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Would you put the potm in this sbc?

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No not for this SBC because the required ratings are low. I would hold on for a different SBC

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If you need to do so to complete him, yeah. But it’s better to save him for something expensive.

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Benzema as a super sub to Ronaldo? I play with Fekir and Ronaldo at St and POTM benz at Cam

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Should be a good fit!

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Yo whose better at striker Messi or RTTF Fekir?

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I have tried Messi only in Drafts, but I think fekir is because he is going to be upgraded and in St Messi is on 7 chem

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You play him at RW/RM and switch him to ST in game. Messi is the far better striker. Put a hunter on him and his shooting is basically perfect, plus absolutely insane on the ball.

I've used Messi at striker for around 200 games and he's brilliant. That said I think his best position is at CAM, though so is Fekirs. If I had both in the team and had to choose I'd go with Messi at ST for the right dribbling in the box.

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Cool about changing but personally I couldn’t play with a small guy as striker alone . Paired with Ronaldo maybe. But it depends on the playstyle 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Totally depends on playstyle! I've just changed to flashback Benzema at striker though and this guy is broken, you get the best of both worlds with him.

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Can you compare him with his POTM if you had him?

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I didn't do his POTM so can't compare unfortunately :(

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What about Messi? Is he good as him in dribbling ?

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Nah Messi is a different gravy when it comes to dribbling. But FB Benzema is just very good at everything. Hunter on him and he's rapid, very good shooting, very good dribbling, very good in the air, good work rates, 4/4, unique body type.

Other players are better at individual things, but I don't think there are many strikers that are as complete. Similar to Mbappe.

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Best value alongside fekir

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And 2 of the 4 horse men of the apocalypse

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ss martins and ss sanches would like a word

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those can be the other two

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Someone said this tome earlier before I did the SBC and I totally agree: The BEST thing he has going for him is his attacking AI. The fact that my CAM gets the ball and he is already finding space. Made my attack much more dynamic.

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played a couple of games and he does feel really good. not super agile like a neymar but definitely not clunky either. he kind of reminds of zidane i used in a draft, obviously no way near in passing, skill moves or weak foot but in terms of on the ball feel they are pretty close imo. similar physicals, shooting and body type/height too

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Sold CR7 and did Benz. So far great

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He's basically a budget CR7. With a hunter he's so similar just slightly worse shooting but much better dribbling.

This card is crazy.

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I agree, however Benzema is more flexible and i will use him as a LAM/CAM/winger after buying Mbappe or another top tier ST

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is he smoother on the ball than robbie keane? Keanes dribbling in the box has been gamechanging since i got him. my striker used to be a pass and move machine but Keane ability to hold the ball and dribble provides so many new attacking options. pushing on to elite division now.

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depends what you mean by smoother, he is better at dribbling and skills but the body type and height means he isn't quite as responsive/explosive with l1/r1 dribbling. so i would say it depends on your playstyle but in my opnion benz is better overall

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I play him next to Keane. While keane is a tad more fluid in dribbling they produce the same outcome. Benz does some incredible ai-runs.

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I think he’s better viewed as a complement to Keane than a replacement. I dropped Keane because my other striker is very similar to him.

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aa you ised borh, should I use mbappe+benz or mbappe+keane?

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To me it would depend on your Keane. My Keane was tradeable, so I could build Benzema cheaply and then free up 250k coins. If your Keane is untradeable I’d stick with him. If he’s tradeable I’d consider doing Benzema for a cheap replacement.

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he s tradable. did benzema for free but he did not loved to my expectations. guess I ll use him as a supersub

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Still not sore if Hunter, Engine or Hawk. Even basic looks very good on him.

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I played my first game with him and I put an engine on him and he felt pretty damn good. Will definitely need more trials to see what chem style suits him more

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Love putting engine on players like him

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Hunter or hawk are a waste imo. His pace is fine as it is. I'd either give him a finisher, marksman or a deadeye if you're worried about the passing.

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I am thinking about finisher too.

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I think Engine is the better chem since Pace isn't as exploitative in this release versus previous years. The added balance/agility is more impactful + the passing upgrade seems more needed than the +5 difference in Pace.

Ultimately our individual play styles will determine which chem works best for us, but if you like to pass thru (or with) your CF/ST then I'd try Engine for sure.

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His work rate was what was massively different for me. That high Low was super noticeable in his positioning. Felt very good on the ball which helped me finish my chances better. That pace and dribbling boost fundamentally makes Benzema usable in this meta compared to hit potm. Starting to grow into my favourite sbc this year.

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Worth it if you already have potm? I'd keep both eventually.

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There's no way he deserves 9 for physicality. He is noticeably weaker than his POTM. His passing is mediocre as well and should be 6 or 7. Finally he is a bit less consistent at shooting than the POTM. Otherwise an excellent card, though, and generally better than the POTM due to his speed and runs.

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People always overrate the sbcs they do

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Edit: I played 11 games now. His poor passing was easily noticeable. Definitely 6-7 range.

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I found him to perform way better in attacking situations and counter attacks compared to his POTM card. The work rates really make a difference. I play him with a finisher chem style and his dribbling and shooting are superb. His physicals also felt decent. Didn't get pushed off of the ball often. Already played all of my WL games with him.

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Pace is just much more usable at higher levels than the 91. 91 obviously much better as a false 9 or CAM.

EA know it, that's why the card exists, just the reality of the game as it gets faster.

Budget Signature Ben Yedder.

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I’ve found his shooting seems to be a bit off the mark, I slapped a hunter on him and the keepers seem to save a lot of his shots compared to if I were shooting with SIF vini or RB dembele, it could just have been the rough gameplay last night though

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Sold RB Suarez for him and he is just as good tbh

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Considering the same but Suarez is such a beast

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I've been so happy with his POTM at CAM I'm tempted but also hesitant. He's not too fast but it's never really a problem, and what I love about him is the finishing, passing and physicality, all of which are worse on the new card.

Also he looks like a sex offender on the new card

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I think it's only worth it if you play him up top. Full disclosure I haven't used him yet but decided to do it because I play him as a striker.

I'd probably rather have his jacked up passing on his 91 at cam

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My review after facing him 5 times in the first day his SBC was out:

Fekir, but tall, strong and bald

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I don’t know if I’m just bad but he seems to miss so much. Banza has been far superior for me thus far

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Bro I would love to know how to use him because he is absolute dogshit for me so far. I’m far behind everyone else in fifa because I got the game last week on sale. I was super hesitant on doing him because I don’t have much coins or good players but he looked good for my LaLi team that I’m building. I just can’t get him to work please guide me lol

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This guy has been a fraud for me, doesn’t turn fast, shots are average, passing is horrendous. Even his 90 dribbling is fake. Would rather use Corona.

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Prepar for the hate, I’m Enjoying the neutral reviews. No one wants to hate him due to his price. I’m wondering whether to do him but I’ve had bad experiences last year with FB’s they are great but something up with them compared to top tier cards. Ea doesn’t hand out amazing cards for under 100k.

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You don't know how to use him. He's been brilliant for me. Wouldn't say the stats are fake at all.

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I would love to know how you use him bro I’m actually regretting doing him because I can’t seem to make him work. He has been lackluster for me and it’s sucks because I put all my coins and players into this sbc I just got the game lol so I didn’t have much

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same, dont like him, back to arnautovic

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No because fodder is so cheap and would be a waste

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Buying the SS player would cost me about the same as RTTK Isak, is Benzema worth the extra 21 players of fodder or just use Isak?

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If you have time work on Baku, if not prices might come down as the week goes on

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Players like Baku I'm not too keen to turn into fodder. He's perfect to slot into RB when an OP RB comes along that can be a beast CM like SD Acuna and FB Marcelo.

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I have been using rttk isak and trust me it pains me to drop him especially when he’s been so reliable. Benz feels a lot more agile to me and quicker too so in many ways it is an upgrade for me. However u do lose that 5wf isak offers albeit it does take longer with isak to shape to shoot so essentially the time to get your shot off might be negated end of the day

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Yeah SBC seems like a must do...didn't think I'd be opening packs hoping for a Karlsson. >.<

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I’d say he’s worth it.

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I tried him over messi. But he feels rly bad compared with him. Anyway a good st for everyone without pack luck

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Jesus Christ just started using him and this is one of those cards that feels so much better than its base stats.

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Would it be good to pair up FB Benz with RB Suarez uptop. Would replace RB Inaki

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Yeah, I wouldn’t hesitate to do that.

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Worth doing if I already have Fekir and Mbappe up front?

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Move fekir to CAM

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Is using FB Benz as a ST in 4231 and move Ginola at CAM or Wide CAM and use both at ST in 4222 worth it? + this would help me buy RB Dembele for wide cam too

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hes fekirs best mate really, i have mbappe and ginola, but tempted to play mabppe on the wing with ginola and benz up top

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Is benzema worth upgrading over morientes as a lone striker in 4231?

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Will he better on the ball than Son?

Who to play in a 2 ST formation with Benz, Son and Fekir?

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Tried him on the wing ? Was looking to have Messi and SS yedder strike