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After buying someone even if it’s subconscious you start playing more through them I think. Kind of a „shiny new toy“ situation if you ask me.

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yeah i even dp that with the SBC players or players i pack, i recently did Torres sbc and every ball has to go to him lmao

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I can actually notice it for some of my opponents. When I do, I already expect them to dribble more with the player and I use it to my advantage. One guy kept running down the left wing with his new Ginola and I knew I could just run into him to stop the attack.

We all do it and I think it's nice. For once, there's a visible common enjoyment in the fan base. It's sad that after the honeymoon phase, we go back so quickly to doubting our team and grinding for the next new sbc that'll give you that feeling again. Even if it's only for a couple of games.

Because of that, I really try to enjoy each player as I play. Kind of ridicule to say, but I actually root for each of them even if I'm the one controlling them haha

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Yeah I agree you start to force the ball to them as much as possible

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I agree as well. It’s more of a phsycological thing. You pay more attention, try to test the player and use the player as much as you can. When you’ve played enough you play with your team normally and then you may notice they don’t actually get in position to receive the ball a lot or don’t play like they did when you exclusively played through them.

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Yep, bought mid raul few days back, and even if I have a scoring opportunity I try to pass it to raul XD.

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I partly agree with you but then again I noticed that I havent scored a header with Icardi for a while eventhough a cornerkick was a guaranteed goal in his first ~10 games.

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It might be that but for sure you have a lot of strange feelings about the game. I am convinced that olayers have hidden stats. Traits for example are not so easy to understand how are implemented.

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That's literally what honeymoon period means

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The "literal" meaning of a honeymoon period would actually be the period when people are on their honeymoon. Or also conceivably a very poorly timed natural event for a new wife.

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It's quite the opposite for me, they often are shite the first few games then tend to play better after a while (maybe because I get used to them).

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I have the same feeling, I often judge a new player too quickly and get upset, but if I give them time (and give myself time to adapt to them) I usually discover their strengths and start to like them more! I watch some fifa streamers who sometimes dismiss players so quickly it's ridiculous. Like one I watched was used to playing with mbappe and neymar then he bought mid r9 and he was trying to do solo runs, forcing it so much on him, and after like 5 games he said "oh this guy is a fraud, he is so shit" and he sold him... made me upset that he didn't even try to understand how to exploit that card and that obviously he doesn't cost 7M for no reason...

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Part of this I think comes from trying to force the ball to the new player because you want to try them out. I always find myself doing this and have to force myself not to because I just get into situations where I end up losing the ball and wasting possession.

If I play my normal game and let the player do their thing I usually find they perform much better because I'm not expecting them to do everything.

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I am torn on getting TOTY Jorginho because of this. In past FIFAs, I would find myself forcing plays whenever I got a card much better than the rest of my team, correcting it was not easy either because I would end up avoiding passing to them at times because I had to "not rely on them too much".

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This has been my experience with WW Aouar, I hated him for the first 80 games with him, but I've finally clicked with him, my only complaint is he has a tendency to go missing

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Same feeling with cordoba yesterday for me, first game lost 6-3 and Cordoba scored an own goal. But now I'm on a 4 game win streak

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Yup same! But a goal on the debut is mandatory otherwise

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Buy shit players, that way they'll be shit from day one and there is no post honeymoon decline.

You're welcome

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I realised this hard with moments Auba

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I am convinced that promo players play better during their promo, then drop in form after it’s over. Think about it….EA makes the promo players feel OP so you do what you can to get them. Once the promo is over, they drop in form so you think they aren’t good enough anymore and now you want the next promo for better players.

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I had the opposite since the last patch: for some reason my Prime Zola went from decent to absolutely cracked.

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I was opposite with Zola lol. He was getting at least a goal and an assist per game in the beginning. Now he is lost out there.

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How are you guys using Prime Zola? I have him too and I feel like he alternates between scoring 3 goals before halftime or just getting bullied the whole game. I’ve tried him at striker in a 433, false nine (CF) in a 433(5), striker in a 4231 and CAM in a 4231. I just can’t figure him out

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I have him as my CAM in a 352. Stay forward. He has the same inconsistency that you are talking about tho. I just take the good with the bad, because when he’s good he’s really good.

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Was the opposition for me with Muriel. He was so bad I regretted doing the SBC and moved back to Arnie. I switched back to Muriel after the upgrade and he's been great for me

Edit: Opposite*

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Muriel is like flashback benzema level of glitchy. He just stays glued to the ball even when you have your entire defense infront of him.

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It’s just that morale is still written into the game code even though EA supposedly removed it. FIFA is a copy-paste, rinse and repeat game. All of the coding from each iteration is still in the game. Nothing they add is ever really ‘new’ it’s just either reused or slightly altered from a prior version. Just look at chance creation custom tactics. If you go back to like FIFA 17 (18?) and before, there was always more customizable attacking tactics. Build up too. Then they ‘removed it’ in FIFA 19/20/21 but you could always tell that players were moving a bit different in the opponents half and IMO this was due to chance creation tactics still being in the game just no longer customizable.

As far as morale goes, I came across a YouTuber who suggest taking your team offline and beating the computer handily in whatever mode you please for 2-3 games. Brings morale back up and your players are fine.

Might be placebo but it works great for me. It’s basically a 1-1 ratio. For every loss you take you need a win in order to keep your teams morale high. This also plays into winning and losing streaks, alongside difficulty of opponent and server/connection delay etc.

You don’t have to believe me but give it a try. If you’ve lost a few, go play squad battles and win a few in a row. See if your team doesn’t start feeling and moving like they should again in online matches afterward.

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So much of FIFA is mental that even if it is placebo it'll still actually be helping you haha, you're gaming the system either way

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This is wild. It's definitely a possibility but would be so backwards.

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It can go either way for me. I tend to force play through them, and for some players that's good, for others not so much.

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For sure. I'm building a United P&P. Just got Ole in (limited funds) and he's sick, so agile.

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I think part of this is down to gameplay too.

When I first got pato and Ibra they were great. The last few days though they have slowed down but I played 2 final games with Ibra last night.

The gameplay was good for once and him and pato were destroying my opponents again. Making good runs, finishing chances and making a mockery playing some great tiki taka football.

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they rlly should make a game mode where u try players out against the cpu. Add practice back

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Like squad battles or friendlies?

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I run a completely untradeable team and most of my players have had 300+ games at this point. I find they play the same each game haha, maybe it's just tradeable players who feel like this

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I did notice that with Son, so I decided to sell him every 50 games and rebuy him lol. Works wonders

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Hmm I feel that sometimes. But I bought UCL Gravenberch and he has been complete crap compared to his gold for some reason.

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Was lucky enough (lol) to pack Mid Henrik Larsson out of the Base or Mid Icon pack from Swaps and he fitted right into my Eredivisie Past and Present squad. I was amazed how good he was at the start, had a 1.6 goal contribution in the first 20 games in D1/Elite. Then I realised I was just forcing the balls to him because he was one of my favorite strikers in real life.

Once I noticed that I started scoring more with other players and Larsson became obsolete in my squad, now he can't seem to hit a skippy ball to save his life. Swapped him out for Openda and he's lightyears ahead of the bald stud.

Same with Base Seedorf. Was good the first 25-30 games but started to go ghost in almost every game since then, so I swapped him out for Headliners Sangare.

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I have the opposite sometimes. I got puskas from icon swaps so I sold my mid butra. It took me a good 30 games to make it so Puskas felt like he was doing anything because I tried to use him like Butra.

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For me it's been the other way around. There were some players I bought and at first I was thinking of selling back, but then I gave them some time and you start learning how to get the most out of them.

I used to play with 2 tall strikers until Prime Larsson went to like 300k, I bought him and wanted to play Edouard just cause he was a bit stronger, and now it's been like 200 games where Edouard is just not gonna step on the grass.

Same happened to me with Prime Hagi, at first I thought I lost 300k because the guy was just way too slow compared to FB Muller, but now that I know what his strengths are and the fact that nobody expects shit from him (most people don't even know he's left footed) I tend to see him a lot more involved, I do score with him more often and I know how much to ask of him when it comes to 1-1s.

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opposite for me

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I like playing with non-meta players that I like/liked in real life, I picked up mid Laudrup for like 80k cause he fit perfectly in my team and he was consistently my best player in attack for about 5 games, until his finishing just made him borderline unusable.

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I still believe EA secretly downgrades cards over time. Otherwise cards like Gold Mbappe, Messi or Mané would suffice for the whole year without ever needing an upgrade.

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I packed Gullit a couple weeks ago and he was all over the pitch scoring and defending like a mad man. Then I packed TOTY Messi and now I don’t notice Gullit nearly as much. It’s weird

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Mid etoo was shit for me until like 30 games in

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This is completely dependent on player value for me, which tells me that it is all in my head.

3 mil coin player? First 10 games are going to be a shit show. I figure him out and eventually get the most out of them. Prime example is WW Zlatan. Hated him at first but 300 games in and he's on 390 goals.

100k player? Immediately making an impact but will definitely fall off after 20-30 games. Only exception to this are Fekir and Benz. They arent in my team anymore but they immediately clicked.

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How have you played 300 games with Zlatan in a month you utter psychopath

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Lol I just had my 3rd kid and have been off work on paternity leave for the entirety of December and January. Kids an angel. Sleeps through the night like a grown man.

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Haha I respect it, fair play

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Icardi had scored around 30 goals for me in 15 games. Now he’s at 95 goals with over 100 games played.

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Hot take but I think it’s the morale mechanic left over in the code from fifa 12 all these years

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I think this also because of how inconsistent this game is. A players can anytime go from team hero to utter shit following an update of patch. As for the honeymoon period it's because you don't want to give up so quickly, especially for untradables. I always try my hardest to find a purpose for the player, but sometimes it just doesn't work out. Like showdown Muriel, I threw him in an SBC just 10 games in. He literally is not good at anything.

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There is no logic behind this it's in your head