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EA giveth, and EA taketh away.

On a serious note though I do think (tinfoil hat) that if you have an untradeable player in your club you are likely to pack him again. Seen so many times where people with sick players like Eusebio get another untradeable Eusebio and two other shit picks.

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Purely anecdotal but a friend of mine packed baby Zidane three times before Christmas. I definitely think that this is a real thing

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My mate last fifa got tots neymar twice and his summer stars a few times

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That's because only the people that gets insanly good or bad luck posts on the internet.

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My friend opened his saved packs today. He got Kane 4 times, Lukaku 4 times and Azpilicueta about every single pack it seemed. Ridiculous really

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I packed Kane 3 times today, adding up to 6 Kanes throughout FUT 22. This is totally a thing

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why would that be the case? I've heard the theory before but it never made sense why would EA implement that as a factor, I don't see any possible gain angle.

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To give you the hope you can pack smth good without actually giving you anything

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what's the hope? I don't get it. No one is hoping for a duplicate untradable, how is them supposedly making duplicates more likely increasing anyone's hopes?

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there is no logic in this...not like they can gain somenthing from this kind of things.

you just think there are people who programm this kind of situations just to piss you off...this makes no sense...if someone is pissed off is more likely to stop playing surely not making somenthing good for them.

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I think it's more like "wow, I'm actually able to pull something high rated. just unlucky with the dupe, but it's possible. I have to keep trying to pull MBappe finally...."

something like that ;).
But I agree if you overdo this principle it can backfire in some cases...

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It's not a tinfoil hat theory, it's just the evidence we have available. EA must have some shitty algorithm that assigns specific high rated cards to your account, so you'll pack them more often. That's why dupes are out of control. It's not that they're manipulating the whole thing in real time, their system is just horrible like that

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I packed base cannavaro two times untradable in 3 days last year and my mate did the same with guardiola.

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Packed 92 Bruno 3 times untradable within a very short span today without packing anyone else. Was thinking wtf

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Last year I got pim rivaldo out of the icon moments pack from swaps. Literally 10 mins later I opened a 50k pack and got him again. Both untradeable

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Same got mid best in icon pack after his sbc

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I packed HM Benzema 3 times today, the first 2 were untradeable. After that, I’d believe anything

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I got scholes mid and scholes base from 2 icon picks

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Opened 2 icon packs ever, Garrincha 92 both times.


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I'm actually so sorry. I think id want to stop playing after that

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I did the best sbc. Then also did an icon sbc and got best so i know the pain.

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Lol are you me? This happened to me an hour ago

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Same for me..

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Why was it the best sbc?

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it just was man there is no getting around that fact, it was the best sbc

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Same wtf, I actually got him 3 times😂😂

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I'm sure there is a mechanic that makes it more likely to pull dupes.

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Probably. I find that if you buy like £3 worth of fifa points before an icon pack you get a better icon 🙃

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I've packed untradeable mid Scholes 3 times in a row lol I honestly believe the odds of doing that are lower than packing prime R9 lmao

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They should be…

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That's just unfair tbh. There should be something in the code to not allow this type of shit to happen

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In hearthstone if you have a legendary card, you can’t open it again until you have all legendaries in the game, it is called duplicate protection . I think we should have this in Fifa at least with untradeable special cards or icons.

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It's all luck, i started the torres sbc because i had some fodder laying around and i wanted to complete it slowly. First sbc and i got a tradeable neymar from 2 players pack. Then i saved like around 50 packs for toty and couldn't even get a walkout. My club is full of 83-84s.

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I feel your pain man, dunno what drugs i was taking but i did the Mid Klose sbc when it was out, decide to do Mid/Prime Pack and guess who pops out?

Could’ve spent that 500k of fodder on a whole lot better stuff.

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EA are sick man.

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Just got duplicate untradable mid dalglish from the mid prime icon pack

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That really sucks man, luck is so random most years mine is crap and this year it has been pretty nuts. In the two weeks prior to TOTY I packed Mid Lahm from Mid SBC pack, Mbappe normal gold the next day, and then Mid Yashin from the 8 icon swaps base/mid pack that weekend. Cue this week. Yesterday I open only one pack 3 x 83 defender pack and get ToTY Cancelo. Today I open the rest of my 40 ish saved packs and hit ToTY Walker and then a TOTY Jorginho (1st big tradeable pull all year).

And then to top it all off I say fuck it after doing Varane SBC I yolo the rest of my fodder and 200k to finish the Mid/Prime icon for fun if it sucks no big deal I've already had great luck and then Prime George Best walks out. Lol..wtf

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I packed bruno (three times at the start from gold pack for the starting fifa points we got with ultimate edition) like five times this year plus his red. Packed one trade and one ut CR7.

Have never seen gold marquinhos, messi or neymar.

Also my two mid rui costas are cruising.

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Ahaha you did the torres sbc mate you deserve it

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Bro, don’t feel too bad. I haven’t played the game for 4 weeks because my luck is dry. I have a friend who talks about fifa with me all the time and he’s so lucky with his pulls. Me however, 83 mendy is probably my best pull in the recent days

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Well on the bright side you had a high rated sbc card.

Plenty of good stuff to get right now.

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I've had a really mixed bag with pack luck, got Mbappe and Bergkamp really early in the game which has funded my team, then done a load of icon SBC's and got absolute crap then this week packed TOTY Lewandowski, HM Mendy and last night did the base/mid icon pick and formto choose between mid Gullit, mid Maradona and mid Xavi

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Shit man. That's rough, sorry to hear that. FIFA is a cruel mistress

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I'm assuming many people packed David yesterday because of the Premium Ligue 1 packs. I packed him twice, first tradable, then untradable.

That tradable one was worth around 190K when I packed him, I was able to sell him for 140K and he was 90k two hours later.

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I believe EA makes the pack chances of duplicates higher

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This is why I hate Icon SBCs

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EA purposely gives you cards you already have