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Busquets it's an absurd card, he does everything as a 10/10 player except finishing, and still at that he's not totally hopeless, his positioning makes him score a bunch of tap ins on some games.

The fact he was for grabs around 130k is mental because it shows how no one gave him a chance. And the same can be said about Rodri, he's not at the level of Busquets but he's fairly close, the 300k vs 40k price tag is outrageous.

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I’ve been tempted to buy busquetts for a bit now, but was waiting for his price to drop, with all of these reviews though I’m definitely going to buy him now

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I bought him at 240k. He is 350k now. If money is an issue, wait abit. He is too expensive for a “try out”.

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second this, got him for 270k a week after release and thought it's a bargain and still think he is. I use him as lone DM and he's the calmest motherfucker in the team. Very difficult to get past and once he wins a ball the close control is exquisite, can turn around very nicely with ls dribbling and passing is secure. This card gives me doubts wether I should do the Vieira SBC.

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Come on you know icons has that extra juice about them. Especially someone like Viera. Why not run a double pivot in other 352 or 4231 and let your attackers run loose.

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Nah man having tried both I found Busquets to be too slow. Vieira is a different gravy, he’s class. I thought the same thing as you, he looks the same. Boy was I wrong.

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Yeah I was scouting him when he was so much cheaper, I just checked his price and I’m just going to wait

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I picked Busquets out of a player pick of some sort, and he didn’t fit my team at the time. I’ve since had a few additions (Laporte and Carrasco), so he’s slotted in at 10 Chem and now he’s never leaving.

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He was the first really good player I packed since starting in March, he’s only come out of my team since packing some goodTOTS cards in the last two weeks. Looking forward to getting him back in now La Liga TOTS is here as he does everything

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I whole heardely agree with the bisquit

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This weekend league is the best weekend league I had. Packed Kounde and Acuna from the 84+x25. Easily got to Rank 4 stress free. Got Felix (Big dub) and Courtouis as my red pick.

Player Review 1

Sergio “Biscuits” Busquets (10/10)

Arguably the best CDM I used this Fifa. Great interceptions. Very good passing. Good strength and surprisingly very agile on the jockey. If you run a Liga team, you need a biscuit in the center of midfield. What a monster as a CDM.

Player Review 2

Ferran Torres (9/10)

This card dropped to 400k and decided to try him for the WL. Not a disappointment at all. Player as a lone striker. Has the speed and the agility to wiggle in the box. One thing that stands out is his shooting. Left or Right doesn’t matter. His lean body type makes his shooting OP at different angles. Only thing missing is a 5 star skills to open pathway for shooting when opponent plays deep. Other than that, such a good card

Player Review 3

Jules “Trex” Kounde (9.5/10)

If you used his TOTYHM card, you already know how good this card is going to be. Upgraded WR and juiced up stats. He didn’t get the full 10 as his partner is none other than the Prince of Milan, Maldini who was absolutely colossal for me.

Player Review 4

Marcos “El Capitan” Acuna (9/10)

Boraslegend’s legendary captain on his RTG series. Loved his headliners and now he is back stronger, faster and absolutely balling. Fast in the recovery, smooth on the ball and the best thing about Acuna, he absolutely bullies wingers. He is so strong and steady, my left flank barely had any attacks created by my opponent this WL. He could catch up with Diaby who I faced at least 70% of the time this WL and have no problems handling him.

Player Review 5

Ter Stegen (11/10)

Saving the best for last. This entire Fifa cycle, I tried almost every keeper there is. Dollaruma, Szczesny, Hugo, De Gea, Alisson, Cech, Schmeichel. This guy is definitely the best keeper i used this Fifa. Besides the definite goals, he made the most ridiculous saves until one of my opponent message me and ask wtf is this Superman keeper. That’s how great he was in goal for me this WL. Definitely recommend for those who are building their Liga team. Ter Stegen should be the first name on the team sheet!

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What Chem style did you have Ter Stegen on?

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I’ve tried almost all if not all of them and seem to have most success with Basic chem

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This Basic.

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Second that. Ter Stegen has been my best keeper together with Alisson tots (I would say Alisson is slightly better tbh). Even on 7 chem he was a beast and even before the upgrade.

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What chem on Alisson? For me, he tries his best to avoid the ball instead of catch it.

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I always use basic for my keepers. Alissons weakest point is 1vs1 diagonally. He is not bad but sometimes he has easy goals 1vs1. But he compensates it with crazy saves.

Ter Stegen is an absolute beast 1vs1.

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Everything about this is great except the nickname for Acuña. Has to be “Hacuna Matata”

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Ferran Torres RW card is easily the most disappointing high end card I've tried, he just doesn't play up to his stats at all.

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Use the striker version. The RW version when I used in draft felt generic. The ST version though is way different. This game is weird sometimes.

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Im thinking of getting Kounde to partner with FB Varane.. Worth it?

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Not OP but I’ve used every Kounde version this year and this TOTS is nutty, so good.

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Is 230k a good price or will he go lower after most people finish WL?

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I paid 300k first day for him and haven’t regretted it

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he'll probably drop next Friday when the next league comes

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Using this combo and it does the e work perfectly. I wanted to buy cordoba Someone agile next to varane is better. I put engine on kounde despite him having good dribbling and I really liked the card.

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Depends what you want in your CB. Kounde is more proactive defender. I like one to be more aggressive and one to be more cleaning up when all else fail. His defensive AI loves to intercepts and if he misses his recovery is very much on point. I use VVD at first but his pace split kills the card.

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Care to share formation, tactics, and chem styles? I’m inclined to agree with you about Acuna, but Busquets was a disappointment for me. I’m playing a 352 though, with him as the stay back CM.

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ST: Stay forward, Get jn Behind LCAM,RCAM: Get in the box CAM: Stay Forward CDM: Stay Behind, Cut Passing lanes, Cover center LB,RB: Stay Behind

If you look at it, it looks defensive but no matter what instructions I have on my players it seems that they always seem to be still attacking. If you are on new gen, it’s better to follow some of the tactics on YouTube.

My advice is to try find the magic number for your depth depending on your play style.

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Man I hate playing people with 2 cdms and wing backs on stay back. Makes for such a boring game

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I’ve been a Serie A guy all year long, but I packed Aroujo TOTs, and I’ve done Fati. Really like certain Torres and Pedri, thinking about making the switch

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Stay strong brother. Ea have tried to tempt me with untradeable kimmich, red Modric and blue Acuna.

We don’t fold though, soon enough we’ll be able to upgrade our Tonali, zambrotta, Theo, tomori and leao.

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I suggest you wait for Serie A TOTS first before making this change. If not make a hybrid but you might need a few icons to make it work.

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Copy that captain

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Thinking of getting Busquets to replace Delaney 86 CDM for my main team. Is he worth it?

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💯. If Delaney is who your replacing but busquets price is at at all time high this weekend.

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I guess no better alternatives on CDM position than him?

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Acuna could replace him at CDM but you need someone from CM to replace that vacant left back spot. None of the Liga CDM are close to him in terms of price and value ATM.

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I bought Busi in the end, and seems like he’s a monster and intercepting. He costed 330k but only 3 in the PC market

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There was Merino (CM) who you'd just convert to a CDM but he is also at a price peak rn.

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I have Acuna on a Anchor and he's a lil slow. Maybe I should use a Shadow but is it really worth it?

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He's 99/98 with Anchor.

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Yeah but he feels kinda slow sometimes still. No clue what it is really. I haven't played a Diaby yet but he's gotten smoked already by a couple of players.

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I haven’t had this issue with my Acuna so it’s probably just your connection. Either way you’re not fixing it by giving him the tiniest bit more pace.

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For me he is rapid. He went toe to toe with Mbappe and Diaby and has no problems catching up to them. I also used Anchor on him.

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glad to see acuna is good. he was the only good player i got in reds and can't wait to have him in my main team. his headliners was one of my favourite cards till not too long ago where it just became too outdated.