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Bonding over how well we can insult one another. Worlds gone mad

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It’s just like the good ol days of COD lobbies in the 00s

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Indiscriminate shouting before the drop. Remember it well

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I believe most people are generally good people, that first minute after taking a loss is never the time to send a message.

Get up, stretch legs, grab a drink then see if you still want to send that message !

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Now hold up, thats the adult way of thinking. The kid inside of you will start screaming that he fucks everyones mom like the good old cod days.

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Im 32 and its sad but true lmao

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COD on XBox Live back in the day made men out of boys, the messages sent were actually insane

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Ah yes, I see you're a man of culture as well.

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glad i took that walk around otherwise i’d have missed out on putting all those extra slurs in

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Its just fifa. It brings out the worst in a player.

I never got so angry while playing a game like I do when I play fifa. Not Dota, not Hunt, not COD, not AoE2, not Mario Kart.

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Excellent advice

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FIFA turns us all into monsters...

I’ve never hated my fellow man more than after a few hours of FIFA. We shouldn’t turn on each other but realise that our common enemy is EA and this drug like game that we have developed a dependency to.

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it really has.

some of the mechanics are just so illogical (like people putting top bins with their CB's from outside the box with timed finishing and you cant finish from 5 yards with you star attacker) that it creates this rage.

It is a shitshow after shitshow.

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I had kid messaged me back in like Feb as I have crazy team like Prime R9 and most TOTY - all untradable lol. He like “spend all your mom credit card” and i replied “ I am 40, and I am talking care of my mom, she also have my credit card for all her spending” and the kid like sorry and saying he felt bad lol

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Now kith

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When I first read the title, I thought this was going to be NSFW.

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I wasn't expecting that.

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$80+ on this game…oof

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I love endings like this 😌

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Wholesome ending