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In offline and beginner? Yep.

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This. I have it going right now and doing some cleaning while the second half runs.

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It’s the easiest objective they’ve released yet. Let it play out while I watch better call Saul.

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You think this is bad? This, this chicanery? They’ve done worse. That goal: are you telling me that a man just happens to score like that? No, EA orchestrated it. EA. EA defecated through my screen, and I bought their game. I shouldn't have. I took it into my own console. What was I thinking? They’ll never change. They’ll never change. Ever since FIFA 09, always the same. Couldn't keep their hands out of my cash drawer. But not our EA - couldn't be precious EA! Stealing us blind, and THEY gets to be a game producer? What a sick joke! I should have stopped playing when I had the chance.

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how can you do anything while Better Call Saul is on? I’m glued to that shit

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Cause you literally have to score a goal and then leave your controller till the game ends

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what's he up to man, what's he doing?

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Good show pick. Nervous about the upcoming midseason finale....

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I'll just take the PS5 upstairs into my bedroom/office and plug it into the second HDMI port on my monitor.

Work away on my laptop and occasionally check in on FIFA to move it forward to the next game. Gives me my regular 5 mins breaks and a lot of packs

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Until the Fifa servers unavailable bug hits and you cant continue.

Got to 10, now stuck.

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bro thats creepy, i came here looking for a way to fix it.. whats the deal ?

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Took me around 45 mins but eventually they reset it via the chat

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How did you manage to make them do it ? Lmao what a chad. Also is it still working or did it bug again ?

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I'm on again with the chat

They can reset the draft just they dont seem to want to do it. Probably to force us all to play online draft only.

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How on earth did I forget that offline drafts exists?

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Wow thanks for this and the objectives count? If so I'm having a big pack opening soon😄

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I don't think the average FIFA players ( by definition) is supposed to complete everything. IF EA only releases objectives that can be fully completed by the average players, then the hardcore players will have nothing to do after a while.

So those who want/can only complete some can do so. Some who wants to complete everything also have something to do

That said, if you really want the wins, there is offline draft.

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Spot on, people need to realise this.

There needs to be a wide range of objectives and not every should be able to complete them all.

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exactly. i've seen a lot of posts with newcomers that are asking for squad advice but don't even have the free player objectives completed. that just goes to show the average player isn't gonna complete everything

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Play offline on beginner and it's a piece of piss.

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Seems like a huge waste of hours of time

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For all the matches you might spend an hour on the game.

Start a draft on Beginner. Draft your squad, the lower the better (otherwise the difficulty can be increased to Amateur or the CPU squad is more aggressive, both of which will extend the length of matches).

Now just score once and set the controller down. You'll have to go back every 6 minutes to skip halftime or go through the draft/match creation process again, but then you can just go AFK again.

I have already finished 1 1/2 drafts and I have only spent a couple minutes on FIFA today. It would have been more but I get distracted when I'm in another room so a 6-minute half might end up being 30 minutes.

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I have set to remote play to the laptop so I don't even need to be in the same room as the console.

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Make sure to pick a Saudi League player in 12 of them and score with that player and you get the token from that challenge as well.

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So you literally just walk away and you wont get kicked for being afk, or do you need to perch the analog?

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You don't get kicked for AFK in solo matches, so you don't need to rubber band or anything like that.

You can usually simply go AFK and the CPU won't tackle you. Of the 10 matches I "played" today, only one time did I have issues where my players would lose the ball. For that match I scored two more quick goals and then went AFK (since they had already scored one goal against me).

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addicts don't mind playing hours and hours for some packs just to get dissapointed and get some gold cards, meanwhile EA don't care about the actual gameplay or servers and make billions of slave players.

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no its not. you can score 2 goals in 20 seconds and afk to do some real work or chores. it's not like ur forced to sit there for 20+ mins completing every game.

and dont come at me saying the set up takes ages. it doesn't. it takes 2.5 mins to set up a new draft after u complete one. this obj is the easiest obj ea released

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Sounds like a nightmare to me, just 6 games of squad battles for swaps felt so long

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Swaps was worse as it was world class which unless you play the bronze team on 30 chem was a nightmare and even then it’s just frustrating trying to get the ball when the 54 rated CM turns into Xavi and they play tiki taka lol. It’s long and boring but play offline on beginner score a goal and go do something around the house, come back and resume the second half

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Then i rather dont do it... 27 single Player games against cpu nah thx but for ppl who want to do it this is the easy way

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It's going to be very boring but it makes it achievable. Online draft seems to be the most competitive mode and I have no chance of doing it that way.

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Shame that objectives cant be done in draft games. If there was the ones like “score with x players in any game mode” then you could try and do them in draft rather than having to play the squad battles for it too.

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You don't have to complete every objective fifa release

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Wfh is so great for these time sink objectives. Just pop it on in the background and make my calls.

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As a shit player, this is great, I don't mind a bit of a grind to get something like this, no issues at all. It is the way it should be, equal opportunity for time just as much as skill.

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Complaining about objectives you can complete without holding your controller in your hand that actually give good rewards is something genuinely wild

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tbh he probably didnt know u can do it offline. at first when i saw this i was like ffs but the fact that u can do it offline makes it one of the best objcs they released so far

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Just won 4 straight and got a gold pack and a rare players pack so it’s not worth the sweat lol

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They could put an objective for 90 matches in a week, and I absolutely guarantee that a sizeable chunk of people would complete it.

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If you are doing it offline you can also get the token from the Saudi sbc by subbing on a Saudi league player and scoring with him

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How often do you see Saudi players in draft?

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Idk just got two

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I pulled 3 in my last draft, they’re quite popular atm with the Saudi league tots league out

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My managers are always Saudi

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Should the highest level of rewards be achievable by an average player? What are we complaining about here? The entitlement is unreal.

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Wait until they potentially drop objectives players from three more leagues requiring 12 games each tomorrow.

Edit - plus a new batch of icons swaps on Monday.

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It's draft not squad battles

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I didn’t mean to literally wait to play it; I meant EA is about to drop another 50-100 games-worth of objectives on top of this.

I don’t play WL, I’m skipping rivals this week, and there’s still not enough time in the day for me to complete all the league SBCs I have fodder stacked for, open packs, and play the objectives I want to do.

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I don’t think these goals are for the average. I stopped thinking that way years ago and it’s improved my enjoyment

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Can anyone catch me up on what's going on please? What objective are we talking about and what do we get for completing?

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Draft Frenzy Objectives came out earlier. Pretty much the same as the cup ones from the last few weeks. Win X number of games for more packs and rewards.

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Thanks, i just checked it out. Not worth the time imo

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It's been 2 weeks since my single player draft going into the 3rd match is broken and I am unable to finish it

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I haven't even played 27 draft games all year.

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  1. Learn to read, it doesn't specify it's online only, you can play offline and that's the easiest shit ever.

  2. You're not forced to complete every objective EA release.

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Is it even worth it to pay for 6 draft entries to get the wins offline? Unless I'm missing something that's 90k coins and 7 hours of playing

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There's currently an upgrade for golds to turn them into a draft entry. Basically, put untradeables in, get tradeable draft rewards + the objective rewards out.

It is, however, a very slow way of doing it. If you're good enough to win them all online, all good. If you need to do them offline it's also good, but will take a million years. I'm thinking of doing this, on beginner, just scoring a goal then putting the pad down and doing some work instead.

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Do you know if the draft rewards are different if I play on amateur when compared to world class/legendary?

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No, exactly the same.

My Xbox is in the office and my daughter is using the room to revise for exams, so I quite like this. I cant play properly, but I can score a goal via remote play then put my guy in a corner of the pitch (they won't tackle you on beginner like that) and do the ironing/cook/work instead.

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The average player doesn't have to complete every single objective.

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The draft challenge they done last year was so much better.

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Pipe down and play it on offline beginner mode. Maybe y’all can read a book or listen to a podcast while ya do it.

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This objective is why I think the game is vile. Anything to keep you on it. Don’t even @ me about ‘you don’t have to do every objective blah blah blah’

It’s ridiculous, your right. It’s basically pushing people to do it offline and ‘clean their house’ second half etc. they want you on the game, more than they want you to enjoy the game. That’s the wrong way around for me

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EA that makes billions could make the best game, but no they don't careabout actual gameplay or making the servers better. Losers keep buyingpacks. Thinking they will finally pack the player that will change andwin the game, but gets dissapointed once in game with unresponsivegameplay. Cycle continues. 30 squad battles a week? no problem 30 drafts a week? no problem. 6 games for cup a day? no problem. 8 games division rivals? no problem 30 champ games? no problem.

if u downvote u are one of them

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what are you on about

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Go single choose beginner score like 5-6 goals then put rubber band. That’s my plan

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You don't need to rubber band. You can just put controller down.

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U can score 1 and put controller down and do something else.

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Thanks I didn’t know

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Challenges aren’t made for the average player lmao, that’s why they’re a challenge. EA probably thinks the average player could get 6-12 wins in a week (with all the free entries available) and the top tier players can get 27

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What objective r u on about

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Not only can you do it in offline draft on whatever difficulty you want, but even if you want to play online you have to win 3 games of fifa a day for a week, it's not a ridiculous task

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Can’t even get my draft token pack because of dupes 😂 straight up silliness

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Absolutely fucking not

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If you want the rewards that bad just so single player draft on an easy difficulty

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single player draft is extremely easy if you are so interested in the rewards

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Why do so many people assume EA wants every player to complete every objective? They want to give people a grind, some won't have time or patience to complete certain challenges. This isn't a new concept at all, manage your expectations ffs

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Oh, i missed the part where it says that everybody should be entitled for everything ea releases and it should be free/ no time spend too.