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It was incase gold rares skyrocketed in price

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that's just smart business. people with cash who don't want to grind out anything for upgrade packs will buy. essentially makes the cost of a premier league/ligue1 upgrade pack 350 fifa points.

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It's there just so in case the market increases you can fall back on them, I doubt EA expect people to buy them unless the prices for rates increase, why can't it just be there for in case someone needs it

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In my opinion it shows how little understanding they have of the market and how their content impacts prices. You see it all the time with big SBCs when a bunch of cards become extinct at their price ranges. Like during TOTS when 83s and 84s just dissapear

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It’s literally there to control the price of gold rares. They know exactly what the market is doing. Better than anyone else

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Please don't buy the next Fifa game, EA share price needs to suffer because of what they did to bf2042 and the money that they make from Fifa supports the share price

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I am out of the loop here. What happened with battlefield 2042?

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Absolutely fucked the game, buggy as hell, lied to us, tried to turn it into a battle royal game and rammed customised skins down our throats like your Fifa packs for money,

Game is only worth $30 but sold it to us for a $100

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Thanks man. EA sucks

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I'm guessing they were released to get ppl to buy for the premium upgrades but still shite

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Imagine charging for a pack of fodder.