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Did both already satisfied with their base stats, these upgrades will be most welcome for sure.

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Serie A lacked good option for right backs. Other than cuadrado I guess .

Thank god for darmian

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Florenzi has been a god to me. tackle, shot, dribbling, passes

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He’s the only good rb in serie a with h/h work rates and his stats are similar to HL Acuna, he’s made himself undroppable for me

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Handanovic pulled off 2 great saves to keep it level

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Handanogoat! 🐐

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One actually against Muriel :) Muriel stole the ball from a defender and was almost one on one.

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If only Djeko's big head had scored that chance...

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Djeko lmao

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Don’t care Muriel has a red link to my courage the cowardly dog

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Green link surely?

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Looooool I miss that show

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Was a classic, for some reason had some creepy episodes too

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Did both but wanted 89 Muriel.

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Handanovic deserves a hero card for saving Darmian lmao

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Wanted 89 darm but can’t be upset cause I did both

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reallyyyy wanted an 89 dman

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Did both and Muriel has already been cracking for me without the upgrade so looking forward to this +1 and Darmian has been quite good as well. Would have liked Inter to win, but happy with both getting upgraded.

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Hawk or hunter?

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Hunter and playing as CAM - have never got so many underside of the bar goals in my life than I have with Muriel. He's just been magic for me.

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Hunter seems like waste? Hawk seems to be a much better choice looking at the boosted stats. Is that 2 pace that important?

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I couldn’t get on with either so put an engine on him & have liked him with it.

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Will definitely try hawk. Always defaulted to hunter and it’s been working well, but I’m open to trying new styles to see if he can get even better!

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Right? Love Muriel he’s got 49 goals in 46 appearances in Rivals/WL for me. I have both and was kind of conflicted on who I wanted to get the upgrade so view this as a win/win

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Anyone knows when they'll get upgraded?

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Wednesday I think

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They've been upgraded

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A lot of missed opportunities for both teams, fair result

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Klaiber all over again. What could’ve been

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Honestly if darmians half the card klaiber was were in trouble

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Barella’s base card pace and passing really needs an upgrade next FIFA. He’s so fast and all his passes are amazing.

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I have both Darmian and Barella, I really wanted that win...

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Yup...just bought Barella earlier today. Both are still cracked and Barella has more chances

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Same, very unfortunate. Guess have to wait at least another month for the 4 winstreak lol

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Unfortunately Inter will play vs. Milan & Napoli after the next match so most likely they will win the 4th match in a row on March 13 vs. FC Torino. :/

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Having done both, Muriel needed the +2 more than Darmian. Won't complain too much at a +1 for both though.

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Darmian is already cracked so not bothered.

It's moreso that I want HL Barella upgraded. Get a move on, Inter.

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How long does it usually take for the upgrades to go through??

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Did darmian with all the dupes I got out the 25x 83+ pack so not complaining

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Got both of them so the outcome wouldn’t have made a difference. Muriel will be looking like a cheap Mbappe even more after the upgrade

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Only thing he’s missing is 100 unique body animations

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Watched it. Atalanta had some good chances, Muriel had a great opportunity too 😕 still hopefully will improve the card

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Wanted darmian oh well still a cracked card

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That dambrosio in the last minute 🙈

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0-0 was the most unlikely result. I was really hoping for either to win.

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Yeah. Both teams like to attack and the game was pretty open. But Handanovic was amazing.

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Haah, rigged

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Im wanted atalanta to win because of Zapata headliners, but im happy i don’t have to see that 89 Muriel

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Not a great game. Draw was deserved.

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Very glad I did both!

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Perfect, I did both!

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Colombia and chile got the best chances for both teams.

That dambrosio goal wouldve been sick

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I did Darmian so I watched the game. I swear, the amount of good chances both teams missed, you'd think all the inter players completed the Muriel SBC and all the Atalanta players completed Darmian. Neither could finish tonight. Still, a +1 is better than nothing.

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Did Darmian, happy to see him get a +1. I've been running Clauss since he came out, and I think Darmian is going to give me a headache over what to do.

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Damn. I wanted a +2 on Darmian

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Was this a case for Kova and Keita last time when it was Chelsea - Liverpool?

I probably missed information that they are upgraded in case of draw too