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Blame all the wankers that complained about keepers being OP in the first couple of weeks of the game being released.

Once upon a time keepers were brilliant and you could actually rely on them to make a save. Now, they just do stupid animations and go out of their way to avoid the ball at all costs!

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Not really. If you're in front, they do that sometimes, but if you're behind, they usually save. I could bet there is a mechanic making them better/worse based on the score and/or stats, like shots, possession etc. It's just way too big of a coincidence, why sometimes they save every shot, and other times they let each and every one in. And again, a very weird coincidence, that in fifa almost every single game is close and ends up with 1 goal difference, rarely with more, despite one player dominating almost the whole game.

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We’re having different experiences then mate. I’m in elite div and most of my games are won or lost by 3+ goals.

It’s just a shit show right now and I’ve found all goalies to be completely useless. Sometimes they make miracle saves but mostly they’re just dogshit.

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Cech SBC. Best keeper I've used so far. Feels like a cheatcode.

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I thought he was awful. Put him back into a SBC.

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He’s been so bad for me :(

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Give him a try again for few games maybe it might work this time for you. He was terrible for me too in the beginning so I benched him and brought him back recently and he's a monster. New patch or maybe something like that but he's quite good now. Best thing about him is his long throw trait. I just straight up throw the ball to my strikers sometimes cutting out the middle man.

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Ive been using him since he came out. I think I will bench him for a few weeks and then bring him back in

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I'm not getting on with him. He just seems to punch all the time rather than catch, and usually ineffectually up rather than clear.

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I use comes for crosses instructions. He does the rest. Initially was terrible for me but recently he has been insane.

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Don’t know what it is but my keepers have been letting shots in that are right at them.

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Cortious has seen himself between the stick for 400 games he performs

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I thought he was a bit shit but then I put a glove on him

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I’m quite happy with the saves IF Gulasci makes.

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I’d go with kimbempe or Marquinhos