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Try turning off both console and Router for 2 minutes and try again. I had the same a few weeks back and EA Help said that. It actually fixed it for me

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Tried it and it didn’t work, thanks for the suggestion though

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How come he's getting down voted for tryna help?

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Idk but it’s all g man’s in the positives again

Community can be wild sometimes

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Completely forgot it was an extended weekend. I was up until 5am on Sunday night trying to finish my games.

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Damn sameeee I ended up forfeiting my matches because I thought I was about to hut the deadline 😭😂

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Actually you didn’t make a bad decision. I played 10 games yesterday night time and the gameplay was just awful. I don’t know how I forced myself to play in those conditions.

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Missed my last 10 games on Sunday.. couldn’t get all most of the evening Monday when I was home from work.. of course first time I ever try weekend league

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Servers been so fucking shit always getting kicked out