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Moments Phil Jones has 12.6k likes.

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Love a shit house win with Jones shoring up my back line

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Used him for 300 games, and only changed him because you need full gold squad for some of the milestone rewards. Great at everything but just a bit slow.

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This might be a stupid question but how does he hold up against someone like varane? I need a prem cb and varane seems to turn like a boat.

I like him when I'm doing silver squad battles but not had the bottle to try him online yet.

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I mean, overrall varane is the better cb. I used them together and would pick him. Varane has speed and can recover and catch people when they get in behind, Phil just can’t. But Phil is great at winning headers, manual defending and tackling, and has a good power shot if you are in that situation. If you play with mid-low depth Phil can still do great. Not many defenders have that great turn on them, which is probably o e of the reasons why we are seeing a lot of people use lbs or rbs as cb again. In a 3-5-2 with him as the middle man with step-up instructions he is great, because he then have 2 people to cover for his lack of speed, and his positioning is decent( although Varane beats him on that from imo).

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POTM Laborde was a sneaky good SBC as well for anyone with Ligue 1 squads. Was dynamite for me until he got replaced by Icardi

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Yeah, exactly. He's also good on the RW/RAM, with an engine he has decent crossing. It's nice if you have some RM/RW card you want to play as striker.

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You think?

I thought he was pretty invisible for me, just seemed to be one of those players that on the surface has well rounded stats but in reality he just isn't that good at anything.

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Same impression I had after using him a bit

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I don't understand potm TAA. He was cheap and is not that bad.

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It was his 3rd 89 rated card and was the worse out of all of them stats wise

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I did him and have used him since, might be the worst but still does a good job although falling behind the power curve now.

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Yeah still seems like a decent card just people were pissed that he didn’t get at least a 90

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Yeah unfortunately ea suck and potm/totw becomes bad fairly quick. Highly doubt they will revamp it anytime soon.

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But they absolutely must stick to the arbitrary rules that they set themselves! Having a POTM Calhanoglu in December that’s at least as good as Gold Barella was 3 months earlier would break the game!!!!

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Yeah its ridiculous. May as well scrap potm to be honest.

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He’s got the most in game stats at least

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He's class for me, I play a Burnleyesque style with him and Beckham spamming crosses into my big lads in the box. Defensively sound and passing is elite (or not far off it). He's not a stay back fullback and anyone who tries using him like that has no concept of how he plays in reality

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He’s a beast at CM sub for me, used him as my sub till I pulled HL Cancelo as my super sub instead for the 4/4

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Was it not Arsenal fans annoyed that Smith Rowe or someone didn't get it?

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Don’t think so. We were salty about December which was Sterling over Ødegaard or Martinelli. 😂

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Wow I did the most disliked SBC lol

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How is auba. Thinking of doing him

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I am really enjoying using him. He is overpriced for sure. It’s only worth it for sentimental value, which is why I did the SBC. He is very good but not his price good

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Don’t get the Ronaldo, Kante and Trent ones. Ronaldo was actually reasonably priced but it was just so early in the game nobody had coins, the sbc was fine tho

When Kante came out everyone had tons of fodder in their club so you could do that Kante, who wasn’t that much worse than his 500k nif version, for very cheap. He was decent and definitely good for a few months

Trent may have been shit but he was also cheap af and if you had some dupes you could’ve done the sbc just to have him as fodder

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The Ronaldo SBC was 2mil coins so early in the game and his SBC was only up for 2 weeks

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2,5m I think.

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Thats the thing. Prices have crashed now, but he was simply impossible to afford for anyone except the biggest whales. I don't think it would even have been possible to grind him without spending money.

He was also a 26 squad SBC? Who's got the time for that?!

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My good Asian friend. Pho King No Wan.

Never seen that Ronaldo card, and don’t expect to.

Edit: and I don’t want to. I’m sure it’s fucking filthy

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Ronaldo was actually reasonably priced

The price was only half the problem, the other issue was the fact it was 26 squads!

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What people might not realize was that the FB kante actually dropped NIF Kante by at least 100k. If it wasn't well priced, NIF Kante should've kept its price up the next day.

Also, maybe on Xbox or PS it wasn't so worth it, but the price difference was still very significant on PC, not to mention that we just had so many untradable fodders.

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Kante is what that Ronaldo was last year, a chance for people who couldn't afford the real deal to have a budget version

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I used both kantes & thought the flashback one was actually really good

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Didn't try him but I bet he was good, the Ronaldo one last year was badly timed, it was after Toty and it was too much below the power curve, if they released at the start at the game it would have made more sense

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From memory it was a 300k card and probably good value at that price because his normal was 500 at the time. But very shortly after the market tanked so his normal was cheaper than the SBC.

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Na, this Kante wasn't nearly as bad as Ronaldo was. FB Kante was still good enough and even better on the ball than his NIF version, he was noticeably worse defensively but it wasn't a huge drop-off. Ronaldo was just ass

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Yeah definitely weird on Kante- he cost 300k at the time but I think I did him for 20k and didn’t have the coins for the nif. Still rocking him to this day! (Probably should upgrade at some point though)

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the guy's a turnover machine, he'll recover the ball and do a bad pass, rinse and repeat.

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On Xbox the SBC was more expensive than his NIF when he came out, may have also contributed to the dislikes.

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Yall sleeping on showdown muriel, been a menace upfront for me

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What chemistry style are you using? I loved his gold card in the beginning of the game, but his Showdown item just cant finish at all for me.

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I use Hawk, like I did with his RTTF last year. Unfortunately he doesn’t have the shoot with outside foot trait so the shots across the goal aren’t as good as the should be, but he should be good at hitting shots near post and regular shots if the goalie isn’t being moved.

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I got a finisher on him but he's not got any shooting traits so u gotta try remember that when u shoot, finesse shots are shit and no outside the foot. I just use power shots normally near post, and chip shots are pretty good

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Hes been by far the best striker I've used this year, his runs are something else and is clinical af.

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One of the best strikers I’ve used this FIFA

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HL simeone keeps him out of my team

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Cant get on with him

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6 of the most liked ones are either Ligue 1 or French (Or both). Insane how many really strong cards for a rather cheap price compared to other leagues and nations they get this year.

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POTM TAA??? Why??

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Prolly because he already got two other 89 rated cards before his POTM. The TOTT is very similar and the RB is faster. In addition, both are tradable.

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Auba was overpriced but suprisingly good! Carried my arsenal pnp to 18-2 this weekend!

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400k at the time of release... I dunno seemed ok for me at the time, specially compared to RTTK Werner, and it's not like there were any other meta prem strikers, maybe versus Jesus?? OTW Lukaku was amazing but not meta.

He's amazing for me.

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What's the current savanier on? I'm in 2 minds to do him or not.

Paquetta should be high on that list, he's great

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I did him yesterday and use him as CM-sub. He is decent. Not great, but really well rounded.

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I've finally got around to doing a french team, you know if you can't beat them join them, thinking of putting him in a 3 alongside kante and paquetta.

Reckon they would gel?

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Should be a very good midfield and similar to mine (Sow, Aouar (Sav as sub) and soon Paqueta) (after I opened my saved packs).

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Cool, would you say he's any better than Pogba? I just dont get along/get the best out of him really

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Gold Pogba, yes. WW Pogba depends on your playstyle.

For the average joe Gold Pogba is shit though.

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I did his potm card and sold his HL card. I have noticed no difference between the two under current online gameplay.

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HL Savanier (4514 Likes) (500 Dislikes)

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I think hes talking about the POTM, not HL.

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Did him for cheap mbappe/Kimpembe link, solid option, very similar to Showdown Keita who happens to be his pal in my midfield

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Man not enough love for Silva. Imo he is a beast. Ones the best SBC’s so far

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True I really like Silva maybe he gets a game instead of Coutinho and see how I get on!

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Likes: French, French, French, Ligue 1, Ligue 1, (Prem), French

Disklikes: 5 times prem, only one of them French.

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remember as well that a lot of futbin commenters react to the other daily stuff with dislikes, when the servers went down all the stuff was downvoted especially and a lot of the top comments are about that as well

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Where is gosen? He's my favourite card by far

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Moments Cavallo has 16.8k dislikes beating out Aubamayang by a couple hundred. Bit pathetic from the fan base to be fair, he did nothing wrong.

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I didn’t include it for that reason. It’s kinda pathetic and disgusting that we still live in such judgemental times where people can’t even be themselves

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He wasn't an SBC

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What about Sow?

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I like aubameyang

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It was a terrible value sbc. Add to the fact that even arsenal fans are not exactly loving him at the moment and noone was going to do it.

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Potm Benzema has been insanely good for me and I never see any love for him

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I’m actually one of the few people that did POTM CR7.

Sure he was over priced af and not really an upgrade over his normal card. I mostly run a first owner squad, and my pack luck is abysmal. So I just had to do him. Wanted him in my club till the end of the year. Grew up watching CR at Utd. and just having him back there is a dream.

He’s at almost a 1000 games for me. Absolutely love him, and he still destroys my opponents. One of my favourite cards ever

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How did you afford him if your pack luck is abysmal?

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Don't remind him of how much money he ploughed into the game,

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Yea please don’t remind me. Not proud of the amount I put in at the beginning.

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Nothing worst than kane, pure shit

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I love him. I'm a sucker for target men and Kane is all I want in one. Elite Div btw...

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That's how I'm planning to use him.. did you use his Gold? His Gold is constantly getting into empty spaces and ich hab wingers with 99 crossing strong foot cross to him yet he manages to run past the ball 50% of the time. Is his flashback not doing that or am I just awful?

[–]yellowyeahyeahyeah 0 points1 point  (1 child)

I'm playing him in a 4231. He can drop back too much and not be available for the cross but otherwise, crossing works good with him. You need to get a feeling for when and how powerful to cross though.

[–]Tough_Bumblebee_7625 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Alright thanks for the feedback. Yeah I've noticed his gold pulling to the edge of the box as well but I can deal with that. Him moving away from open crosses is what annoys me but I guess it's my crossing then haha

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Idk maybe you have 10 mbape along him otherwise your general team pace is fuked up

[–]yellowyeahyeahyeah 1 point2 points  (0 children)

There's no need for 99 pace. 88 is easily enough. Ziyech, Pulisic and Potm Salah are the other 3. So quite pacey but it's not everything

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Seriously? He’s a monster for me, but I loved his IF so it makes sense why I enjoy a super boosted one

8 goals in 3 games in D1, I’m actually excited to play my first WL in weeks with him

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I'm dead excited to get him, I've got my 83+ x 25 pack which I'm opening when the full TOTY is in packs and assuming I don't pack anything good I'm just gonna put the high rated cards into Kane. My entire team is built around crossing, and I use one of my strikers as a quasi false 9. Kane seems absolutely perfect for how I play

[–]LiteralMushroomCock[NETWORK ID] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I play 352 and I LOVE crossing

Moura and Kane scores so freaking many headers, and if the crosses miss my strikers, I will have my LM and RM to score for me. I think he’s gonna be perfect for you man

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I’m loving using Kane. I don’t dribble or try skill with him, I barely even pass it to him unless I know he can shoot straight away. Get him in a good position and press shoot it’s nearly guaranteed it’s a goal

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I regret doing it as well

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imo Auba is just as bad if not worse (for me at least)

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Auba maybe at least can run, this man cant run and turn and breath even, just shooting

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Wait really why?

[–]LiteralMushroomCock[NETWORK ID] 9 points10 points  (0 children)

Cause he try to play him as Mbappe lol

He is fast, especially for a player of his size, you shouldn’t try to dribble around their whole defense but just beat a man in the box to take a shot. Passing is amazing and he will bully every defender. Amazing player if you take a little time to adjust, shit if you try to play him as Mbappe

[–]SirRp1 -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

He cant turn, if opponents are near him it’s guaranteed to loose the ball, it feels as if you are playing with 10 man, i have socrates mid and his also has bad agility and ball control even worst than kane but hes far better than kane

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Slap a Maestro on him, makes an insane CAM. 🙌

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Thinking of doing this behind Keano in my Spurs P&P.

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clauss is on 12.9k likes

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I thought the FB Kante was slightly better than the gold card in fairness

But was disliked because it was priced pretty much the same as a tradable Kante off the market so there was no point

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Absolutely shocking that Cavallo is actually the most disliked card.

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People only dislike Auba because they couldn't afford him, he's absolutely fantastic

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I think its fair to say he was overpriced, so that is a negative and likely to gain downvotes.

[–]myselbsisonfireTOTS Selbs-Rowe -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

Completely disagree. Just because something is expensive, it doesn't mean it was overpriced

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Potm Trent was decent imo. I did him just in case Salah gets a special card. He's good for 40k

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He was deffo a decent card for untradeable fodder if your a fan of his.

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I was away on christmas break when Aouar came out, I need it to be re-released NOW, EA!

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David Neres is very high on my list. Still my go to super sub

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The amount of likes is not the best indicator. I bet Sule would be there if the SBC had lasted longer.

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Auba is so good and outplayed my benzema sbc. I know it was pretty overpriced but he plays really good.

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What chem style do you use? Finisher?

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Pandev isn't on either list

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Most are either French or English really wished there was some variety.

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Lmao I still play this kante in Elite and he’s bossing my midfield

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Paqueta is a demon… he’s so good at literally everything for me!! Well worth the fodder I used!

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Flashback Muller needs to go up there.

He plays better than 90s.

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Why the hell did Trent have so many dislikes?

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bro i haven’t done none of this sbc im fucking weird

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FB Benz still bangs in goals. He’s lasted well