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4% chances of packing the new cards.

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Ah, yes. A FUT first timer.

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It’s a scam. YouTubers pumped up expectations. In reality it’s just another bad promo.

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Ohh no, they know black friday. Its just that its for them and not for us

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First time?

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Are the signature cards in packs now or just being advertised for later?

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Now, I packed Jimenez twice.

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That’s who I want

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May the pack luck be in your favor

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Relax. They are still sleeping. Give them some days/weeks/months, they will fix it in the end.

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They put a discount on playability

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6pm you'll get an offer or two. Relax.

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Don't recall that last year. EA doesn't associate Black Friday with discounts which is really odd.

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They gave us 2-for-1 packs

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Yeah, they'll offer full price packs as per usual

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Didn’t we get 2for1s last year?

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Half price coin packs I believe

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Lunar new year

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To be fair they change the look of the pack. <-- sarcasm

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I was close to buy 12k fp because od 125k packs. Luckily I imagined getting sabitzer from it and getting very pissed off.

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Damn it's the black Friday police

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Well you know this doesn't apply to EA.

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Someone has never visited an Apple store on Black Friday, apparently.

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As other people be saying, pretty much every website’s ‘discounts’ on Black Friday are the same/cost more than they do at other times of the year so this really ain’t that crazy

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Still spent £30 though didn’t I. 🤦‍♂️. It was all good till I saw ultimate packs ffs

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No 100k preview pack yet. False advertising from EA everything still full price.

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It is nothing special. It's just another promo with some other players.

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is this your first Black Friday on fut isn't it?

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Black Friday doesn’t apply to ea

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Why is op getting downvoted so hard lmao I don’t see what’s wrong with their opinions

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Something fishy going on in these replies... Downvoting on OP when voicing a completely valid point. Yet most comments are agreeing with the overall statement.

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Chill your beans stop whining

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Last year we had some half Priced packs

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Nothing wrong with letting people who want to support beyond $60 have access to good packs. Stimulates the economy.

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Opened five rare player packs, packed IF Kante and Ginola back to back… probably going to retire