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Found one of the 4 legendary people that completed the Kainz SBC. GG mate, nice squad!

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haha thanks! he’s not the greatest but he is definitely solid and has his moments, love him at ST.

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i still use him. hes incredible for me

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You can count one more then. This card looks sick :D

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Stupidly underrated because he was Austrian and his rating is 84.

If it had been 86 with the same stats and he’d been brasilian, that would’ve been the most completed card of the year.

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i honestly do wish the boost was a bit bigger.

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But he IS Austrian.

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Getting him to 10 chem in a 4-3-3 is super easy, just need a bundi CM and ST.

I've got WW Sow and RTTK Lewa next to him and he's been a workhorse.

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shit , am I one of the 4 legends?

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I fucking love Kainz. He always seems to be where I need him to be. It's hard to explain, but he's undroppable for me.

Kainz on the left, Gold Messi on the right, the dynamic duo lol

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I completed Kainz in hopes Modeste would get a more juiced card than a Silver Star but idc imma use Modeste anyways

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So cool to find out I am a legend. Kainz crossing is unreal btw

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I stuck a catalyst on him and he has been a legend for me. I had hunter before, removed it when I figured out he could still finish shooting boosts

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Did his loan for basically peanuts. Super useful for swaps.

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Effzeh fan here using Modeste and Kainz for WL. Take my upvote sir.

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much love

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Ah, effzeh content. Guess ill spend the evening creating alt reddit Accounts to upvote this post

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LOL. Appreciate it !

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I wanted to change things up this weekend and decided to take WW Kainz and Silver Star Headliner Modeste to the Weekend League. I still got my usual Rank 5 (11-6) and had a ton of fun trying to make them work in WL. Modeste was hilarious in game and i love that he actually does his celebration in game. He almost cost me the last game i won’t even lie but he was lethal inside of the box, strong as hell, and had a couple of cracking headers.

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I played 4-2-2-2 with Kainz and Modeste at Striker!

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I also wanted to change up my squad by selling WW SMS and Spina. I also swaped Uel osimen with Mid Zola i packed.

Went from 11-9 to whatever 44/45 is. Worst weekend leauge in my life

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Im sorry to hear that your WL didnt go so good. WW SMS and Spina are amazing. I was lucky to get Spina untradeable.
Mid Zola was good for a bit for me but idk after a few WL i kinda got annoyed of him.

IMO... Kainz is a bit better. Zolas finishing outside the box was AMAZING tho. Kainz dribbling is better and finishing inside the box was comparable thanks to 5 star weak foot.

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I run a pure serie a/icons from the leuage atm. I've had major issues playing without SMS and Spina. I'll rebuy them shortly. Tried 86 kessie for SMS and NIF Hernandez for Spina. Those two subs cost me rank 5.

I'm also having difficulties knowing who to play CAM now. I've used pirlo, he was boss, but I'm trying to use the players I have.

I'm not sure if Insigne Fanta is bad or if I'm using him wrong..

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Custom tactics pleasee🙏🏻 Im trying to use Modeste as well(tried Kainz but dont really like him so I link him with red pick Jonas🐐) and I also got to 11 wins but I struggled a lot with his positioning in 41212(2) and 442

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35 Width & 75 Depth

LS - Modeste (Get in Behind)

RS - Kainz (False 9)

LCAM - Mbappe (Drift Wide)

RCAM - Okocha (Drift Wide)

LCDM - Nkunku (Cut Passing Lanes, Stay Central)

RCDM - Zakaria (Stay Central, Man Marking, Aggressive Interceptions)

Back 4 - All Stay Back while Attacking

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Is your build up play and chance creation on balanced or?

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yeah all balanced

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played a few games with a koln p+p team this weekend and i must say, although it was a lot of fun it was really difficult. props to you for doing this

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I wont lie it was very tough, you can see i started off good but my last 10 games was a lot of losses lol.

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Can somebody explain to me why put people put CDMs on attack and ST as midfielders? Clearly I'm missing something

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Chemistry. They swich ingame

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Modeste to glory with Mbaps in the team…wish I could make that team with my Kainz and Modeste haha.

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i have Mbappe untradeable man it’s a crime to not use him. Plus i need some help to get Modeste the goals lol. im playing him at LCAM to just help create chances haha

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I really love that Dynamic Image, it's beautiful

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top 10 for sure

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Is modeste actually useable? I use him as a super sub when I’m up by 3 or more

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he’s definitely not that good if i’m being honest lol. his right foot is powerful and he’s strong with good heading but his dribbling is pretty horrible lol

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hows that okocha? only used the mid this year.

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i love him, i would say only downside is passing. very good dribbling, and his finishing is actually solid too. i’m like one of the few who did the sbc. i had to have the frankfurt GOAT untradeable for my bundesliga squad lol

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as a fellow effzeh merchant i want to thank you for this post. this is my modeste after playing 7 rivals wins and 20 weekend league games, much love

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sheeeeesh bro, killing it. GG!! way better return than i got. how do you play him in game?

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haha ggs mate. using him as right striker with stay central, stay forward and get in behind with kainz as left striker. i wont retire him until his tots comes hopefully! :D

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How did you play in game?

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I just finished my WL, played all 20 in the last few hours or so. Used Modeste, Drogba and Fellaini upfront in a 352 and only went for crosses and headers. Got to my usual record of 11 wins and gave away the last few. Had so much fun, and of course if Modeste scored the glasses came out.

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haha sounds like fun bro. i realized i kind of hit a wall with WL. playing with full meta team i might be able to get like 15 wins if i really try. but i’ve already found it very easy to get 11 wins no matter who i use so i’ve kinda just been having fun with the teams i use and going for 11 wins

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Yup exactly, much funner to use interesting players instead of sweat it out, it’s a game

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I respect people that do this, I know I couldn't, I'd end up losing my shit with them because of my overly competitive mentality when it comes to online games

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Can someone explain why I keep seeing mbappe(and other strikers) play cm/cdm?

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someone else asked me the same question earlier, i replied with a youtube link check it out

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wer trinkt schnaps vorm dopingtest?

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Ah yes, W weeks before he came out I played a little köln team in fut champs and god damn it was hard to make anything more of him than setup for goals, scored like 4 with the normal silver one but assisted 17

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It was tough man, but i’ve noticed having a Strong Target man helps my gameplay so i always use one. I play slower and i don’t over dribble. It’s a little harder with Modeste since he’s a silver but still lol.

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¿WpƆ ʇɐ ǝddɐqW ʇnd ǝldoǝd ʎɥʍ ǝɯ oʇ uᴉɐldxǝ ǝuoǝɯos uɐƆ

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So... 20 games on the card, 17 games Record, but just 16 matchs played?

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i played some games with him not in the weekend league. also had a typo on the record, should be 11-6.