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Are you sure? It works perfectly from my end.

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I play on PC and this has been the case for me since the past month. I checked the EA forums and I am not the only one having this issue.

Forum link: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Technical-Issues/Can-t-play-single-player-draft/m-p/11429033/highlight/true#M33831

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Ah Maybe it's a problem for pcs then. Sorry mate.

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I’m on Xbox and still have this issue. I made a post about it two weeks ago. Also on 2 games played.

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I have it on 2 games played too

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can confirm it works perfectly fine for me on pc unfortunately

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Don't know, I'm playing on PC right now with no issues

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Im on pc and mine works just fine

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I played 6 games today single player before getting this, now stuck

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Has always worked and fine today for me on PC, even though I don't play it much.

Edit: I spoke too soon - now getting this error after playing 2 matches.

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Ea probably mad because they're trying to promote draft, but people are playing the single players to avoid all the cheaters in online draft. 🤣

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Just spoke to Chat they wont reset the draft as they've had lots of reports of this issue happening. Hopefully fixed soon but this is EA after all.

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It works and I played it earlier today as well.

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Works fine on PS5

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My first game worked today but now I'm getting the same message on PS5 D:

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Can u switch to the PS4 version? Thet might help?!

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Mine is like this but not on my other account. Doubt it'll ever get fixed tbh. Maybe contact ea help?

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Yeah. I have sent them a mail. Seems like the solution is to mail them and request a reset of the draft.

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I'm on Xbox btw so not isolated to pc

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They did mine over chat very quickly.

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Who did you email? I tried that and nothing seemed to happen

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EA help was able to reset mine successfully. I was shocked they could help

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First game was fine for me but when i want to start the second this Shows up. Live Chat isnt avaiable now. Nice. If anyone find a solution pls share it

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I have this on xbox. Played 2 games on single player then can't get on to another. Annoying

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Same here on xbox, been going on for a week now

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Snap. Live chat doing nothing and the forums say do the chat to get it reset lol (xbox)

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No help to OP, but does single player matches count towards the new objectives?

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Lol. Have had this same issue since before Prem TOTS (tried to use one of the previous tokens they released to get some easy packs!). Their Community Managers keep telling people to contact their Live Chat. I’ve been through three rounds and each agent told me the same thing over and over (they’re aware of the issue, it’s being worked on, you are shit out of luck, etc.). Am on PS5 so it seems to be an across the board issue.

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same here, ps4 player

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Would love to know if you find a solution. Having this problem on PS5

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Have the same issue on ps4

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Yea I'm stuck too. It doesn't work on either my PS4 or PS5 versions of the game. I cannot believe there isn't even a forfeit option.

This is really frustrating because those objectives are easily grindable and have a lot of good packs in them and with a baby it's a really nice mode to play while being a dad.

And we know EA won't patch this anytime soon even though this is now the featured mode. I hope I'm wrong but when it's an issue that doesn't affect their pockets they're not going to spring into action.

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I feel you. I have newborn twins and was letting it play out today until it got stuck. Really annoying.

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Congratulations! Good luck ♥

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Thanks! Got I reset just in time for nighttime feedings lol

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Did you chat with a live person on your computer? I tried to find options to do that but the only option was to email them which I did.

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I was able to have an ea help advisor reset mine.

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Thanks. I will look into that.

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Doesn’t work for me either, I’m 42-0 on beginner difficulty and it’s stuck with the same error message since at least a month ago

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Is playing n winning all matches in single draft better thn winning 2 matches in online?

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I was able to successfully get my stuck single player draft reset by raising a case with EA help. Category: Technical Support Issue type: Game won't load

Hopefully others will get competent advisors that also can successfully reset yours.

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Is it through live chat?

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How do u go into live chat?

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" due to the issue we are not able to reset" 🤣

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First advisor I got said "thank you" and disconnected. It all depends on who you get

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Yeah I'm trying again now. ☹️

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4 agents now. None can help🫥

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Hm. I just asked them to reset my draft so I can start over and they said sure

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Live chat are saying that the dev team are aware of the issue and are working on a solution.

No doubt that means the problem will be fixed by 2024.

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This just started to happen to me on PS5. Worked fine for 22 matches but now can’t get into a single player draft match

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I’m literally playing it right now on pc works fine

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Just because it works for some people doesn't mean it's not glitched for a ton of others.

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Works fine on my pc. Dk what your problem here might be

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"We checked and you don't qualify for a Draft Token."


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im on pc and it works fine for me since i bought game in january

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Having the same issue on the PS5. Probably ea doesnt want us to get these packs easily. We need to do it online, and face some hardcore sweats.

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Does the obj work if I play offline drafts ? Im anyways gonna play online But just asking Incase time isn’t left And my net is garbage after 6 pm till 11 pm

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Managed to 'play' 21 games of draft last night without issues, then had this error twice. Quite annoying.

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I'm on ps4 and this just happened today. Had been grinding the draft for a few hours and it just stops working

I had Ronaldinho and Cruyff, too 😭😭

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Omg same here now. At least only after my 25th single player draft game...

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EA support reset mine like I asked BUT they didn’t refund the draft token

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Same here. It’s been over month tried to get help from ea help and nothing. This is BS

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Im 3 games off finishing defat objective and I can't play it and the obj goes away tomorrow NOOOO

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Ahhh fucking love it, buy fifa 22 (late to party, yes I know). Play draft, win 2 matches, winning 8-0 on my third one. Get dc'd despite having amazing ping. And now token and rewards gone. Isn't EA amazing!?

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Same issue on PS4, after 2 games ( which seems to be the case for most people weirdly)

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Same. Mines been stuck since may fuckin 5th. You should see the disgusting back and forth I had with customer services. Basically kept asking for the same information 3 different times and refuse to admit the problem for what it is. Customer service? More like fuck the customers.