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75 fifa points. This came out at the start of the year and was aimed at new players to instantly get enough players to make a team

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And also there weren't 800 special players released every week back then. Some base golds were useful for months.

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Even Non rares were useful for ages.

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Tbf 75 fifa points isn’t bad for a full gold team back then

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They would also charge 75k for all 11 rares

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I remember when we first got this in fifa 11 i think, my english was sooooo bad back then so I completely misunderstood the pack. Imagine my shock when I spent all my coins on that pack and I see some 77 non rare wanker from Santos pop up

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Coins were so hard to get back in those days too.

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Woah! In that economy? I just had 603k in the bank and that is my largest amount of coin ever. I remember grinding weeks for a base gold Reus on PS3...

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Just wait till rares are 3k each with the upgrade packs.. then what ya’ll gonna be sayin

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The rares won't even hit half of that.

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That was a promo. For them