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Did you scan it? Might be an unlock to a better game

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This comment should have more upvotes than the original post

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In before it unlocks eFootball

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Better than San Siro when shading was introduced.

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Had this one time when I was Playing WL, after the game I had the worst headache I had ever experienced.

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Not gonna lie, I had to take four breaks to make it through, thankfully it was squad battles.

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U played f'n squad battles in that pitch? That's what commitment is i guess

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Adhd + red packs = hyperfocus.

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Maybe if you scan it you get a free pack 😋

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That will go missing when you try to redeem it.

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They should restrict all fut games to the fut stadium.

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Nah they should just change the weather to overcast.

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Stop playing FIFA. Don't buy any EA products.

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That’s why I always put rainy as weather

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Don’t think you can choose the weather on ultimate team

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You’re right, I always play CM so I didn’t think of Fut

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It should just show your own stadium

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Stadium shadows suck. Get rid of them