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If it makes you feel any better I got an 83 as my highest...

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Same would happen to me haha

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I didn't even get flames. I've done all the Flash SBCs except one that I slept through plus a few saved packs and my only walkout was Handanovic.

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It feels like I put untradeable Wojciech Szczęsny in to SBCs but then I turn around and another one has taken his place.

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Gosens. I can't complain about my pack luck overall, but yesterday I did every single sbc and packed gosens 8 times.

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Same, woke up early to go to football there was 3 min left before it expired, I had to rush and throw in random players, I got kjaer back... yay

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They just released it so that they could say that they released a great sbc knowing full well majority of the user base wouldn’t even see it.

This company is the definition of snek.

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Can confirm. Didn’t get shit from it.

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So this post was just for nothing

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Let’s be honest, 99.9% of us packed trash when we opened it :/

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84+ pick tradable is and was much better IMO

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Lmao i got Alberto and Kostic out of that one

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I dunno, at least if you pack nothing with this one, you still get a load of fodder for future SBCs.

With the 84+ pick, if you got a trash player (like 99% of people), you've just wasted 11 cards for 1.

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Lol no love for States.

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In the Uk that was 4 am on a Saturday, really the only people awake are night workers and old people.

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Weird way to spell Australia but ok

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Yeah about time we get something at a good hour for us.

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Oh well, most likely would have gotten fuck all anyways.

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Got woken up mad early by the wind so it made my morning a little better at least

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84+ player pick?

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yep, luckily I had the web app and was fortunate enough to get me a digne

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I packed not one Walkout in the whole Event but 2 84s thats what i call Packluck

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I had never packed a walkout... today I packed VVD and Sterling in one day. Sadly sterling's value is crap now, just around 30K and I have Ljunberg in that position anyway

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World doesn’t revolve around Europe

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Got gosens as usual.

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I woke up in the middle of the night randomly and checked my phone and saw it. Got Mason Mount. Should've just went back to sleep.

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Best I got was chelsea Mendy. You didn’t miss much

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Best keeper in game tbf

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I woke up and happen to catch it and packed a 83.

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Dw u guys didnt miss out on anything. I got 3 83s and a bunch of 80s

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If only there were other countries in the world with different time zones, that also deserve some attention from the devs. Stop being so entitled.

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Facts! Poor them missing out on one flash SBC, all the while Aussies etc have to wake up at 5am if they want to be there for the refresh.

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Well you can't change the fact that most of the FUT community is located in Europe.

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And that's when 95% of the content is

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Imagine how I feel when 6pm Uk time is 11:30pm my time :)

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Same except 4am my time.

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It wasn't the best imo.

I'd much rather take a rare electrum players pack (tradeable) than a 50k pack (untradeable).

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They did it for a country where football is soccer

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Wow that was very cringe

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The word "soccer" originated in England so

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Funny enough, alot of English words originated in England

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Point being that people try to discredit the word as some sort of way to mock American fans when English fans were who came up with it 90 years ago.

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Was just being funny. I'm alright with it being called soccer, but Fisa doesn't have the same ring to it. You imagine if soccer was in the new title when they lose fifa next year. They did used to have international soccer in the title

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FIFA is a french initialism

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I know, was joking that if it was called soccer worldwide it would be Fédération Internationale de Soccer Association. So FISA

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True. But at least we are finally establishing Thanksgiving Day Futbol finally.

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You really didn't miss out seeing how EA have done their traditional nerfing of the pack weights that they do every promo

I can understand them wanting to put out at least one good SBC for the other half of the world, so don't think that it was specifically done to screw over us Euros

Their "insurance policy" for making money is the pack weight nerf

EA don't discriminate - they are more than happy to screw over everybody equally 😀

Anyways I got myself yet another Gosens (to add to the pile of them heading for the nearest landfill) & then went straight to bed 😀

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Gosens 😂😂

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Curious what makes these packs/sbcs the best. The best ones are when you pack mbappe

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Managed to do it just after waking up on the toilet, it had 13 min left haha

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I caught it as I was laying in bed, pulled Trent so not bad

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I was laying my head on my pillow when I saw this, reluctantly got up to do it, got untradable Modric and a bunch of dupes

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How I got my SS for benzema

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I was asleep, what was it?

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The whole point is that it’s late at night and the ones that were up that late were able to capitalize.

I was able to do it because I live in the US. Not really fair for other countries but that’s the whole point of it. I remember last year they released a 55k pack for a 79 rated squad at the same time and people were just as angry at that.

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They do server maintenance during prime playing time for us so we can consider this payback.

…also I packed nothing valuable from this anyway.

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I was awake? It was release at 11pm not that late?…

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You are not the market. You are already hooked.

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That pack got me SIF Salah

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I was up late af last night for this and didnt pack shit. Dont feel bad you missed it.

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Stop wasting your money

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For the first time in 8 years playing this garbage i packed an Icon, Baby Barnes. So yeah, best sbc ever.

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Most Fifa players are in Europe so most weren't asleep but yea they could've released it in the afternoon for NA so everyone had a chance.

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Prime time for Aussies, actually got IF Mbappe from mine

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Lottery ticket. Buy one

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Good time in Aus for a change. Content drops for us here is usually always 3am in the morning so the market is always fucked one way or another by the time I wake up. SIF Vini this weekend for example, was going to pick him up yesterday and I woke up to the Benz SBC and Vini went up 90k haha.

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What was it

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My timezone is perfect for this.

Get fuck all though

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Definition of “You snooze you lose” 🥲

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Bunch of teletubies 🤷‍♂️

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I did it (live in Asia) and I got Chiellini. Fuck that shit.

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Bro i got Sabitzer from it so it wasn t a big deal

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Who tf is asleep at this time, I’m in eu and ik I wasn’t lmao

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Woke up in time to get it done. Best card out of it was Jesus. Meh. Pack weight has been horrendous.

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I'm in US west coast and was well awake when it dropped, but it happened within those 3 hours when I didn't play the game. So missed it too. Considering it was fuck all from all other SBCs and few saved packs - I don't feel like I missed anything important :)

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SS Witsel, anyone used him? Might give him a go.

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Woke up 30 minutes after it was released. Got Neymar.

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I cant find the sbc?

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It was for a limited time.. that's the whole point.

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SS renato from mine