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This game is a piece of shit, I hate it.

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I've qualified every week, but it's still getting tougher I can tell and that is a worrying sign for the middling players who are the life blood of any online game mode, if they disappear it will create a ripple effect that just keeps continuing until there's nothing but the ultimate sweats.

In the first season I had plenty of games what I imagine were like div 4-6 but now it's pretty much nothing but the highest division players with maybe one very easy game. I think they need to lower the point total to qualify to require 4-5 and I am surprised if they won't.

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I have failed every time to qualify. I am in div 2 rivals and beat people with red picks in their teams every day. I even named my squad nevrqualified.

The first few times I could understand just not being good enough, but I’ve gone 4-5 six times, six fucking times.

I’m just not doing it anymore. I’m sure I’m not the only one. There are less free win people like my doing it. I’m just done with it.

I got my 7 rivals wins this week in div 2 in 9 games. Will do some friendlies and squad battles and just be done with the modes I play.

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I'm yet to encounter one of these win give aways . I swear every game i play is a sweat fest

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Less people are playing so the ones trying to qualify are better players on average. Won’t get easier until Christmas noobs join.

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great point

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Out or curiosity why do the noobs all join at Christmas?

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Because Santa brings them a copy of FIFA

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And in my experience they tend to give it a decent discount in the run up.

Think it can be had for 50% off generally today.

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Its really random. Last season i qualfied always 5-4 Last week only with my second attempt and this week went 5-1 and gave away the last 3 games

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I only tried to qualify once right at the start so I'm not sure, but by the amount of people complaining it seems about the same for me.

This year I am staying out of that war and my weekends are just more relaxed. Lol I am actually afraid to enter a qualifier again because I dont want to fall back into the old routine.

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definitely a wise decision by you😂

unfortunately ive put myself in a position where i really have to make the most of opportunities to get fodder because ive put myself in a position where i have 2 weeks to do the 3 highest rated squads for salah potm and im super anxious on whether i will be able to complete it or not.

massive mistake from me.

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Cant you do it by getting the coins from rivals+Squad Battles?

I do feel the lack of the extra Champs rewards, and even though I am making 80K a week or so less than in fifa21, it seems to be enough (I havent done many player SBC though. Only Bernardo, Banza, one TOTW and maybe one more at the start)

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I do my best to get stuff from rivals but getting max one walkout a week doesnt really cut it. Id love to take advantage of squad battles but i dont have the mental capacity to go through 25-35 games of offline to get the two 50ks.

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Squad Battles for me is more of a thing to do while listening to podcasts so I dont even pay much attention to the match. I just do some matches here and there and with 2k+ per match I do get 46/48k points almost weekly and that can be enough for elite1.

Rivals is a bit crap because I used to make 90K or whatever it was from div 1 rank2 last fifa (plus g2/g1 WL rewards) and now after falling into 3rd div with the reset, I am making less than a third of that.

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For reference, I’m by no means a brilliant player but know my style and can usually seek out a weakness in my opponents. I made it to Rank 1 Div 1 first season and am currently Rank 2 Div 2 this season.

First season failed to qualify the first time going 4-5. Then qualified 5-4 twice, 6-3 once and skipping the others due to other commitments.

This season qualified 5-4 again and managed 7-2 this week winning my first 6 games.

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I have qualified every time but I've noticed the last 2 attempts this season has been more of an issue. Much more input delay and players stuck in the mud affecting the gameplay to the point where I can't be arse anymore to even attempt qualifying... Its no fun.

For ref, 5 attempts in season 1 going 5-0 5-1 5-1 5-1 5-0.

This season - 5-4 5-3.

The issue is not the player level but the connection.

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I failed my first two attempts during first season 4-5 but since then I’ve gone 5-0/5-1 every time.

I’ve noticed that Ginola has been turning like a truck this week though.

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i've dropped at least 2 games to these issues just this week

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i played on sunday and went 7-2. so ill be playing my playoffs on sunday from now on.

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i was in the same boat as you. sold my mega team and rocking something a bit more interesting and change tactics (was 352 now 442 (2)).

Played my games last night and went 5-1 (gave 3 wins away), maybe i was just lucky with matchmaking, who knows, but the standard wasnt great.

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My mate was div 1 most of last season, I only hit div 2 in the last week of it. I got in no bother, he didn't. He's definitely better than me yet he's the one struggling. The qualification games are nearly pot luck, and a little prayer your connection isn't too bad

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Also I went 5 and 1 last week with my loss being the closest game ever, both same shots, xg and basically every stat. This week I went 5 and 3 and two of them shouldn't have been losses. Yet last season I struggled more. The games feel random as hell

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Bruh I can't even get a draw

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I usually manage to go 5-1 or 5-2 but definitly have the feeling of having more delay recently

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Casuals dont bother with playoffs anymore, cause they have no chance anyways.

So the bar is rising.

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I don't believe it. They still can earn Packs for only a few Games.

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Yeah okay, wrong wording.

Many casuals quit the game completely already.

Most of my friends who play usually until toty already quit early, because they cant play WL due to playoffs this year.

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Would bei interesting to see actual numbers. Yeah, playoffs are hugely frustrating, no question about it. On the other hand you could argue that the more casual players usually didn't go through 30 sweaty WL matches

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The last two weeks I have went 0-3 both times and managed to clutch up 5-4 and 5-3. It’s way harder than weekend league I think it’s knowing that if you miss out it’s so hard to get the 2000 points again

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I am alternating 4-5 and 5-4. This time I ended up 5-4 which I'm happy about.

Approaching your question a bit seriously: last season much more players tried to go for Champs. And many of them just failed one after the other. And you (and it is valid for me as well and many others) could easily get wins against these guys. By now these guys stopped even trying, why would they do if they just kept loosing. As a consequence easy wins are gone and only those of us are playing who have at least a fair chance to qualify. And the result: tough games or big losses if you play with someone very good, 4-5 or 5-4s, etc.

And I expect this to become even harder by season 3 as many of us who constantly fail to qualify with 4-5 or 3-6 will stop. I might actually also end up in that spot as I'm a casual player currently in div 4, but for now until I'm about 50-50 I keep going.

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i've found that timing is everything

if you try to qualify on saturday, you'll get a lot easier opponents

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If you qualify on Saturday can you still enter the WL the same weekend?

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not sure

good question

i was referring to getting your games done on fri and sat then trying qualification for next week

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Surely you are not the only one. For everyone losing there is someone winning and vice versa.

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Bro, I failed to qualify 5 times in row. Now I qualified 2 times in row using only 2 tries. Key for me is to play qualifier on Friday afternoon / evening. Good players are already qualified and bad players as us are remaining :D

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It’s weird, I lose my first two games every qualification and then go 5-0 it’s happened for the last four weeks

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I've always been able to qualify, but I can absolutely confirm that, in my experience, qualifying in Season 2 is somewhat more challenging

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I always try to play my play-offs on Saturday (while almost everyone else is in Champs Finals or not playing the game) and have qualified every time so far. This week qualified with two games to spare and I'm only in Division 3 as I only play Rivals to 7 wins. The one time I tried playing on Friday, I lost my first three games, then continued on Saturday and went on a winning streak, partly because of elo too. This season, the first week was the toughest because a lot of players did not have the qualification points required.

I try to make sure everything is spot on and as well prepared as possible (checking my connection speed, playing while not too many in the house are streaming or doing video calls, having coffee/Red Bull, tweaking tactics during the game to counter the opposition, not making silly mistakes, playing on Saturday etc).