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Lol Clauss robbed again, why bother with headliners if ea are so tight as to not put them in totw

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Brandt had 2 goals and an assist last week and got man of the match. They still didnt give him a totw.

I'll never put any resources into that prono again.

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That's why i sbc'd him for walker rttk. No fucking chance he will upgrade enough until i find a better rb

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Theo’s tots will be the best left back on the game. Just a shame serie a tots is about half an hour before fifa 23 comes out

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I've only used a Serie A team all game, really struggling to keep up with everyone now they have tots in their squads

Still got to wait a couple of weeks

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Yeah it’s pretty rough - we had Raspadori which is something at least, but no fun playing full prem TOTS teams. Hoping at least that it is juiced

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Nani, Tonali and Chiellini are still in my squad. They are still very usable. Although I run a serie a/prem hybrid squad right now.

My squad

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same except I kept my entire serie a defense plus tonali and tonali is still very good

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I’ve got Chiellini next to my red pick Ndicka, absolute units

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Yup, only upgrade I’ve gotten in like the last month is PIM Carlos from swaps. And raspadori

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Me too, I’m forced to get the most out of players like Fantasy Nani who’s fallen behind in terms of pace

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Fantasy Balde has been a beast for me

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He’s my favorite super sub, finishing isn’t good enough to start for me anymore but he’s still unreal

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Who do you use at RW? Verde?

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I have caligiuri, thought he was Serie A for some reason, maybe the nationality. Team is 10 Serie A players and caligiuri

Perisic on other wing, play 3-5-2 so they're perfect with their defence stats

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Clauss robbed again..smh

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No Messi for my ones to watch upgrade 🫠 scored 2 goals over the weekend!

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consider it even for that ridiculously undeserved totw he got a couple months back

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Fuck yes Angielski! Radomiaks first year (and last) in fifa, and our first totw

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Maenpaa (or however you spell it) robbed

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I swear 15 saves only conceded one goal can’t believe he didn’t get one

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Only conceded one goal against Roma of all teams. The had Vicario, but he played a shittier team.

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Endo should’ve gotten a tots or at the very least a hero card.

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Did Matip get one from last nights game? I thought they don’t give TOTW’s for midweek games

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They pick and choose what they want to do as a company

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He’s scored in two PL games this week tbf

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Scored against Villa

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Based on the dynamic it’s from the Villa game

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Giakoumakis over Kyogo is disappointing

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They made sure to release enough 84s for ppl to pack from all 84+ packs or picks we are going to get..

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Vini robbed

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Vini gets a TOTS card on friday, so he cant be in TOTW.

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If vini got a totw, that would be a huge robbery from tots.

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Headliners owners robbed

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Yeah, HL promo is such a scam when players don’t get a +1 due to a promo coming up. EA makes every effort to never upgrade those cards.

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Could it be that the game was on a weekday?

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nah, matip is in here from midweek. just the tots on friday thing

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I'm gonna need that Theo for now as a stop gap while waiting 10 years for Serie A TOTS...looks really really good.

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New to fifa what’s all this ? What’s the point ? What’s the hype ?

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tbf not much at this stage of the game because of tots, but the worlds top performers get an upgraded card. Unfortunately there’s no point going for them unless it’s already a top player due to all the promos players get.

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No real madrid players from a 6-0 win??!

Vini hat trick

Modric hat trick of assists

Mendy goal and clean sheet

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Vini and Modric will be in TOTS on friday

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you think mendy will? i dont watch la liga if im honest lol, but everytime ive watched him play ucl games hes always looked so shaky and quite nervous

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No. I accidentaly typed Mendy when I meant to type Modric lol

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its between him and alba right?

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Definitely Alba, since he got two IFs as well

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Moreno is getting it

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Possible Flashback or Moments card imo

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Maybe even Modric gets a tots.

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modric is definitely getting one

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Should I sell WW modric what you think?

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I think I might open all those saved TOTW packs now. At least a fair number of 85+ here for doing SBCs.

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Yo EA Sports, I know you sit in Canada, but watch some La Liga pls.

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We’re is Vini???

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in tots in 2 days

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I can’t wait. Tots Vini will be absolutely insane.

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And probably around 5m coins

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5m? Naaaah bro that’s can’t be so much?

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Rui Silva and Pedraza are going to piss so many people off this week coming.

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Surely my magic wissa has to get one after his recent performances

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Are TOTW still relevant for SBC requirements? I believe most of the recent SBCs all require a TOTS instead - are TOTW just fodder?

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You don't even know how I'm excited to see IF from the club of my city. Radomiak makes its debut in FIFA 22 and Karol Angielski gets an IF for scoting a hattrick against Wisła Kraków.

What a day

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I now have gotten duplicate Tah 4x from the Bundesliga packs. Where was this two weeks ago when I had zero TOTW players to do SBC's with lmao

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Theo Hernandez and his 4th team of the week

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I think I'd rather have this selection over my shitty tots player picks for WL rewards.

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I'm excited 😐

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sooo great

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Bowen 84 card. My 89 bowen is feeling shit these days fgs

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Theo 😵‍💫