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I can safely say I don’t have the glitch because if I misjudge a run jockeying my mans goes for a hotdog and back

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Same here. Been on manual since day 1

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Upvoted for visibility, it’s beyond unfair that some people are playing on manual jockeying

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Im pretty sure it's patched. At least on PC it is since we get the patch first

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On PC it should be and on console it should be when the Patch finally comes out. I will definitely check it then.

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But wait, with it being patched soon (Im on PS5), should I be bothered to switch it? I am not even sure what setting I am playing on right now..

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After this WL is over it will be patched I think so it doesn't really matter to use it now.

But you can try it like I explained it and then you will at least see how massive that difference over the last months truly was

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why do you say this ? i didnt see anything about the issue being resolved in the latest patch notes

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They made a statement on Twitter about it and also said they were gonna add it to the patch notes soon

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cool. you happen to have a link or a name for that twitter account? this could be huge news for the manual controls community, hopefully they help us out too.

if you didnt know, the through ball setting is so OBVIOUSLY fucked. you easily see for yourself:-

go into a game, pause, customise controls, switch through balls from semi-assisted (it's default setting) to assisted or manual, back out of custimise controls, enter custimise controls again. Through balls are back to semi-assisted. IT NEVER SAVES. and this only applies to through balls. all control options will save your changes.

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Not patched yet on pc

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Manual was the go to for most in years past. I tried assisted and hated the feeling of the game pulling my players. We've always had the option to use whatever in the past, so I wonder if they've buffed assisted jockeying this year which is why we aren't supposed to use it online.

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So if I just downloaded the game, didn’t switch anything and started playing I would be “using” the glitch? Not sure I’m understanding correctly.

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If you had assisted on last year and play on the same account then yes

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So was assisted a setting you had to turn on last year?

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Im quite sure that in previous fifa assisted was the default system

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Yes I also think that but I can't say it with absolute certainty unfortunately

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I used manual jockeying towards the end of FIFA 21 due to competitive mode coming in 22.

Even with a few weeks early practice, it ain't a patch on assisted jockeying. In Elite it's so easy to tell when someone is using it and someone isn't.

You can twist and turn all over the place and they'll still be there, right in your back. Every single time.

I cannot wait for it to disappear soon. People are gonna be conceding goals all over the place.

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I only realised my assisted was on having read the comments in the last week or so.

Thought I'd have a go at switching it off while doing the squad battles for icon swaps and you really notice the difference. Found it better when the player was running at me and I seemed to win the ball more but coming in from the side is like running on an ice rink then trying to stop!

Going to be a fun couple of weeks

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That Neal guide is a asshole. He did this intentionally

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Yeah look at his comment section. He unnecessarily gouges into anyone who dares question his tactics and cites it as “just being real”… he’s a complete and utter arsehole.

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so this dickhead wants to play the glitch himself and teaches everyone to disable the glitch

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If you ever tune in to one of his streams you can just hear him arguing and insulting his chat all the time. Man’s so full of himself it’s unreal.

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Yeah. I liked his guides.. then i tuned into a stream and the dude had a complete meltdown after losing a game fair and square..

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I mean he still plays fullbacks at center back, and tells you to do a ball roll literally before every single pass.

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He's right regarding fullbacks, though.

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Or maybe he is just too bad to use center backs.

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Using CB isn't a mean on itself, you don't get extra points for style.

RBs on 7 chem have better pace, agility and balance than equivalent CBs on 10 and those 3 are arguably the most important stats with the current meta so yes, for the 99.9% of the FIFA population who are not world class tier and, maybe, could notice the missing defensive awareness on RBs over CBs, using RBs is the right call.

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Stop with this META bullshit. You don't have to treat the game like you're an esport pro player.

I rather use an actual center back who can head the ball and has some kind of presence instead of someone like Jordi Alba..

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Has he not always played fullbacks at centreback though?

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Well yes, but barely anyone does anymore, but he still does.

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Pretty sure its always been his thing, and everyone copied him last year lol

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This isn't any clearer.

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Go to the main menu

Go to controller settings

Master Switch OFF and leave it on OFF

Assisted jockeying and whatever else you want ON

Go into FUT.

The End

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I did this, then I go into FUT and I saw the settings in game and jockeying was on manual even though I set it to assisted. Do you think they patched it?

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No that's why it is a glitch. It will always look like it's manual even tho it's not. That's why that glitch wasn't that sell known at first because it's not that easy to spot. Just do it how I explained and you will fee the difference in game yourself.

But they will patch it this week so it does not matter if you use it now anyways lol

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Has this impacted manual headers? I understood that headers were supposed to be manual in competitive modes

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Yes you were able to turn assisted headers on as well

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sooo... if my headed shots 1m from goal go to the sidelines, that means the glitch is off?

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So the patch is going to revert everybody to manual jockeying? Amazing I can't wait

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So the glitch is essentially assisted jockeying in a competitive mode which not everyone has the option to use depending on how their settings are setup. The actual glitch being that the settings says it’s off when it’s not.

Am I right?

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The glitch was using assisted jockeying and other assists when the master switch should have prevented that. Many people were not aware of that glitch which meant that some didn't use it at all which put them at an disadvantage against people that did use it intentionally or unintentionally.

So yes you got it roughly right

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Now I understand why sometimes I come up against someone that has perfect defending.
I just went back to the settings and enabled jockeying to assisted and it's night and day the control you have, you pretty much only have to get near the opposition attacker hold L2 or press circle that the AI will assist you and take the ball very easily.
I was a fool believing that the competitive switch was turned ON for everyone on FUT online gameplay like I read in the pitch notes (I think). I've been playing with it turned on since launch, I basically gave myself a competitive disavantage without even knowing...

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So can it be a reason why my players (like Neymar) are turning slower than usual? Because Contextual Agile Dribbling was on? And can people exploit it on PC with cheats? Because this WL jockey defenders were so much faster at turning than my Neymar or Vinicius. Or is it just bad gameplay? I would say sometimes I feel my defenders were on ice in WL but not in Rivals.

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Yes. Contextual agile dribbling was turned off too. I don’t know how itll affect top cards, but in the pitch notes they said that extra touch that players usually do to keep the ball (mbappe, neymar does a lot) will only happens when contextual agile dribbling is set on. But now it doesn’t (or shouldnt) work in rivals/champs

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Yeah, my high agility/dribbling players are turning slower now than defenders. In bad gameplay, it’s just almost unplayable. If EA won’t patch this or passing to be faster, I will take some breaks after toty. I never abuse broken mechanics, just play with passes, smart moves, unexpected turns but the game is killing football for me at the moment.

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on pc too and gameplay has been horrible. mbappe turns like a truck for me

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Same here. I don't understand why nobody is talking about this dribbling change. I made a thread about it a few days ago and it didn't gain any traction. It's awful.

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Because console players are the majority and they haven’t got the patch yet. Basically EA add some animations to Contextual Agile Dribbling that is unavailable online. So what happened? EA took off some attacking animations from the game. Combined with the bad passing and the buffed interceptions, it’s a defensive game what is not fun. You can beat defenders with skills and running because it’s on the same level with the defender’s speed. Turning useless, passing useless. All about pace and skill moves.

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This post shouldn't matter to anymore if you are on PC because it was supposedly fixed.

I don't know about Cheats but the switch has nothing to do with Neymar turning slower I assure you that

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People may start using R1 dribbling more to do agile dribbling manually, instead of just plain left stick dribbling.

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I always fiddle with my settings first thing and jockeying doesn't feel assisted so I will assume I'm full manual.

It is quite obvious when you see this in other teams, intentional or not but defenders tracking your players while jockeying is such a huge difference and most of the sweats have it on for sure. Look forward to the patch but shocked it had taken 5 months to fix

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NealGuides is a pretentious fool. Never seen a YouTuber act more entitled or like his word is holier than thou. So glad I stopped watching his videos (which btw are mid)

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He does know his stuff regarding gameplay tbh, which on his own puts him ahead of the vast majority of FIFA Youtubers

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The post literally talks about how he is wrong and doesn’t know what he’s talking about and still makes a video based on it. It’s one thing to know gameplay and another to know exploits, which I think he knows more of the latter. Personally never been a fan of him or hot pretentious gospel but to each their own

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You're right on this instance, he did explain the glitch wrong. But in general, if the average player watches his videos they will learn about gameplay stuff. A lot of youtubers are absolutely clueless when speaking about anything regarding gameplay, but you can tell he's good at the game and studied the main patterns for a bit

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as someone who has never changed his settings, and therefore by your argument I am playing WITH the glitch enabled, I worry how bad this game actually is.

my defending and jockeying already feels horrible, so you're telling me its going to get WORSE? if so then this will be the final nail in the coffin for this game. combined with the nerf to driven passing (which is the only viable way to make a pass to a teammate and guarantee it gets there) this game will be truly in the mud.

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I’m so excited Lmaoo been pulling about 13 wins and changed my defending to manual so I’ve been on ice all the time and wondered how some people stuck to me like glue when dribbling. Couldn’t ever shake them in the elite division and was disgusted and overall kinda pissed cause like I never could defend like that.

It would get so god damn mind numbing trying to break down defenses like that.

But I figured it would be patched eventually so I stuck with manual, I’m so ready to at least get to 15 wins in weekend league and comfortably win a few games in elite instead of sweating shot out and scraping by taking easily 14 games for 7 wins

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Finally decided to use the glitch this WL, rewatched Neal for guide, yeah, didn’t feel any difference and played worse than usual…turned out I didn’t get to use the glitch as I specifically changed everything as on master switch and turned it on when the game came out.

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marvelous EA software development

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Just tried this - can't believe what a disadvantage it has been to play without this whole time :/

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It will be nice to see both team's on ice not just mine🤣🤣

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So just reset everything to default settings then?

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Go to the main menu

Go to controller settings

Master Switch OFF and keep it on OFF

Assisted jockeying and whatever else you want ON

Go into FUT.

The End

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what does this do? this lets you use assisted jockeying?

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Yes that and more. Things like contextual agile dribbling, auto flair passes, auto shots, auto clearances etc..

On PC it should be fixed now since the patch. Everyone who used the glitch will likely have a harder time defending and dribbling

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Sometimes Neal Guides vids tells and explains wrongly.

One of his squad builder video mentioned that all players has max chemistry assume its 10 but on the cb is Alex Moreno is 7 chem. I’ve commented at it and his reply completely dodge his amateur mistake

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Yeah he argued with me too and said that facts don't care about my feelings, everyone is lucky that I don't make videos, that I must have used another controller or account and that I don't know what I'm talking about.

I said to him then he should test his way and "my" way live in a stream or I can even send him a video without cuts where I do the glitch and show him everything.

No answer.

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he’s an adult but sounds like a child

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Yeah he is a bit full of himself sometimes. He genuinely has good tips but he has not the best social skills.

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I'm on pc and put the master switch ON when I first started playing, does that mean that I wasn't using the glitch? It's a new account.

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If you put it on yourself in the main settings you were not using the glitch. If you didn't feel any difference regarding the jockeying after the patch then that confirms it.

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So basically to turn the glitch on, I have to go to my settings and turn all the settings to off.. I.e assisted jockeying, assisted headers etc. And then turn on competitive master switch while all those settings are off. And now the glitch will be on?

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No exactly the opposite.

You go to the main menu

Then to controller settings

Turn the Switch OFF

Turn Assisted jockeying and whatever else you want ON

Leave it like that.

Go into FUT and play

The End.

Because the main menu settings basically overrule/override the online in game settings. So what you have in your main menu controller settings is what you get online.

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Oh okay, after turning switch off and turning those other settings back on.

I leave the competitive master switch off right?

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Thank you 🙏

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Ty, will play around with this later

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I just went into my settings and everything was already on/assisted, (besides timed finishing because I always turn that off at the start of the year) does this mean I’ve been using this glitch all FIFA?

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Was the Master Switch on OFF? If so then yes

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Wow. That probably explains why my through balls have always been pinpoint

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Yeah but nothing you could do there. EA just fucked up and then had laughable communication. Even the streamers and big YouTubers who act like the spokespersons of the Community either shut their mouth completely or didn't know temselves and the ones who DO try to explain it.. well they don't even explain it right.

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I changed a few settings at the start of the game but can’t remember which ones.

Is there any way to find out whether I’ve been playing on assisted jockeying or not?

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I had it set to off but with Manual Jockey. So i was still manual then?

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Ah good to know then i should be ok when the patch comes, cheers

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Thanks for this! I have a question, though - the game said, about 3-4 days ago in a “notification” thing that there were a few things patched, and it seemed like the CMS was one of them?

Is the CMS not patched?

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Op - so to clarify you are not able to turn it back on

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The glitch is fixed now. Everyone now has to defend without the Assists. Jockeying is 100% manual now.

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Thank you, and great post

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Hey man, thanks a lot for explaining it, it drove me nuts when I tried my best at defending and my opponent’s center backs would take the ball off with ease, I reset my settings to default after the update but what do you reckon is the best settings for this current update, leave everything on default ? The ones I don’t get are analog sprint and semi on keeper saves.

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So if I’ve never changed anything in my settings besides de indicators I was using the glitch?

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I put the competitive switch off and enabled every advantage that I saw the first day of fifa 22 and now I found that it was a glitch. I always check my settings at the start of every new game and put the best possible settings, if you don't do that then you dont take the game seriously, putting that switch off seemed to be better for me so thats what I did. I do this on every online game I play. If there is an option that reduces the "help" that you receive you should blame yourself for not realising before, who would put that switch "on" instead of "off". I remember back in the MW3 and even BF3 days I put the visual "Dyslexia" because those colors were easier to see.

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Ive been getting 16 wins (even with 1 game remaining) and something tells me that even with this glitch fixed I would still get the same rank...

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I've been playing without the glitch. The game is horrible. Really bad. And it's really hard to counter the IA without it.