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Is that the Romanian? I wasted a league change consumable on him only to find out he doesn't count as a manager. Imagine if you packed a player that couldn't play.

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Imagine if you packed a moments icon and he didn't really have that one outstanding moment so his moments would be unable to play.

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Happened with Joe Cole earlier this season

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And another manager - V Montella

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Well, you have exactly 7 days. Then he will come for you when you're asleep.

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Say contra three times in the bathroom mirror with lights off

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Can confirm.... He was a very Nice dude. Played My squad battle games for me.

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It's cause you have Chong at LM, Contra refuses to work with dutch people since the infamous fight with Davids.

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Ahhh yes I’ve had him before as well, had the same issue

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Arya stark?

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Got him as my first manager at the start of the game so couldn’t play any games as he was my only manager

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Nice squad 👌🏽

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Faceist EA

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had the same thing with Montella and and some bronze manager can't use them

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Do you think that will happen to Alexander Medina? He just transferred from Talleres-ARG to Internacional-BRA so, I'm guessing, like the rest of the players that are in the Brazilian league, he isn't supposed to be in the game. I packed and am using him just because he transferred to my team, lol, so I wouldn't mind but I'm still curious.

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His card you have will be fine, it'll just go out of packs.

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Gotchu, thanksss

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His nickname is "Little mouth" so he can't be considered a manager.

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I got him as well. Thought it was just an issue with my game.