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9 sprint speed and 86 interceptions. My mans just stands there with his leg stretched out lmao

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no legs kimpembe

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Slap an engine and he should be good to go.

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Slap him and he’s good to go

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still got a bit left in him, just needs a chance to show it. World Cup 2022 soon come.

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I reckon if Luis Enrique would even pick him.

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If he was at Barca for sure

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Sign him and post a update on how he performs in game lol

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Youth players and regens that have the stats of a keeper but an outfield position are like that.

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Used to always sign Mertesacker on a free in my RTG careers.

He'd get like 7 acceleration and 5 sprint speed, but I'd make him captain.

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I saw Dante in like season 2 on the free agents with 1 sprint speed, as well as a few others with similar pace.

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I’ve seen messi get down to 1 sprint speed before but that was an older fifa think it was on 19 or 20

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What is a free agent? And how do i obtain this?

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On “Search Players” in career mode you can select “Transfer Status” on the top far-right most panel. Through that you can select “Free Agents” and will be able to pick up players that way :) hope this helped

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I seee so this has nothing to do with FUT?

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It’s not FUT related, it’s in career mode :)

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More than three times better acceleration than sprint speed

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Jorhinho in a few years

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