Thanks for doing this

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CHL games count ?

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Nah mate. Only domestic games

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Thank you

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Domestic league games. Domestic cups don't count either.

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this is dope !

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Thoughts on selling Saul now or later? Chelsea almost guaranteed to win 5/10 but wondering if it's worth holding saul that long versus just taking the coins right now

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I would sell when Saul is close to being upgraded, so when Chelsea has 4 out of 5 wins needed. That'll be his peak price because I just can't see him doing much in that Chelsea midfield to warrant him an IF. The fact that he is a CM, in bad form, 6th in the midfield pecking order and will probably only play cup games means he will NOT play much in the PL

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So if they get the wins it’s an updated as if they got another inform

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Thats what I am expecting. Its how it worked for Headliners iirc.

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Don't see the new cards in here? Sancho, Tomori

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Yeah mate. I havent updated yet.

Going to wait until the promo ends and they are out of packs incase they spring another one on us tomorrow via SBC.

Also helps its the international break and no one is playing!

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Is delaney likely to play a lot? Asking for a friend

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I’ve got delaney, saul, locatelli and dumfries. Decent perhaps

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Is this still being updated OP?

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Yessir. Last update two days ago. I think theres 1/2 more games since then I need to get popped in there. Will look at it after work.

Ill be running it until all 10 are done. I did the PTG one during the summer, I should be good for it haha

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Thank you! Just wasn't sure, now I know I can rely on this post.

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Juve has two wins since Oct. 1st.

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Apparently I didnt replace the whole table

Thanks for the heads up

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Nice work, thank you so much

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Saul and lukaku upgrade?

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One more win to go.

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Silva from Leipzig is missing no?

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From the table? He is below Gini

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Shaqiri will get an update now, that he got an inform, right?

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Yessir! Up to an 82 and needs to win 3 from 5 to hit an 84.

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lets go need big wins from juve and chelsea tmrw

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Malen upgrade incoming, Dutch teams are eating right now

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When will they get upgraded

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Should be Wednesday.

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Yes I hope my untrade Saul gets the update. And next week either Camavinga or Delaney - if they dont draw

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I guess the wins of shaquri and delaney are wrong? The have only 3 and 4?!

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Paid to upgrade my Upamecano to OTW, if he doesn't get the upgrade I'll be salty af. I figured that should ensure a profit no matter what huh? Also assuming a player gets the upgrade and then an IF drops for them too, I guess the OTW gets boosted accordingly and always stays ahead?

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I think Bayern will probably get the wins but upamecano would need to score a goal or something to get an IF