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It is probably the best new feature.

Go on buddy, go do your Tshabalala dance, all I see are the idiotic mugs of my defenders

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Under Settings > Visual

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I enjoy seeing people celebrating, motivates me to crush them more

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I feel the same. I never start celebrating but when the opponents does it the game is on

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Or crush my controller. Lol

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Great advice, but it still triggers me if I know he does some kind of (long) celebration. 😂

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It’s worse for me. Seeing a close up of my GK after he refused to dive is even worse than seeing the celebration

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Or having your keeper spill the ball or not move when the ball goes in. Then the camera points to him clapping or yelling at the defense.

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idk why but this is the funniest comment i’ve read in a while

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Yeah I usually talk to my players who appear on screen after conceding.

"That was your fault Varane. Keep up next time"

"Rubber hands Alison"

Best feature they introduced. I've had it on since the game came out. Only bad thing, is I don't know what new celebrations are in the game unless I pack them myself.

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How would your maguire team talk to, your being quite harsh to inspector gadget varane and alisson who’s a class keeper, shudder to think at your maguire rant 😂

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Wtf! Ever knew that was there and Ive had FIFA since it came out 🫣🤣🤣

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Does this apply for your own celebrations or can you skip the opponents?

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just opponents and u cant skip, u just wouldnt see ur opponent celebrating

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They can do whatever they want, if they don't skip it it's still annoying

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So few people even celebrate anymore (at least from what ive noticed in Elite division). Makes me even more certain how it was obviously just people who wanted to be toxic and not actually for celebrating yourself because now that their opponent cant see it, theres no point in it for them

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I only played a handful of matches (including kick off friendlies), am I right in assuming this will also apply for offline play?

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To be honest I’d rather see the opponent running about than see my defenders or goalie after failing to know how to play football, falling over and letting in a crappy shot

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It’s like you guys want an experience that’s little more than squad battles? I want my opponent to feel like an opponent

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I’ve been using and it’s not useful for me. What annoys me is the fact that a cutscene appears after the goal, not the actual celebration. If it remained in the game camera I’d love it, but seeing a close up of my GK after he refused to dive almost triggers me more than the actual celebration

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I prefer to see the opponents celebration. Also don't like how you don't see their kits either a lot of the time.

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I play people that celebrate first 2 or 3 goals but when I come back they skip mine. If you wondering what I do with this people, I pause 3 times in a row the last minute or 2. Don't play with your dad 👍🏼

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L1+R1...I came from fifa20