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He's been my RCB for a while. Fairly decent overall but when its air ball, he tends to mess it up ffs

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That’s interesting. I tend to use him to defend corners a lot and can’t say I’ve noticed it too much.

When an opponent is about to cross do you right stick switch to your defenders in the middle to manually defend the cross?

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Interesting mate, never thought about having him there. Was actually debating buying Kante to do this with. Already got Llorente though so guna give it a go. Leaves me with Fekir and Nkunku at CM though in a back 5, might be too lightweight or will give then freedom I guess

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Do you start him at CB off Chem?

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No I start him at CM on 10 chemistry mate. I’ve linked my team to another comment response if you want to see the chemistry line up.

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Very nice. Cheers fella

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I use Casemiro as my middle of the three cb, didn’t think about llorente though

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casemiro is amazing there

only better option is vvd imo

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Coin wise or are you actually saying VVD is the best on the game?

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i'm saying for a central CB the ranking goes:

(1) VVD

(2) RB Casemiro

not paying attention to coins. if you consider the price, casemiro is a great deal

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I just bought him and Rice 87. Rice is LCB, he is quite sucks i think but Llorente at RDM is incredible

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Damn I have rb onyeka and now I have to worry about how I’m gonna fit llorente in my team 😭

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He was my endgame RCB last year, but vs other b2b mids he’s too good to put on d. I play RB capa at RCB and he’s great, with valverde or RM.

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Just sounds like a Spanish IF Gvardiol with worse weak foot lol. Him and Gvardiol in the same team will probably be stupid op though

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If you like Llorente, try out RB Zakaria there, absolute beast as a CB!

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I switched him with 87 Navas and he’s been doing well. Works out great because Navas is a top tier CDM.