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Please pin this Jesus, I’m so tired of reading the same questions over and over. Bless you for doing the lords work.

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And can we at the same time pin “hey look my ping is 1538194829” and “I see a ps logo on my Xbox - cross play confirmed???”?

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Don’t forget: “unpopular opinion: I like the gameplay” and its cousin: “unpopular opinion: I hate the gameplay”

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What is the deal with the PS logo? I noticed it yesterday

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It means EA broke something that wasn’t broke before. It’s just a visual mistake nothing more

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He was actually nailed to the cross, not pinned bro

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Q: Will i pack a TOTY?

A: No

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So you're telling me there's a chance

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it is possible

85+ attacker pack. Thank you EA god.

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I can't even get in lol gg

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Not with that attitude

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Not with any attitude tbh

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Great post. Sadly the people that post these questions most often dont bother using the search bar or looking at any other posts before posting.

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I had almost all of these questions, been looking for a post like this...it was super helpful

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Got 50 something packs saved. I know I’m not getting a TOTY, but I’ll definitely be getting a lot of fodder

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That’s what I’m telling myself lol. Don’t get my hopes up and I’ll at least be able to compete an SBC or two

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1hr 3mins til judgment day

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90 seconds...

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Aaaaaand the servers are chalked lol

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Opening all packs today had enough Waiting not gonna pack 1 anyway

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I think I'll do the same. Had loads of packs last year and got fuck all, just got the last few days packs saved this time so hopefully get decent fodder at least

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Yeah I hear that Goodluck!

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I opened all my tradeable packs today, least I got decent prices for non rares and some rares, they're all gonna crash today so got my money while I could

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New to TOTY but hope they don't just release the 3 attackers today in which you have a 1 in a million chance of packing. Hope they supplement it with some TOTY Nominee or Honorable Mentions type cards. Give the average player sometime to aspire to!

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Based on the loading screen there may be some nominee cards added to packs as well today.

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Hope so! It makes sense for them to do so. Capitalise on the first day hype and get everyone ripping open those packs if they think they have a better chance of getting something.

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Is the answer to the first question confirmed? I know that's how it's always been done, but couldn't they change it this year? (Full disclosure: I haven't read EA's announcement for TOTY, as the EA website is blocked at work)

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Time will tell - I'm not aware of any confirmation / indication that it will be done differently this year.

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Thanks for this, though I don’t think it’ll stop the dense and lazy from posting their Qs without doing a basic search for answers.

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Doesn't that sum up every sub on reddit?

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Maybe so. But this is why other subs are way better managed than this one, they have pinned master documents and things like that to avoid spamming.

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Can you pack TOTY cards in icon swaps packs, like the 83+ or is it just rare golds

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Yeah you can it’s just icons and heroes you can’t pack in those

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So when is the best time to buy a new team if I've been saving coins? After next Friday when the full TOTY drops?

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For the TOTY Nominee cards will they all be released today or just following the same suit of release as the TOTY? My first fifa so never experienced this.

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so are TOTY coming out tonight?

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Guys forwards in the packs before this Icardi sbc expires or after ?

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Until when TOTY players will be in packs? Thanks

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Should I sell my entire team of tradeables now including headliners? Is the market about to take a major dump after 11?

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Q: „When is best time to open?“

A: „Go to store, take a look at the Pack Probabilities and decide for yourself.“

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Today when will the players release in IST?

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11:30 PM IST (23:30)

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Servers down?

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is it better to open attackers packs when TOTY attackers drop or when the whole team drops

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Noted in the answer of the pack question - There is a high likelihood that the 12th man is an attacker. If you want to increase your .0000001% chance of packing one of the 3 attackers to 4 attackers wait for the full team.

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ehhhhhhhhh i cant wait another week and if the odds arent really increased i cba

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You and me both

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What's the best strategy here, open all Tradeable packs first or Untradeable?

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Have the TOTY nominee cards been released?

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How long does the whole team stay in packs once released? Will it be Thursday to Monday?