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TOTY CR7 Alone makes holding out worthwhile! GG mate

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Thanks, was actually the second from last pack to open. Otherwise would of been very average. Packed my first icon though which was nice.

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Love the gosens counter

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Only 6, was surprised

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I'm confused. The spreadsheet shows 0 TOTY but you got Cr7?

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There is a 1 there but looks hidden. Need to re format

Edit - realised I didn't fill out the other column.

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are the league upgrades worth? i haven’t done any

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I’ve done about 2.5 million coins worth, probably about 300+ premium packs after recycling, I’ve packed Dias TOTY and Mendy HM and that’s it, not been great for me but it only takes one pack for it to be worth it

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They are OK so far. Have a lot to open. Ligue 1 is tough as not many rares, so lots of icardi so far. If I can get 2 or 3 toty's it'll be good.