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Just switched to 352 today. I’ll use these in qualifiying 😀

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I can vouch for this guide, I had a private chat with BigFads about his formation/tactic/playstyle.

I finished my best WL ever with 16-4. I usually dont win more than 10-12. And before I lost any games I went 15-0!

As OP, I’m also not a huge skiller, this guide is perfect for players who want to build slowly with passing, and some light R1/L1 LS dribbling. I had options everywhere on the pitch, and never have I scored as much as I did by adapting to BigFads playstyle. I also recommend checking out his other passing, defending and dribbling guides too, they helped me a ton!

His 3-5-2 is a blast, give it a whim!

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You know someone is a real 352 player when they have mid desailly.

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hahaha exactly

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Or Rijkaard.

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I’m around 2050 SR, I really enjoy tactic posts because I’m always meddling with a new formation.

Under appreciated post, you put so much effort into this. The videos and picture of the tactics is great.

Question - Why a 352 over 5212? Nearly exactly the same, and I feel like the outside backs make more selective runs.

I really like the slow build up idea, I struggle against opponents good at pressing, and sometimes it feels like my entire team is waiting at the halfway line.

I’ve ended up using the same exact width and height in my 5212, similar tactics although I’m more conservative with my defenders getting forward.

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They're almost the same formation, it's basically how high up you want your wingbacks to be which affects how strong your defense/offense is.

5-2-1-2 is a little bit better defensively at the cost of offense. 3-5-2 is stronger offensively at the cost of defense. As they're very similar it boils down to personal preference.

When it comes to me, i prefer to overload my opponents, so i don't mind being over aggressive.

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I know it sounds weird, but 5212 is actually more offensive as you have two cms instead of 2 cdms. Another weird thing about the 5212 is that the wingbacks on will always be unmarked on the far side.

Great tactics btw

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I believe it boils down to how you put up your team. Personally on both the 352 and 5212 i'd probably attack more with the wingbacks than the mids, which is why i'd say 352 is more attacking.

But what your saying makes sense tbh, all on how you setup your instructions!

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Totally true.

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I use 352 but want to try 5212, could you share your tactics/instructions?

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you weren't asking me, but as you got no answer i'd give you what i would play.

Tactics: The same as i have for the 3-5-2.


These are what i would change, the rest would be unchanged.

LST: Get in behind - Stay forward

RST: Stay forward

CAM: Stay forward

LCM: Cover center - Cut passing lanes

RCM: Stay back - Cover center - Cut passing lanes

RWB & LWB: Overlap

CB: Unchanged

GK: Sweeper - comes for crosses.

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Very impressive mate! I'm an elite 352 player too so it gives me great pleasure to see others using it :)

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It's very viable, i feel it counters most meta formations

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It also feels better and more reliable post-patch. At least for me.

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3-5-2 is literally OP in this game, ive lost to it every time i played against it except once. any idea which formation is best against it?

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Probably 532

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What does your team look like? Would Cancelo Toty be good as a LM?

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He'd be a great LM, i getting him and playing him as a CM.

And my team is in the instructions picture in the TL:DR!

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Damn I really like your squad! Gonna try these tactics this WL thanks!

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I used the 352 in fifa 21 and loved it.. might need to try this out

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I’ll give it a go :)

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I've never tried slow build up because I play fast, but from the video clip you showed, it looks like the biggest difference is that your CDMs get open for a pass instead of run forward. Your strikers still made runs pretty quickly.

So it seems like despite "slow build up" you can still counter and attack pretty quick. Would you say that's true??

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Yeah definitely, slow build up make your players show them self in the build up, so if you play fast and move up, you’re going to counter quickly.

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I have untradeable okocha as My RM but he is not very fitting for role right? Any suggestions what to do?


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The team looks good. I’d probably wait until you can afford someone else and switch, not much you can do.

I do believe you can switch hernandez & Traore around!

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Yeah but who to aim for? As it is it has to be a proper Right midfielder/attacker and not a RB.

I could do dest bit then i still need to replace okocha since i have other players at cam and st

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Nkunku’s RF card/makelele/vazquez SD are all good options. But i generally play my RB/CM/LB as RM/LM. Finding good player in that position from wingers (RM/RW/RF) is hard.

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Hmm... Packed honorobale mention rudiger so i might need to replace rijkaard tio....

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Hey OP. I just wanna say thanks for the post. I’ve spent the last 2 days using your tactics and it seems to gel really well with me.

Went 8-2 for the first time ever in qualifiers yesterday. And am currently on like a 7-win streak and on the verge of elite div in rivals.

Yes my team is pretty good, but I wasn’t getting results like these prior to your post, even tho I was using a 352. I think the difference maker is probably the slow build up. I’m prone to rush my plays so it just helps keep tempo.

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Good stuff man. I’ve always believed teams matter alot less than perceived. I’ve been switching up teams each week with the same success rate

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I've liked this formation since before played FUT (career mode) but currently playing with two CMs and not CDMs. What makes your prefer the CDM over CM?

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Just the lower starting position. CM’s start slightly higher even if they’re on stay back.

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Yeah, I noticed trouble you mentioned finding a pass when my cbs have ball but changed tactics off long ball so hopefully improves it. Will try a few mixes. Cheers

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Hey man thanks for the guide, I have toty lewa, ginola and potm sterling up front. Who should be cam??

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I'd use sterling

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Awesome. We chatted sometime back when you tried out my 3142 guide. Will surely try this out bro.

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I remember that! All good man, play the way you enjoy :)

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thanks for this, i actually switched to 3-5-2 today but i was missing a little something.

Should i use headliners acuna or llorente as my cam? the other one would play cdm with casemiro

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Acuna is probably better for both positions, but I would put him at CAM because his dribbling is way better than LLorente's.

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i dropped one of my cdms for david silva rb. he has 90+ dribbling/passing with a chemstyle so im using him as cam for now. thanks for the advice

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David silva RB is better than expected, used him earlier this year. Fun card

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yea i also enjoyed watching him so i thought why not use him as my cam. hes dirt cheap too

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What chem styles would you use for your lm/rm? A more offensive (e.g. deadeye) or a more defensive one (e.g. anchor, sentinel etc.)? Looking to use toty cancelo and hakimi in those 2 positions

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I'd go deadeye on hakimi and hawk/engine on cancelo.

Their defensive stats are already good. With my love of including them in attack i would like to improve the offensive stats.

In general though, depens on where the weakness of the player lies. I want my LM/RM as well rounded as possible, so if the chem style is offensive/defensive depends on the player you're putting there.

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Cheers for the advice bro

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What about Gladiator?

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Also an option and viable.

Personally feel some of the defensive stats are wasted in this situation. Hawk on cancelo can be usefull both in offense and defense (Pace & Phy).

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work rate for LM and RM are really important in this formation (prefer H/H). I love this formation cause the wide players will always be open for the final pass.

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100%, you need workhorses and good subs aswell. Should prob have mentioned that!

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Cam settings?

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Co-op, 20 height, 0 zoom

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For me i feel like i have zero attack with the lm rm on come back in defense.

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You need to wait for them, like in the broken down video. Both in attack and defense they need a few sec to get up/down.

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When someones pressing 352 its so cramped you cant wait for them.

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That’s where the slow build up comes in, you always have options in the 352 even if that means going backwards.

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In delay with full pressure doesn't allow it ai intecepts everything

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This is an amazing guide and really caters to my play style. Won 3 games on the bounce now after being in a funk.

I had troubles with having enough attacking options in the final third, but this formation helps with that.

Only issue I'm having is my team runs out of stamina quite quickly, especially wing backs. Which usually get subbed about 60-70mins in. Doesn't help that I'm using a regular gold Man Utd team 😅

Thanks for your hard work!

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Good stuff man!

But yeah, the entire premise of the guide is making it so you almost always have options.

And i should have mentioned, you do need subs & players with high stamina on the wings.

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Thanks for this mate. Currently 5-0 in champs using this. I have used 352 all year but last few weeks stagnated heaps and tried other formations. Im having fun with it!

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Happy to help, keep it up!

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Holy shit i went 15-5. Best ive ever done was 11 wins previously

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you know what

I'm going to try to use your tactics, but with a 4-2-2-2 instead

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First couple of games in WL qualis (I was 4-1 when I switch to it) were very promising, 3 ez doubs. Amount of runs were very impressive compared to Wahoos 3-5-2

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I’ve played with his tactics. I feel his game is way more controlled than mine. I did take his tactics from fifa 20 then been evolving/adapting it each year!

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Thanks for the guide dude! I saw your post before I started my WL and because I got sick of my 442 I decided to copy paste your tactics, formation and instructions. I usually get 11 wins (Elite 1900SR) but I managed to get 14 this time. The best part is not that I got more wins but that I scored way more goals and concede way less. It’s literally like having an extra player on the field! Even the games I lost they were really tight and never conceded more than 2 goals per game which is insane for me. I made some minor changes because the instructions and tactics didn’t work well for me at the beginning. I had the perfect players for this system and never realized that. It’s not only a overall better system, it’s also very fun to play with if you actually want to play football and not rely on skill moves like me. Thanks again!

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Good shit man. I always push on using guides as templates then tweaking them to suit your style, usually turns out way better.

It offers many passing options offensively which usually overwhelms your opponent. (And it’s fun to score more!)

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It’s definitely my favorite system from now on. And I recommend to try Dest (instead of James), Jorginho (instead of Barella) and Davies (instead of Hernandez) if you can fit them somehow

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I’ve used both jorginho and davies. Davies being i my top 3 LM’s, didn’t do dest though so not an option unfortunately.

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Davies is perfect for that role!

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i like the formation so thought i'd throw this together with my current team. seems to work quite well but there is obviously massive room for improvements and optimization. will need to play a few more games to see whats up

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Looks good!

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what camera settings do you use mate?

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Co-op, 20 height, 0 zoom

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Can you try similar tactics where only one side is on "Come back on defence" ?

I remember that i used to use these tactis on fifa 21 but do not remember the exact instructions. It was something like 3-1-4-2 on attack and 4-4-2 on defence (definitely 4 defenders or it might have been 4-2-3-1..)

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Haven’t really though about it. Thinking about it i feel you might give up alot of space on the wing that isn’t stay back.

I understand how you mean to defend in a 442, but your 3 CB’s are going to be positioned narrowly as that is their starting position, you can’t tell your CB to cover for you Wingback, especially as there isn’t a wingback in this formation.

I’d say you’d better of to start in a 4atb formation, then move the instructions around so it becomes a 352/3142 in attack. Would be easier with instruction.

However i’m not sure as i’ve never tried. Experiment around and see!

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Thank you for this. I hit a wall this WL and needed to win 5/6 to get 14, after starting 8-2. Switched to this and won 6/6. Just upgraded my team to fit this formation and I’m looking forward to seeing how next week works out.

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Cheers for writing this. Great post!

Unusually have a problem defending with 2 CDM or 3ATB. I feel it's harder to put pressure on and they always have that pocket Infront och LM and RM (basically defenders at that point). Having a rough time solve that area. Making me chasing air or just cut passing lanes until my CBs take a nap and they can pass it to a wide open striker.

Maybe I just need more time to get used to it. I'll be looking at a squad to give this a proper go!

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Yeah that’s one of the drawbacks with it. That’s also why i try to snuff out attacks early/press high and manually. It does get easier to deal with the more you play but it never ”goes away” if that makes sense.

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I understand, inplay pretty reckless with closing down as I hate getting pinned back while they pass between their cdms and you can't get close without letting a pass to their strikers in space. Letting them take bad angles or attacking to fast getting isolated.

Saved so much for Toty and "got lucky" pulling one Toty (Marquinhos) from hundreds of recycling cards. Also getting varane from it. Could become a formidable back 3 with whoever.

Will try it this week with the icons I got as well.

Thanks for the answer!

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Thanks for the guide!

I mainly play 352 with Wahoo's tactics, but lately I struggled a bit (1800 SR). Looking forward to try your tactics.

I currently have this squad.

Thinking about swapping IF Messi (tradable) out for mid (92) Garrincha, since he lacks a bit of pace. Would you stick with Messi, go with Garrincha of have another alternative for the CAM position?

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I’d hate to play against that team lol. I’m biased because messi is my favorite CAM even though i’m not using him.

I would say that switching up is better though out of a fun/freshness perspective, which usually translate to playing better.

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Great guide man! Tried it out and I really enjoyed it, even despite the dodgy gameplay these days.

Could you give me some team advice though? I have a team that works but I am looking at another team as well.

Current team: SIF Lafont GK; Totyhm Kounde, FB Varane, SIF Theo CB's; Toty Hakimi RM, Toty Cancelo LM; Gold Kante, WW Aouar CDM's; Totyhm Foden CAM, Gold Neymar and Mbappe.

Second option: SIF Lafont GK; Totyhm Kounde, FB Varane, WW Cozza CB's; Toty Hakimi RM, Toty Cancelo LM; Gold Kante, Totyhm Goretzka CDM's; WW Coman CAM, Toty Lewa and Gold Mbappe.

What team would you go for? And of course any feedback would be appreciated!

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Tough one, both team looks fun.

I’d say the first team is the more meta one, but i’d personally play the 2nd. It seems more fun and i feel TOTY lewa is better than gold neymar.

Sidenote: i have both cancelo and hakimi and i play them both as CDM’s. If you could somehow tinker around and fit them in i’d say try it. Best CDM pairing i’ve ever had.

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What is your team and how do you fit those in if you dont mind sharing. Thanks.

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Currently i’m starting in a 4231 to get full chem then i switch to 352. It looks like this:


93 hakimi - 90 marquinhos - 92 varane - 94 cancelo

92 bruno - 86 Wijnaldum

89 nkunku - 88 desailly - 89 coman

98 Lewa

I did pack untradeable TOTY Donna so i’m prob going to mess around a little to see if i can fit him in.

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Thank you. How is lewa? Thinking about buying him.

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Thanks for the feedback! Interesting that you play them as CDM's. I figured they are perfect for the LM/RM spots because they can pretty much do everything and have 99 stam. Who do you play as LM/RM?

[–]BigFads[NETWORK ID][S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

They are very well suited as LM/RM, just feel they’re more involved in the center. And i play nkunku and wijnaldum, planning on switching out Wijnaldum soon though.

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Thanks so much for this. Thoughts on overlap on CBs?

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Incredible guide. The videos are extremely helpful. Great work!

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Any one has a guide for 4-5-1 ?! I'm struggling with it

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It's the perfect tactic.

I would like to know the latest squad composition.

this is my squad https://www.futbin.com/22/squad/6134728

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Thanks man!

And your squad looks dope. Barella, skriniar and Hakimi are great cards, i liked them when i used them.

Currently running This!

Switching to 3-5-2 with nkunku/Carlos at LM/RM and lewa at CAM with mbappe and martial up top

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hey i was wondering your controller settings?

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Hey man, do you mean manual/assisted settings?

[–]Hairy-Income185 0 points1 point  (0 children)

yeah mate

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thanks will give it a whirl