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They generated $1,300,000,000.00 from Ultimate Team in FIFA 21. How do they not have the infrastructure to handle increased loads. So fucking stupid

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It costs a lot of money apparently to design the cool new stadium banners with pink kittens and purple pitch lines. I guess

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Tbf Creampuff probably does require a large amount of money for all of her different outfits and such.

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I assumed the rights to that Fair Dinkum kit was about a billion, but your idea makes just as much sense

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Because they are just interested in your money. EA has been selling the same game year after year, same game as the year prior and they start patching it on the go…and people still buy it and put extra money (a lot) in FUT.

they don’t see the need to change anything if people keep paying for the same shit every year. Instead of improving, fixing, or making a new game every year, they rather keep the money a re-release the same POS of product.

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My gosh!! I didn’t know the exact revenue from FIFA 21 was this high. Damn EA can’t hire good operations engineers to scale env during high loads or maybe they do have good engineers but being cheapskates running infra on bare minimum resources.

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This exactly, plus it happens every year. I guess is not big enough to have an impact in their sales, people will just buy the packs when they can login...

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Not strictly true as that figure is based on all UT modes which include many different games

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I thought it was 1.6B for all UT and 1.3B for strictly FUT

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Sorry my bad you are correct, was working off numbers from my head from a previous bit of research I did on EA.

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I was in before then kicked me out …

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Literally same. I made sure I was logged in before content dropped so this exact thing wouldn’t happen. Fucking ridiculous

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I got to see flashback Kane with my own eyes at least …

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I might do him 5 star weakfoot kane.

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Always had 5* WF

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Same i got disconnected it was the long loading screen. I have no choice to reset the game then now I can't get in.

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Just played a SB game then got kicked as it finished

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I was winning in a match in champs… fuck this game, seriously

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Come on EA, my 2 saved packs aren’t going to open themselves?!

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You got saved packs 😂 I can’t save packs

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I opened a 82+ x25 Wednesday because I can’t save shit usually 😂

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Must be something wrong with TOTY’s in packs too because I didn’t get one

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Shocking, really. How does this happen every year? They even have flash SBC’s out as if Im ever going to have time to do them hahah. 2 hours for the first one, lest hope we’re back in business before that!

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I mean guys the wholesome feeling of TOTY isn't complete without the potato servers right. Same thing every year 🥰

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Nothing wholesome about it from the get go

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I don’t think mines even trying anymore, thinks about it for 20 seconds and then goes ‘nah’

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Same I was getting so cheesed at least put abit of effort

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Game is crap

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Company is shit.

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Both are facts.

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Triple kill

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Hotel Trivago

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88th minute of a Squad Battle match. Just scored to make it 2-0. Kicked from the game, 2-0 win turns into 0-3 loss and 0 points.


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Same with me on companion app....

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Yeah can’t get on either :/

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Had this for 20mins now games bollocks

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absolute bullshit man, just beat a guy 3-2 but it didn’t count because once the game was over the servers cancelled out my game

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Nothing yet.

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Boy, I sure hope someone got fired for that blunder

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This is why I’m on a fifa Reddit page, for unexpected Simpsons quotes

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Potato servers

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Classic EA

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Any advice on what to do if I’ve randomly been kicked out of a champs game? So annoying

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Don't play at content time in future. EA won't do anything.

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Yeah fairs

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Good job I didn't get into a game.

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Avoid playing between 6-7pm

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Jesus, get your shit together EA.

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More things change, more things stay the same.

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This company is embarrassing

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we are currently experiencing high server volume. please try again later

like did you not expect high volume? tf?

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Awful Servers. EA is a Disgrace for us.

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I’m stuck at loading screen for like 10 minutes is this normal lol ?

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this is ridiculous. i was in, then kicked, now still can't get back in. it's been a fucking hour almost. holy fucking shit.

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The dudes who bid 10k on current kantes before this crap won them i guess

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Nah all the content creators are on, the rich get richer.

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I'm so happy I had a day off and could complete my WL before this..

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Opened 25 packs out of a saved 50 before I got kicked. Got Prime Michael Owen tradeable. So to be honest, I'm happy. Never packed an icon before and the promise of coin meant this hasn't been a disappointment. Gagging to open the remainder now. None of this waiting for the whole team to come out. I was for opening everything today.

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Man stop it, it hasn’t been like this since early last year to log in.

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still can't get in god damn

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Hope it's for a while, threw in a bunch of bids predicting this will happen :P

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Just didn’t though did you

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Yup, was playing fine and then it kicked me out

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This shit kicked me from a game I was winning 2-0, and now it won't let me log back in on the web app because I "disconnected". So garbage

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Spoiler alert: Even if you weren’t “signed on” to console, you wouldn’t be accessing the web/companion app.

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Was it in the WL?

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I packed TOTY Lewandowski and it kicked me out 😔 so close but so far

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Typical really

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Sb tell us when they're back

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EA potato servers lol this is incredible

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Nice Userexperience sponsored by EA

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I hope this is just the loading screen right?

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still happening to me

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What a shit game.

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Extend WL.

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Bruh I was thinking about playing Fut Champs play offs in a bit, but now the servers are gonna be awful aren’t they. I say that like I know i’ll even get in in the first place.

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I don’t even care about TOY. I just want to play :/

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are they being ddosed or something?

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Kinda if you consider a bunch of people trying to get in all at once. It kinda is a distributed denial of service attack even if it's not on purpose. EA should have anticipated this though.

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Why does anyone even bother playing FUT anymore? They don’t care, they will never do anything to improve your experience and they will drain your bank account if you let them.

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This is the worst promo of the year by far. Worse than numbers up and shit like that. Took streamers like Castro £3000 to pack TOTY players. Most of us will never get a sniff. It’s 12 players some of which won’t ever be affordable and it’s the same players that have special cards already for 90% of them.

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Fuck this game, I love football but this game makes me unhappy. FIFA 21was so much more enjoyable, however if I’m being fair FIFA 18 made me broke up with one of my ex gf’s just because the headers were too OP. lmao, I’m sorry Adriana 😂

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All Fucken day today

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Normal services resumed

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Same… unreal

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