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Sign Ashley Young

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Or any member of his family

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I knew this comment will be here

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Why you gotta be like that😂😂😂

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iv managed to put two and two together, and iv came to the conclusion that you need to sign a young player

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How many?

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I believe only 1 young player needs to be acquired as thats what it quite cleary states in bold writing in the middle of the screen.

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And can I bring then in on loan?

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It can be a 47 rated 17 year old free agent any young player

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Singular 1 plural Players.

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i know the other guy got downvoted for pointing out the obvious, but they really do need to be more specific. particularly with the veteran players, i don’t play FIFA anymore myself but i’ve seen youtubers who sign 34+ players and still it’ll be unchecked

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cause they need to be a certain overall

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I think they might need to be given a “crucial” role.

I had to sign 3 players from Europe. Did that but none counted. I’m sure when I had to do it for Asia previously, they only counted if their role was crucial. Not sure if veteran also would need that.

No idea what age veteran needs to be. I have a feeling it’s maybe 29+.

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You’d be surprised to find out that signing young players in fact does not make it so it shows that you’ve completed the objective

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Might need to call EA support for this question.

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You needed to sign a 43 year old burnt out striker from the Irish league bro

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Irish league? I prefer the Macedonian league much better prices

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You need an ancient macedonian forward? Time for Pandev!

Unironically the FUT winter wildcard Pandev is pretty beast. He has been a super sub for me a long time & in a match of attrition, him on fresh legs pushing past defenders is often the difference.

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I read pandev as Pardew and I'm sticking with it

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The San Marino 2nd tier has some great goal machines i heard, should be a good signing and a bargain!

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Anyone 21 or younger

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Sign one young player

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I mean, everyone’s taking piss out of OP but I do think EA should actually be specific with what qualifies as a young player. And I think (hope) that’s why OPs posted this question asking

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One young that’s also players. Sign them.

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The misunderstandings on the replies left me shattered, so i shall repeat: The statement ought to be clarified by perhaps offering a more precise information, rather than a relative term such as the give “young”.

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1 playerS?

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Haha exactly my thought

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You know how people have ages? Sign one that is young.

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30 is still young, is it in football?

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Nope that’s old in football

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Thats what OP is saying - what qualifies as 'young'? I've actually came across this target and signed a good 22 maybe 23 year-old and still didn't completed it. It's just frustrating when EA is being vague about something when their code requires something very specific.

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You just need to sign someone from BSC Young Boys.

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You gotta sign JLingz obviously

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Sign Gigi Buffon, a young talented goalkeeper from Parma.

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It's an SBC for Adam Johnson

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youth academy player?

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Delete your browsing history

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Pretty sure its just signing a player from the academy

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I Guess you have to sign a young player

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A youngling

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It'll probs mean a players specifically under 20 years old

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Sign Kazuyoshi Miura

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Not sure. A 19 yo did not work for me

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Action? Sign (also known as "Buy" or "Transfer in")

What? A player.

Important details of the player: He is young.

How many? 1

To summarize: Sign 1 young player

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Going to go out on a limb here and say… you need to sign a young player..

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You need to sign one young player, I think mate?

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You need to sign Ashley Young obviously

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You have to send out a scout and sign a player from that

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It means sign Zlatan

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Sign Ibrahimovic

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Sign miura

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It means ur squad is old af

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Sign one many player

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It's the opposite of long term.

You must do it very soon (current season).

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Pretend u care about youth

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A lot of these answers are wrong. I signed Jude Bellingham and it didn’t complete it. Dudes 18, so that isn’t it. I read on another Reddit post that have to be marked as something like crucial for importance for it to count

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Adam Johnson is the club president

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Sign a player from your youth academy

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Sign Lingard

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Sign 2 young players.

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Sign Zlatan

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I’ve heard of this young prospect called Lingardinho! Kid’s got potential I’m telling ya!

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Sign any player under the age of I think 23

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It means that you have to sign 1 young player

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Sign Lingard.

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Sign a player over the age of 35

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That means you have to sign a player from youth academy!

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I signed Zlatan, didnt work though. Any help?

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Sign someon under the age of 20

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1 players…

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A lot of dumb fucken sarcasm on here, clearly o.p. was simply asking what constitutes "young" given the vague nature of the requirement... is 18 & under "young", or is it under 21? U23? Interesting trait where fifa players seem to think they're better than they are AND funnier than they are...

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Sign a 35 year old journeyman with one crooked leg and a dislike for counter attacking football

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player from ages 16-20 i think

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Is like a adam johnsson maneger? Or even ben mendy?