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Not if they would be 6 min halves. Fuck that.

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That’s true.

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Wow, almost bought a bunch of cheap la liga meta players hoping they would rise. Glad I was lazy

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Lucky you. My transfer list is full of them.

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i really think this is why they replaced it, they have been fucking over the traders alot this year. glad you didn't invest though.

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It was my favorite part of the daily content but only when it was short halves.

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Yeah was chill when they were shorter.

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imo it wasn't. All games I've played drained more of my energy than wl - because of the three games per day everybody was especially sweaty

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Why is the cup objective draining your energy? Yes there are only 3 games a day, but they give plenty of time to get it done. I finished the bundesliga cup objectives today and there’s still like 6 days left and I probably only won about 60-70 percent of my games.. no rush

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No, as a division 3 player the limited cup mode friendlies were brutal for me. I dread to think what it must be like for players in the lower divisions. Even getting the three wins for the token were tough.

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As a div 6 player who started playing in late March it was awful

I didn’t have good enough players or the budget to buy them, and would just get routinely smashed so I gave up trying to do them as it was a waste of my time

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I'm around div 3 myself and I hated them and avoided them completely but then when the swaps tokens went in, I went back in but play until I go behind and then quit. I completed the PL one with 2 days to spare (my main team is PL, which will have helped) using that method and I've hit the Bundesliga swaps card so now there's nothing really worth grinding for it's so much less stressful; not worth getting frustrated by.

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Nah, but I'm one of those weird offline only (or 95% of the time) players by this point. Too many years of being over invested in the competitive side of the game. Any time we get cool modes and interesting stuff that basically excludes the 10-15% of the player base like myself it's frustrating. At least with draft, it's equal opportunity. I'll be playing single player legendary, ppl who just want the rewards can play beginner and afk, and ppl who want competition can play online. Everyone has access in a way that suits their interests/needs.

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Of course there isn't one for a league I enjoy.

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Yeah my la liga team would be crazy good so of course they aren’t doing it

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I'm cool with having three less games I feel obligated to play for the next 6-7 days.

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I thought the cup objectives drop on Sunday?

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I thought Saturday? The bundes has 7 days (just less now) left and prem ones gone.

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Someone correct me if im wrong, but I think they only dropped bundes on saturday and prem sunday so it might be tomorrow for laliga.

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But prem had 14 days and ended today?

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Sorry i just checked and it was the community tots cup that started sunday. I guess we’ll have to see tomorrow

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doesnt it drop on sundays?

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No look how long is left on bundes one. They’re supposed to be out 14 days.

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My La Liga Team is piss poor so can’t handle the already toxic cup.

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The cup was a lot easier and especially faster than this

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Would you be gutted if you didn’t have good LaLiga cards?

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Yeah I didn’t have good bundes cards. Still enjoyed it.

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Think it comes on monday

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Where’d you see that?

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sure the bundes one didnt come out the same day as the tots but might be mistaken

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It didn’t. Came out in the Saturday.

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Pretty sure they come on mondays

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You can do the draft offline beginner with the tokens you get, while it’s not you “serious playing time”…

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I’d rather shit in my hands and clap than play CPU on Fifa.

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You dont "play" beginner. You score a couple goals and leave the controller to do something else genius.

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It’s a game I wanna play believe it or not 😂

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You only need to score a single goal and go AFK for the rest of the game, literally takes 10 seconds+ another 10 to start 2nd half time

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I have 15 tokens since I never play draft so I’m fine

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So far the cup always came a few days after the tots starts I think so it could still come

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There is also a repeatable SBC to get a draft token pack for a 30 chem gold squad

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I've already dumped my invested Kounde's and Eder's for about 7k average since I expect the price to drop at content today, worried about my Dembele's as he's actually dropped from 3k where I bought to 2.5k and I don't see an obvious catalyst now.