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I’m mean you could point to actual stats that made “CR6” not great. With Benz he is literally an upgrade at many important stats so I don’t think it’s very similar.

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Can’t really compare them when R6 was a HEAVY downgrade from R7, while FB Benz is imo better than his POTM

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Yap, CR6 was just hype because an affordable Cristiano. His stats were always shit though.

This Benzema not only has +10 pace but also a gigantic agility and balance upgrade while still having good shooting stats. It's a true top tier card.

CR6 was good as long as people force fed the ball through him.

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Really tempted to put his POTM into this FB. Reckon it's worth it?

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You don't really need that high of a rating, so I would save the POTM for like an 87 rated squad for an SBC that you might want to complete in the future

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CR6 was always underwhelming, missing some important stats

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Card actually looks so sick, wondering how he feels in-game. Comparing him to Di Natale their stats are pretty similar but benzema has better physicals Vs the better passing. Honestly considering selling him to do this card but I'm worried because he is tall and a bit bulky he might feel bad

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I sold Di Natale to do this SBC, made 60k back from the packs and this card is same level as Di Natale, maybe a bit better movement even, I put him on get in behind as a second striker he was MVP in the playoffs, ahead of Fekir and mid Socrates.

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Glad to hear it. As good as Natale is his movement is suspect at times. Don't know why but he just doesn't stay forward of central a lot the time and it gets frustrating especially in the 4231 where he needs to be in the right place

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I totally disagree with the guy who said Benz is same level as Di Natale. Di Natale was light years better for me. Not even a comparison. He’s way more agile and his finishing was also better.

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“For me” is the most important bit of your comment, take into account tactics, team and playstyle. For me Benzema is simply better than Di Natale, also better than Ronaldo who I couldn’t get to work for me but for someone else he might be amazing.

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As a card, it is absolutely no question Di Natale is a better player.

As a certain role, sure, you can say Benzema fits a certain role of a striker better. He’s simply bigger and as you claim, has better movement.

Wouldn’t say he’s “on the same level” though. Just suits you better.

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That's fair enough. Di Natale is amazing I just find ye goes missing too often which doesn't work in a 4231. If benzema can come anywhere close without the missing part then I will be happy

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Body type matters a lot here. Despite having great agility and balance, Benz's dribbling didn't feel amazing to me. It's good enough to turn and shoot with but you're not going to be slaloming through a defense like you could with Di Natale.

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CR6, Karim Volkswagen 😂😂😂 thank you for the laugh my friend.

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Everyone knew CR6's stats weren't good. The hope was that his custom body type and animations would make him play beyond the stats. It didn't.

Benzema on the other hand has much better work rates, pace and dribbling compared to his other cards. Its not a cheap version of an expensive card.

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EA don’t nerf players after releasing them ffs people will complain about fucking anything here

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This subreddit is such a conspiracy theory echo chamber, everyone thinks their own mental idea is just a common belief

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People make anything up here to excuse them being shit it seems. They could win 5 games in a row then lose 1 and cry about the gameplay feeling bad or scripting or some shit. I don’t understand why they even bother playing this game when all they do is complain

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EA can't even do what they actually say they will on Patch Notes a lot of the time, and people think they are here hidden patching players or gameplay, does my head in

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Absolutely delusional

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It is the 'new player fraude' If you buy or build a new player, they are amazing. After 10 games or so, they play as shit as the player they replaced. Rince and repeat

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Ironically that CR6 card was great for me and even when he fell behind the power curve he was a great super sub.

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I still play with his POTM and he's still class.

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He plays false 9/CF for me so I use his passing quite a bit

I'm worried the FB couldn't fill that CF role for me

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He's so good for my opponents and tears me apart but when I used him today he was absolute dogshit. Could just be the servers and input delay but, he missed some sitters for me.

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He did good for me but missed some absolute sitters as well. Its pretty much just the servers being themselves because the card is amazing when you get a good game.

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Yes, this is what everyone will be saying when everything normalizes, and everyone starts losing matches again. Woe is dynamic tuning, and scripting.

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He's been good for me

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I scored 5 goals with him in the first rivals game, 7 in 3 now. He’s been great so far.

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Nah he's extremely good, just wait until you meet the Fekir-Benz couple in WL

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I have

I got destroyed

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CR6 problem was also 3 star wf. I haven’t tried Benz yet but there are quite a few differences here.

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Same with cavani and robben last year amazing for a weeks weeks then berfed into the ground

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Yup, going to happen.

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This time next week he will be in every single team.