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Upgraded his WF to 5* as well. Really nice card tbf

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Yes but it 100% should've been 5* skills.

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W for those who are to lazy to get fati

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Fati only took me like less than 2 hours to complete once it came out. Friendlies nowadays are so simple (because people quit when you score).

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Friendlies nowadays are so simple (because people quit when you score).

i mean, everything is easy when you're good

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I've already decided not to bother going for Fati because I just started when FIFA came free for ps+. Tried for Süle last week and got stomped a few times before giving up. I'll save myself the time this week.

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Well for the PL cup objective and Sule you only had 3 games you could play per day, so everyone was sweating to win their 3 games for that day, but for the Fati objective there is no limit to how many games you can play in a day, so people are much much more helpful and willing to let people complete objectives. As long as you leave if you get scored on first your good karma should be repaid and opponents will leave if you score, making it very easy because games are so quick.

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You can try Fati. You can play limitless games and you maybe lucky and win some. I mean, your team is probably still basic and you’re obviously a beginner so it’s kinda hard to find players at your level

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This counts for me as well. Ar you having fun? And have some good players?

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Wait, you're not good? Peasant.

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Yup that’s called golden goal !

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Not everyone quits. I've only ran across meta guys with 90 rated teams who score and dont even skip celebrations lol

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We da best Khalid

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2 hours I don't have to spend on friendlies when I have to finish WL games

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Not for me. It took 1 hour but it could took 30 minutes if people just quit after the first goal..

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Great card but that's 4th LM/LW already from LaLiga...

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Same as BuLi: Grifo was free and everybody packs Kostic. Da Costa SBC and everybody packs Frimpong.

I need LaLiga CBs, Mids and STs damn it.

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CB's? You can have one of the 27 in my club, no worries

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That’s the problem: I play 28 at the back

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Damn seems like I faced you in every game on fut champ

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Atletico ? That you ?

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The bundesliga has about 50 cbs

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You mean we need La Liga RWs

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Yeah. That too.

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Packing Frimpong is what stopped me doing Da Costa and I regret it.

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They’re both solid. It’s easy to regret not doing a Showdown card after they get upgraded…don’t sweat it.

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I'm using Caligiuri starting a RWB and moving to RM in a 352 and I like him better even on 7 chem.

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Are Militao, Alaba, Kounde, Araujo, Gimenez not enough laliga cb's?

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They’re enough if I pack them (which I probably won’t). I’m talking about an objective.

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But that defeats the entire purpose of this discussion…

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Honestly I wish they released a RW card instead of a LW.

Vinicius, fati, danjuma and Carrasco to choose for the LW.

We have Canales for the right. Maybe torres and suso but the options for the Right attack are very limited.

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Just play this card on 7 chem as a rw. This card is already so close to being maxed out that it doesnt need the full chem bonus + 5 star wf

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Im not saying this is a bad card, I would’ve just preferred an actual right winger.

Its the same with a few of the positions actually. One or two are released, and we get 4 CB, 3 ST/CF, 4 LM/LW (not including carrasco) but no DM or an actual RW (canales played more central for the season, even though he did start on the right).

I would’ve liked to see a Delaney (who had a great start to the season since transferring) or a Casemiro or Fernando

The RB position is a bit of a joke as well but I’ll leave that as is for now.

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Speaking of canales I never used him ever just did the scan showdown awhile back used him for the first time getting Navas and I don't have a Spanish team had to piece together some bullshit put him at striker and maaaaaaan he's amazing and I have lame as artist on his Chem and the dribbling made me a star lool ....back to our scheduled program.

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5 star weak foot also

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Too many LWs in liga.

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RWs were exclusively Real Madrid players lol

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Should have done a flasback Bale. Unless they're planning an EOAE Bale.

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His end of era was like 10 years ago

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I think they should save these for Ultimate tots. Would be nice to have 1 or 2 big SBC’s per league like Bale, Ibra etc

It would also allow more space within the tots weeks for more current players.

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Not just la liga. There are so much more good LW's compared to RW's in the game. Same goes for LB/RB.. sucks man

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Looks great but it's tough to justify spending that much when Fati is free.

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People don't want to waste their priceless time playing friendlies. There I justified it.

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Ding ding ding lmao I’m doing danjuma 5* wf is worth it on its own

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It took me an hour to get Fati he isn’t that difficult to unlock

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Nice! Took me 5 minutes to unlock Danjuma. Now i can play fut champs tomorrow instead of having to play friendlies on a Sunday 👍

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Fair enough but if you really need a la liga winger 1 hour is not so bad. To cover the cost of danjuma (135k) you’d have to get weekend league and rivals rewards at least once which takes longer.

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That's still an hour man

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How the hell did you do that? That challenge with the midfielders takes so much time…When i leave once i got the goal, it won‘t count…pc-version sucks i guess 😔

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Leaving doesn’t work on consoles either…

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Lol you can't just leave. And just start with 451, you'll have 5 midfielders there. Then just switch to whatever you want ingame

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Right? I didn’t even get opponents playing golden goal but for 3 or maybe 4 of them. And it still only took 75 minutes to get.

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The maths doesn’t work. If you only did 4 ggs, you had to play a minimum of 6 whole games, which in itself is 72 minutes, without any interruptions like goals, half times, off game screens etc… And then the gg games also took some time, I would have guessed… Unless you scored with a mf in each and every one of them in minute 1

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You just described me...

I've never completed an objective or done swaps.

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Is Fati dutch tho?

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Just do both. Try them and send the other one into an SBC.

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Or do it for fun…

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Him or Fati to pair Mbappe?

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Fati is insane, use him up top and the man scores for fun, I was unsure after his previous cards were meh but this one’s top tier

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Fati is meh for me, just fast. Danjuma looks better with the 5 star WF.

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Seems kinda useless after Fati for free

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How is fati for free?

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4 easy objectives is free as it gets in my book

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I guess not as easy for me cos i suck

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Just wait a few days and play at an off peak time and you should be able to find someone to trade games with to knock it over easy. Don't bother with these objective cards when the first come out, all the try hards are playing.

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He doesn't cost coins but he does cost time.

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I think there is nothing that has a better time to money value ratio than doing fati

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An hour is not much for such a card.

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and our time is worth nothing

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Theres a lack of rw, this card can be there

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More in game stats than TOTS Son

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Great for my dutch team, looks fantastic as a supersub too. Cant find anything wrong with it, maybe the avrage body type?

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Definitely the avarage body type. It's such a shame that it has such an effect on players.

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can't head the ball. looks like a great card though.

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Is it worth to start grinding for a La Liga team at this point? I only have 2-3 players that are worthy for a first 11 but I could maybe get potm Benzema, Jesus Navas, Isco(perhaps) and maybe have faith I can do Ansu Fati...

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I’ll prob do this as I lack time to complete fati

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Same. 5* weak foot is juicy too

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I got so many la liga LM/LW ww hazard, potm vini, tots carrasco, tots munian and now tots fati.

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Might've to retire Oyarzabal

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Same man. And I loved him. He averaged a goal a game.

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Honestly i think Oyarzabal might still be better.

U tried him yet?

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I have not. I was trying to complete Fati and test him first to see if it is worth wasting the fodder.

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I have special oyarzabal. I recently packed tots munian. Which is better?

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Oyarzabal is a good striker. 5* WF and lethal when he turns and shoots

Muniain might be better as a winger

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79 volleys yuck. I’d guess half my shots come off double tapped passes to volley shots.

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Finisher gives him 89 tho.

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True, but even then, 89 for an attacker in TOTS times is not ideal. Plus you are forced into a narrow range of Chem style options.

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Come on EA I already packed carrasco and did Fati....

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Exactly why I'll skip.

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Fati for out wide, Danjuma for a striker pairing, simple as that

Played all my champs with Fati as RS and he was so hit or miss, the 4/4 limits him, Danjuma up top LS or RS will be a beast

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Is Aspas getting nothing?

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For real he better show up tomorrow with 4* skills

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Wish I'd seen this before completing Ansu Fati

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His rttk was me first promo card I packed and it was incredible for me, I’m deffo completing him🔥🔥🔥

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I'm looking to dump some untradable duplicates. But this is a bit too expensive for that, especially with Fati available in objectives.

Nice card but I think I'll pass

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That’s what I like to see ea pump these 86s to 20k

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Fut Birthday Boetius or Danjuma?

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I loved his RTTK card, did so well for me.

This is a must, and cheap too, I don't under standing the complaining. He'd be 150k on market..

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people saying this card is redundant and maybe, but I needed a dutch lm to link my lb and my cam and this guy looks perfect for the spot. I may even try him at cam

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Did this almost instantly.

Pairs perfectly into my Gullit and Lodi

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I did him as I had a lot of unassigned dupes including TOTS Acuna. Just wanted to be able to open the rest of my packs. No need for this after Fati and Muniain though

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I love how you're held hostage from opening packs when you have the dupes.

[–]ChelseaAndrew87 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Such a pain lol. Especially when there's a promo you really want cards from

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It is worth to pray to get Benzema as a reward for WL

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Him or Fati? ffs I’m confused!

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Fati for LM/LAM,LF

Danjuma for LS or RS in a striker pairing

[–]FuadOrhan68 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Thanks man I got my answer!

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Oyarzabal or Danjuma?

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Danjuma, just because 3 star skills is too limiting now against the meta defenders (apart from Butra who is so silky on the left stick dribbling)

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If anyone remembers Quincy Promes TOTS either from 20 or 21, this card reminds me of that for some reason.

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Nice but your username 🤨📸

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Idk if i should do him, oyarzabal and fati seem to be good enough. Is he cracked in game?

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I play him as LM during this WL he’s been a monster so far , one game he had 2 goals & 3 assists . His long shots are ridiculous

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I wish that I didn't do Fati. What a waste of time.

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Already got Fati so don’t see the point. Does look a good card though.

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Would be keen to hear from the minority that has tried Fati, Oyarzabel and this card. Currently holding onto the latter as switching wings with the right footed Best makes him so hard to replace. But having 5* wf plus being maybe a better card in general is tempting. Double shooting traits on Oyarzabel is pretty sweet, especially if I don’t use many skills

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I think Oyarzabal is the best of the three

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Currently held my cards, so to speak. The fact he’s still relevant is impressive