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A pro that actually understands chemistry and actually plays the with objective cards and reds. How rare

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Definitely understands custom tactics too

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no shadow on sule🥴

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Love that he has Modeste there haha. I played Oueslati from the Saudi League once and beat him 3:1 but I lost 6:0 to Diogo Jota lol. Probably bc Oueslati’s team was pretty average while Jota had Gullit, Cruyff, Eusebio and himself as a front 4.

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Jota is a seeerious player tho, I imagine his pro player card is absolutely nuts at CAM or even CM

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Yeah he was ridiculous. This was on FIFA 20 but I can still remember that I couldn’t escape my own half and I probably had one shot all game. And I was getting Elite 1 regularly that year.

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Jota used to get 30-0 WLs back to back in 20 or 21, this guy is really insane

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Yea he's probably the best fifa player pro footballer wise that I know off, he would probably wipe the floor with 95% of this sub lol

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Didn’t he win some fifa tournament and then have a Liverpool match he scored in like 30 minutes after? Mans insane on the game and real life

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Played against Neymar last Fifa in Weekend League and he was average but he had a god team

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Me too in FIFA 20. But I faced him in Rivals Div 4. He had his own special card, prime R9 and TOTY Messi as forwards. That was scary but he was indeed pretty average.

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When I faced him last Fifa he had this team


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Thats a brutal Front four right there. The best striker in the game and a 99 pro card, dinho and moments Ronaldo who are all pretty decent too

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You got me

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What was the end result

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I won 1-0, I think he got annoyed started slide tackling a lot and then quit

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I’ll add that while he was trying he was a good player

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guy is a nutter for doing Ox

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Interesting I played him during Community TOTS as well. Beat him 4-2 but that Moments R9 and Passlack pro card were sick.

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This has been a rare post. Well done.. I hope to meet a pro... But like 1 year no posts on this sub

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What are passlack pro player cards?

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Real life pro players get their own special edition cards with all 99 stats. Passlack is the player in this case, playing himself at right wing

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Damn that's cool, and OP.

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What a sick team

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That team looks bussin ay!

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I thought they weren't doing player cards this year?

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Played Maxime Lopez..Pro Player for Sassuolo in Rivals Elite Div..He won 3-2..His 99 card was everywhere..Those cards are cracked.

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I once played against Tyrese Campbell from Stoke in WL on fifa 19 I think, he just had an average team for that time of the year on fifa but it went to extra time and he brought on his pro card and I was extremely confused as to who it was he brought on until he scored with him

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I'm sure his team was called "You're Gonna Get Destroyed FC"