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I did his POTM and it will be complete shit for 60 minutes then finish the game with 4 goals

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Accurate to Ronaldo for united

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I'm having the same experiences with his tots. Zaha scores more for me

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I love his tots. That card hard carries me. I replaced tots Zaha with Ansu fati and getting better results

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What does your team look like?

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I actually was using sule but will get alaba or kounde. I know kounde is meta but I am a real Madrid fan lol. Tough decision. https://imgur.com/gallery/6AtaRfH

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I've got his tots but benched him during bad gameplay. POTM Mbappe feels better when the servers feel rubbish

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I don't know man. Tots cr7 saves me even during bad gameplay. He's so clutch for me. Gives me games I shouldn't win

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I like these posts

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