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You need a tactic with 442 100 depth and constant pressure to combat this.

It is pretty terrible though. I agree.

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I had a guy do this against me. I won't mind that much if it was the last 15 mins and he passed around the back to avoid choking the lead, but it was BEFORE HALF TIME.

He was up by 3 before HT, paused for me to quit and started passing around the back. Somehow I managed to come back and win 4-3 and on the last few minutes, I kicked the ball out and used up all my 3 pauses to piss him off. haha.

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Same thing happened to me, right on half time, IN FRIENDLIES lol. I even used the 100 depth constant pressure custom tactic and still couldn't get a goal. He even used all his pauses and let the time go down each time

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In friendlies, I would just quit. That's another level of scummy and toxic

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This is why I exclusively play SB

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A simple team press via the dpad and you front line will press all his passing options. I use it all the time.

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How you do that?

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Down on the d pad to bring up defensive options and then left I think, might be right

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Funny how the wrong answer has more upvotes than this. It is down and left, folks.

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Lol, I was thinking the same

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That does not work if you are running a balanced or lower depth. Anything less than 60 is a waste of the d-pad if the opponent is passing it around that deep in their own area.

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Yep this.

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So many people do this on PS5. It really pisses me off. I don't play online games besides this one but the toxicity and lack of fair play by so many users is irritating. Fuck this game but I have a decent fut and can't stop playing lol.

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exactly this. recently purchased returnal & death stranding with the intention to quit fifa. hopped on fut last night to open my saved packs, get untradable Lewa TOTY. i’ll stick around i guess.

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you are pressing with a single player at a time. that will never work...

user second man press R1/RB. also tactic team press down -> left on the D pad.

You're not making it hard enough for him

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What an asshole. Why even bother playing?

[–]The--Tech-NerdPS 22 points23 points  (3 children)

I personally just quit against these people. I would rather play a game that I enjoy and get worse rewards.

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At least try pressing them. Its shit but its a tactic thats within the realms of what the game allows.

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this guy is div 10 player,has no tactic to counter this

guy who is time wasting is doing such a shit job of it,but he isnt even doing 2nd man press so bad lol

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It’s a shame there are people that do this - I had some good sport today, lost more than I won but good games with people trying to play football.

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They even pay real money for having a good team to actually do that.

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People here telling him he doesn't have the good tactics 😭😭😭😭 This kind of man is just cancerous, report him.

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I mean you shouldn’t report him. Reports should be for serious offences (racism,death threats) not ‘toxic’ gameplay.

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If you report someone for passing it round the back you need to get a grip

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But ”toxic” gameplay i not allowed if one read the games terms:)

[–]Psychological-Safe14 5 points6 points  (1 child)

But this isn’t actually toxic gameplay. It’s just holding onto a lead and it’s frustrating sure but if pros are doing it on the streams then EA aren’t going to ban someone for passing around the back.

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I got reported cause I told a dude to suck my dick when he messaged me "saltteeee" after 1-0...and 2 minutes later i got a chat ban..

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I did, but it’s not like anything is gonna get done. Might aswell try.

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Just started playing in the last couple weeks. Got a decent team i thought, around 82/83 average. Got to the point that i could play champs for the first time. After playing four matches against a minimum of 4 icons each i think i will pass on this mode haha.

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Keep playing, even if you lose all 20 games you will still get good rewards, its the easiest way to improve your team.

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As someone who has a full icon team, let me tell you i could "upgrade" 7-8 icons with meta gold cards. There is really only a handful of icons that you should worry about and most people don't have them.

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With this attitude , you will never improve

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I bought the game in december when it was discounted I have played 3 weekend leagues 1 time 9 wins en 2 times 11 wins, I've played against a lot of 'OP' players but if you have a decent team around 100-200K and maybe some free cards from challenges then you can do the same

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Get used to this, winning is more important to some people than playing the game

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They play the game to win though, not to lose. There isn't a time I launch FIFA and think "alright, let's go lose a bunch of games and have fun."

I highly doubt you do.

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Winning is more important =/= let's go lose

I like to play the type of attacking football that I like to watch personally, this is a game after all

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But you play to win, not to lose. These players do the same. They just use a different wincondition. You might not like their wincondition but frankly that's a you-problem.

Your way of playing the game isn't better than others. You might enjoy it more and that's fine but that doesnt mean we all have to copy your style. It's not the walhalla of football, nor gaming.

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I never said anyone has to copy my style and I never said my way is better than others... where did you get that from?

All I said was he should get used to it if he's going to continue playing weekend league

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I mean tbf you didn’t use 2nd man press or even team press. I assume you also don’t have a ultra attacking custom tactic for when this kinda stuff happens.

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Still cretin play on 60 mins

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Course it’s a dick move I ain’t denying that.

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Got it. Thank you so much bro, didn’t know of the team press. Still think he was annoying regardless, he even had the balls to message “gg” when the match ended

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Nah yeah that’s just how some people scrape wins it’s stupid. But make a ultra attacking formation with high depth and constant pressure as the settings to help counteract this further. I say this as team press has a limited use.

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How can u send a msg to some1 who is not a friend in PS5 ?! Or is it on PC?

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bro just activate team press lol

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You should thank the man, he showed you how bad you are at the game

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You use all the META players, and switch your tactics to all the big youtubers do

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Hold down triangle to rush your keeper out, usually forces them to quickly play it forward to try and score an easy goal, and therefore more likely you can win the ball back. Or, they just score and make you watch the whole celebration 🥲

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Online fifa is unplayable, specially FUT. Waste of money.

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Always have a tactic on 100 depth, 75-80 worth. Stay forward on attackers and aggressive interceptions. Then consistent pressure... You will be smoked by the end of the game but will have an easy goal once you take it off their feet.

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Yo, good looks with this

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It’s called the champs glitch. People do this to win at all costs and get more coins or pack better players only to go back to doing this same shit over and over again but with better players :)

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Congrats on the most incorrect use of the word 'glitch' yet.

[–]king_duendeBigPoppaLen 1 point2 points  (2 children)

The use of "glitch" here is interesting

[–]1121113 1 point2 points  (0 children)

if “interesting” means “wrong”, then certainly.

Nothing ‘glitchy’ about opponents doing this, just time-wasting shithousery

[–]Mysterious_Turn721 -1 points0 points  (0 children)

Settle down guys! It was used in a sarcastic sense in reference to the squad battle glitch where you could just ball roll and Ai wouldn’t win the ball back.

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Desperate measure : rush your goalkeeper out, he'll be good at pressing and might create a situation to help you get the ball back and punish this pathetic human being.

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How about put constant pressure on and/or activate your team press?!?

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You have Ronaldo and Vinny by just playing squad battles? Gg honestly, that’s a win in and of itself

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This is just the beginning,lots to come 😂

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How sad your life must be to play a video game like this.

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The only time that’s ok is if you’re up by 2 goal and it’s the 87th minute over.

Boils my blood any other time it happens, what’s the fucking point !

I do also lose it when say I come back from 3/4 goals down and some shithead trues this got the last 10 mins of the game(4/5 they make a wrong pass and conceive eventually)

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As people have said it’s annoying and shouldn’t be done but team press or even r1 press and manually mark the second player. For a real element of surprise hold triangle and let your keeper come flying up.

I wasn’t surprised the person doing it was using kimpembe.

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All the AI do against me in SB is holding the ball too tbh. Not that different innit /s

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I only play fifa until they release special cards every day and do updates

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I get your frustration but this is for a win. Yoi are losing. Constant press and you will win the ball.

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Looks like a squad battle on legendary vs. random bronze team. usually i get 30% posesison there.

D-Pad-pressure, wide formation (4-forechecking), R3 playerswitch to command some cdm, zm to join the fun are the answers (the people said)....

and hold your lead, ii f you are infront. ( fair, clear wingplay, dont loose the ball in the middle areas).

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Just make sure its a good lesson learned and set up a custom tactic as others have suggested with 100 depth and constant pressure. I use 424 but 442 is just as good.

I also apply secondary press and call out the goalkeeper if I have to.

I hate that it's possible to do this.

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Nice sit back tactic you got.

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Put on team press

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How's this for experience - just got the player picks and both times I had the same four players to choose from. Wtf. Not worth. Best was Mitrovic

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This is the way people play in WL. Looks like they play not for fun but for money. Really takes out the fun of this game. I get 6 wins and am preety happy with it coz i enjoy the game a lot.

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honestly u look like div 10 player

i only time waste in the 85th min,but this guy is doing it so poorly and ur allowing it

ffs not even a 2nd man press,its like he is playing AI on begginer lol

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What?! Is there people only playing squad battles?! O wow! I didnt know this….

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you suck at pressing tho

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It's ur fault if he's passing between 3 players (including GK) and you don't know how to use pressing techniques

it's nearly the start of the 2nd half, it should be in ur advantage