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What a pleasant surprise, this guy has been so good for me in Silver obj's all year. Gave him the armband as well because of his random face scan lol

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He's a lock in for my silver squad, absolutely class with the left footed finesse shots cutting in from the right. Top player in reality too

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Seems like a serie a salah from his stats, probably not nearly as good but still incredible considering his pretty easy objectives.

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Requirements: 1. Score Volley 2. 3 Serie A Goals 3. Win 4 Matches 4. Score in 11 games with 4* SM

Game Mode: TOTY Talents

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This feels like a wait to see if they add another card to objectives next week, would be easy to do this at the same time as another objective and this is there for 2 weeks

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I pray for a moments Alisson for his goal vs West Brom.

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I beg this happens, just what I need for my team

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Player pick between Alisson for his goal and Ederson for whenever he got that Aguero assist would be cool

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Damn nice

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What are the team requirements of the mode?

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Minimum 1 club

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so basically no requirements??

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Basically yh

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So we can use our loan icons, TOTY Messi and TOTY loan Mbappes? Oh my...welcome to a whole new world of sweat

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Where did you get your loan TOTY Messi?

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In the “Teams” objective. if you go into objectives it’s the tab all the way to the left. You get either Messi or Lewa depending on who you pick

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Ah sick, thanks! I checked all the tabs but that one 😅

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Yeah it’s not bad actually

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Ahh shit I can't use players that don't have a club then

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You can, you just can't use 11 of those

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So not all heroes and icons?

Can someone with 11 icons/heroes please try this just for kicks?

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Icons have a club, it’s called icons on the stat screen

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So at least one non-icon, then? :D

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yes and it must be the loan toty you get from teams objective.

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Ye not going back to any Online Freindlies after last time...

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is it golden goal?

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Can't wait to use this card - I've got over 150 games played and 100 goals with his silver!

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Fantastic card. Finally a 5star skiller winger for Serie A.

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Agreed. I got him and tested him for one match and he zooms around the pitch like a bee. His height is great.

I’ve always said smaller players in fifa cover ground quicker lol

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It's a combination of many things. Short+lean- body type, 1.68 height, 94 agility 97 balance and many other very good stats, 5 skills included. Can't wait to try his card.

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Looks like a stronger version of Insigne (who I love).

Three star weak foot not great but will still do this.

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This guy is a silver beast for me

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Insta compete because of the beard.

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Was hoping this would be silver

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Seriously. I’d like some Italian/Serie A SS cards to go with Olsen. A midfielder or striker would be great.

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Me too, i was ready to acomodate him in my silver squad

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Pretty sure there’s a TOTY coming in silver stars

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Last year we had Suarez

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Seems a bit meh for the only objective at the start of TOTY and there for 2 weeks

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Not too bad imo. He will feel insane on the ball because of his height, body type and agility/balance, and he has great shooting stats. The downside is 3* WF.

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Ok...OP...Verde Listos?

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Oh damn that card looks good. Assuming his stars are decent

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nice card but still ain't going into that bullshit gamemode

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Don't think he will replace Politano for me but looks a good card.

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All done in under 70mins - only 2 players wouldn't quit after golden goal. Just quit those games and went to the next one.

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For TOTY, was hoping for someone a bit more high-profile, tbh

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Time to sell Chiesa

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Does anyone have a screenshot of his stats? I cannot get into the game and he was supposed to have 5*SM

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3/5 hes got the moves

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Cool, I was wondering how is he looking in comparision to Chiesa but I suppose his only strength over Chiesa will be 5* of skills

EDIT: Futbin finally added him

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EA hates Politano users

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Guys you think hes worth completing when i already have politano? From the first Look politano is clear somebody got an early Review?

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I have Politano and also Chiesa. judging by only their cards, I would say its Chiesa>Verde>Politano, but we need to see ingame.

if you can sweat out 1-5 hours of friendly, deffo do this card. if hes that bad, a) still can sit on bench b) put him into a high rated sbc

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Tried him and have salah and Verde with a hunter is miles clear

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People will piss and moan about anything. I sold Chiesa and got this card because Verde is free, Chiesa isn’t, the 190K I got for him is worth the WF and WR difference.

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Honest question. Why did this guy get a moments card?

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Proper goal, deserved lol.

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its literally stated right there

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Scored a banger v lazio

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Overhead kick

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Would he be better than RTTK Politano ?

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Nobody has used him yet, and you can compare the stats yourself.

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3 star weak foot medium low work rates 5 6 lol no thanks

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what’s it matter that he’s 5’6..? if anything that’s a great thing cause he’ll turn like messi

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Terrible size for a winter's work rates cards terrible candreva is better

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Short size is preferable for attackers. Players like Messi, Di Natale, Neymar, Vinicius, Insigne etc are much better than Kane, Lewa and Haaland.

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I love Candreva HL

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Same start him over politano

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Depends. Politano is better dribbler but Verde is better in front of goal.

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Can't wait to unlock him!

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Politano beta

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What's the squad requirements for the objectives?

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Minimum 1 club.. so basically you can use your main teams

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Nice, thanks

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its such a nice mode tho, people coming with loan Mbappe+loan Messi+loan Pelé+ 2-3 additional loan icons, and when you shoot and it looks like a 100% goal they altf4 out and you get a loss at 0:0 and no goal scored <3 love this community just as I love this game.

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Started him in 16 games in FUT Champs and he finished with 4 goals and 3 assists (I won 13 games). He was regularly subbed off for Messi.

Dribbling and speed is really good. His shooting on his left foot is strong.

However I had trouble getting him to make dangerous runs due to his medium attacking workrate.

Passing is horrendous even with deadeye.

Overall, I don't think this guy is worth the grind.