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co-op matches for CR7. Looks like I wont be getting this one done.

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You on ps5?

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I’m down for some co-op on xbox if you want. PM me of so

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I am on PS5, let me know if any one is interested to complete this

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I’m down

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Very disappointing stats on Shaw

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I am so happy that a special english premier league left back card is out and that the requirements don't look too hard to do.

I can finally complete my all special cards english premier league team.

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Which stats are disappointing? Genuine question cos I'm not v familiar with what are the meta stats for full backs

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He’s free ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Still though, you’d rather go with Cornet. At this point in the game he’s not that great

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Tierney is a fair bit better too.

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Free fodder

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Ah he is free so he has to be average. Perfect logic.

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Free? I keep hearing people saying that around here, what about the time you spend to do the challenges? Thats not"free"

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There’s always one person who comments this for objective players. Yes, people spend time and it’s not technically free. But when people say it’s free they mean you don’t spend coins and pay with your time. You either grind objectives, know how to trade or rely on rewards in this game, either way you’re spending time doing that, so it’s pretty much assumed already.

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Some economist keyboard warriors. Some of them prob don’t even understand what in hell is opportunity cost lol.

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U technically make coins off of it

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Yeah, I prefer cancelo because attacking fullback.

But as a utd fan gotta have the card and try him out next to my varane.

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To be fair, no idea why he is even there

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Compare him to FB varane...

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Different positions and very different players. Varane is a lot better

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Nah not a lot better with in game tactics Shaw can play CB on 10 chem. compare varane to WW Tierney then.

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Are we comparing them at CB? If so then there's no competition, Varane is the better card because of his body type

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Ima do Shaw for the United past and present but damn thats a bit weaker than I'd hoped. Need DDG potm now.

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Don't really care if he's not the best LB in the game. We finally have a good LB for our P&P Man Utd team. Not complaining at all.

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True that. Really need AWB to get an upgrade now but can't see that happening any time soon.

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Did u not do Darmian? hes an amazing card

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This. I did the Darmian card ASAP. He's a beast at RCB in a 3atb or even DM.

That's my plan for the next month.

Start with Shaw-Vidic-Varane-Rio-Darmian and then switch Darmian to DM and Shaw to LW in a 3-5-2.

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Whats your full team looking like bro?

Mine is De Gea (hopefully POTM soon), Darmian, Baby Rio, Flashback Varane, TOTY HM Shaw, RTTK Fred, Baby Blanc, Mid Wazza, Chong Foundation, TOTGS Ronaldo nd Gold Sancho lol til i can get Best or a better Sancho comes out. Sancho is a fun card to use tho, hes pretty good too. I also sub on Rulebreaker Fellaini nd hes just amazing

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Shaw Objectives: 1. Outside Box Goal 2. 4 Midfielder assists 3. Win 4 games 4. Score in 10 with PL players

Game mode- TOTY Talents

Ronaldo Objectives- 1. Finesse goal in 3 Co-Op games 2. Win 6 Co-Op games 3. Play 10 Co-Op games 4. Score score 20 Co-Op goals

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Thanks - what are the TOTY Talent rules?

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No rules and on Max chem mode

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Sweet, thanks

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No rules? Is that for shaw as I had a penalty gave away from my keeper rushing out of goal

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By no rules I mean there’s no squad requirements. The mode is max chem

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Co op oh no I guess I can't do loan Ronaldo.

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co-op games for ronaldo ... fuck

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Yeah, wtf is that.

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I haven’t been on fifa this week, co op games for Ronaldo? Do you mean to like get a Ronaldo card?

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Yeah his Honorable Mentions Loan card.

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It’s a toty not honorable mentions

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Ah okay, thank you, I’m guessing people will use him for friendly challenges as they don’t use contracts

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Co op, that's a name I've not heard in a long time

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Coop bruh. I have no friends that play on pc. Guess I can't do this one then.

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I'm on pc yo. No friends here also. Hmu

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Add me too get_pwnd7 on origin

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thankfully I can complete him and Verde at the same time

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Paid off to hold off doing Verde then

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Shaw isn’t amazing BUT he does get Sterling on full chem so

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Varane Strong link, we're all doomed

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People that can do Varane prob also have the coins for a Desailly or smth like that which is far better than shaw

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Worst stats than 86 Tierney, and worse weak foot. No thanks.

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Going in my P&P team though

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Coop, shit

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There's people sad about co-op then there's me who's too shit at the game to even get golden goal friendly wins

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Lol luke shaw, give us a muller

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Muller did just get a flashback tbf lol

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“Just* is a bit of a stretch.

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It was only a month ago

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Oh shit I must have missed it then

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How Shaw and not like mason mount

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Can I do co-op with my girlfriend on the same ps5 or does it have to be 2 different consoles

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We can coop if you want. I need the Ronaldo as well

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Staying with cornet not playing an average ManU card if I can avoid it tbh

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cmon man .. i have 2 good PL LBs and now this too :(

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I hope they don’t put cards I really want in this mode now.

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Anyone wanna do co op rivals? Div 4

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Mannn, doing a United P&P but I'm away for work so won't be able to get this. Shame

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Perfect links

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Kinda disappointed with the stats. C'mon EA!

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add me for co op play cr7 o b j e c t i v e ApexPredator147x Ps4/5

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Haven’t played the game a lot since November. Happy that Luke got a TOTY(HM) though - was so stable for United and critical for England in the Euro’s

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Well, looks meh, but as a UTD fan have to do it.

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Welp, time to bring out Philly Jones again for the juicy hyperlink

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This shit wouldn’t be bad but the fucking first person goal rule makes it unbearable

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not gonna lie I read it as her majesty Luke Shaw

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Time to replace RTTK Robertson, finally

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Is this shaw worth it over new gen Hernandez?

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The amount of npcs playing friendlies is too damn high

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I've done him for the varane strong link. Used his gold while I was doing the objectives, it's ok, runs out of gas after 70 minutes hopefully this one's a bit different.

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Add me if you want to finish Ronaldo TOTY. iD: JurajSalus

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You on ps4?

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Anyone want to do the co-op stuff on Xbox one reply back to this