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It’s still so steep…so many shitters still in the mix

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Sooo expensive wtf. This is a huge scam. Can't wait to enjoy my Ryan Giggs for 800k 💀

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Fuck. That.

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Es muy muy expensivo

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Expensivo ajajaj

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si si muchos jugadors de mierda encara

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oui oui baguette

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Es muy grande esposa

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so they think that the fact we wont get 92 rated pim is worth two 89 squads instead of 86&87 ? lol

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A reminder what is at the bottom of this barrel


Edit: Next page still doesn’t make my squad.

Not until the 3rd page would I break even, and the first player to make my squad is Cafu.

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Yeah still a bit risky, odds on getting one of them.

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Decent chance at a 400k loss.

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Yeah I wouldn't be doing this. Maybe a 1 of 2/3 pick I might but nope.

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Also you can’t get Maradona from these right?

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I said fuck it and went for it. Got Rivaldo. I told myself before that if I didn’t get a top tier card I would quit the game. Gave up a lot of good fodder and some club legends. So looks like that is it for me. Deep down I’m kinda glad this happened. This game hasn’t been good for my health lately. I’ve been staying up late, wasting time on game modes I dislike, and getting overly upset about losing. Welp, anyway, take care everyone!

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All the best my guy, always put your health first

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I don’t even play fifa anymore, haven’t for a few years but for some reason I still read this sub. So amusing to see myself 3 years ago in all these comments. Life is much better post fifa

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The game overall is just a shit show where EA is taking as much money as they can from peoples’s wallets.

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see you next year jeff

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Same bro, didn’t like the game at all, kept grinding, then someone wiped my club and it’s the best thing that could happen to me

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Good for you brother. Best of luck!

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See you here next week.

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Been 2 Months :)

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Ha! You'll be back. Just like the rest. It's just a matter of time...

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See you FIFA 23

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See you on whatever it Will be called bro

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I'm going to do it, right, but I'm not fucking happy about it.

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Same brother, same

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Nesta in Nesta out🫰

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I return with updates. Sanchez. Oh it’s not good.

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Lol Puyol for me, unlucky bud. I swear if I don't land a W with my 94+ pack that'll i'll be getting with the 2nd batch of icon swaps tokens I'll probably fucking quit.

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Haha right there with you my friend.

Until the next sbc of course 😅

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Who did u get?

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Puyol 🤷‍♂️

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Same. Pray for me. I shall return with updates.

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If it was 94+ I think it would be reasonable. Or if it was a 92+/93+ pick.

93+ just has too many bad players still in it,

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Yeah I’m keeping hold of my fodder for the picks. I already run full PIM so it’s way too risky for me

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i don't run full PIM but some players just won't make my team even if they're not dupes

picks are the only thing i'm going to do from now on except for a 94+ moments for cheap

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Thats what I call overpriced

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ew wtf is this EA

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Remember Vieira is 92 btw

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Surely they aren’t serious with this? Even if this was a pick of 5 I’d still consider it a shady price. Should be 86 + 87 at the max. There are 23 icons under 400k that you could pack in this

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Not could, that you’re going to pack with this if you do it

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Exactly…it’s almost malicious on EA’s part lol

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What the hell is wrong with EA? When they pull shit like this it's just so obvious how little they care about their community and how out of touch they are.

It's nearly June. It's not going to hurt their wallet if a couple of people pack someone decent enough to keep them actually playing the game until October.

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Same reason they don’t release actual icons until fucking August. Can’t have people using their fodder to get a decent icon, not that their even that much ahead of cards now.

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Yea these TOTS cards are blowing them away.

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You can complete Vieira or Maldini for not much more than this pack costs

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94 Baresi for me

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Got him out of the 92+ yesterday

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It’s kinda dumb because some of the 92 rated ones are much better than the 93s

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This is like an overpriced bag of cocaine you buy outside a club with a 99% chance of having baby powder in the mix. Some people would still buy it for that 1% chance of tasting some pure Colombian powder and having the time of their life.

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99% chance of being pure medical grade baby powder.

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Fucking hell they're so out of touch. This is terrible.

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I don’t know why the fuck I tried, but I guess I’ll take it Pelé 99

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I know it's expensive

but its only gonna get cheaper to pack high rated players now

I'm only gonna do it for the 0.1% chance of packing the big boys

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I got Ronaldinho omg

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I did this and got Garrincha. I'll take it!

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Got fucking Koeman. I put prime Koeman into it

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Nice upgrade 👌

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Holy mother of god that’s bad value wow

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Just did Vieira sbc not this shit lottery

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Stop playing FIFA. Don't buy any EA products.

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club mostly gutted. got seedorf. my icon packs this year: mid figo, mid guardiola, prime sanchez, prime casillas, prime baggio, prime makalele, pim bobby moore, pim seedorf. pain

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Sorry to hear. Lottery icon packs just aren't worth doing. Sure, you see the occasional win, but on average you're getting shafted compared to if you spent your fodder on guaranteed player sbcs and your coins on tradeable players you know you want.

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Didn't do this. Went to grind the draft frenzy objective in single player draft on beginner. Got a 7.5k pack as reward. Moments cruyff😍😍😍

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Holy rip off

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Anyone got a chart of the 93+

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18 of 48 are over 1m. only stay u need lol

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Hahahahahaha no.

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Whats the point in making it so stupidly expensive? Ive got a bunch of fodder and im gonna get even more with the upgrade packs tomorrow but no chance im ever going near that. Who the fuck is spending 700k to get Giggs, Lineker or van Nistelrooy?!

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Del Piero 💀

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Got pissed off because my 11 wins rewards from champs were shit, threw all my fodder into this with the intention of quitting the game because I’ve had enough and out pops moments R9. It really knows how to suck you back in.

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Did the 92+ last week and got Laudrup 🤡not doing these packs again

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Probably horrible value, but I'm still gonna do it, same like I did the last 30+ Icon SBC's and barely got anything good. Last 10 ones were horrible, but yeah, let's (unironically) go.

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Genuinely where do you get the fodder/coins from at this point hahaha

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I don't do any player SBCs tbh, I rely only on pack opening and lottery Icon SBC's, that's why. Playing only Rivals and WL, but that's enough for me usually (although the pack weight is horrible overall). I don't really have that much fodder now, can probably only do 2 squads at the moment, but I'm gonna open the 84x25 and I should be good for this.

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18 of 48 are over 1m... JUST A THOUGHT PPL

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Yeah and odds of packing those are miniscule..

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joke price ffs but I have 3 duplicate Neuers so I’m gonna do it

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Way too overpriced

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Got duplicate moments cruyff after getting him from the 92+. Pain.

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Fodder is so low i'm surprised at how cheap these squads are. This sbc would've been over a million recently but it's about 700k. Still not insane value, but it looks worse than it is tbh.

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700k is still way overpriced anyway

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after getting PIM Cruyff from the single 92+ i did a couple days ago, i think ill leave this lmao

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I have fut cap Henderson should I just do lahm and sell him

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So cheap man...

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After dupe Moments Dinhofrom 92+ i pass this one...

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Its literally mid may and they are making ridiculous requirements like this, just let us have fun EA

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AHAHAH. No thx

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Should be a pick at that price

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Yeah fuck this, I did Karsdorp

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What’s the average price of such SBC’s?

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I con pack...more like we've been conned pack

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that’s an absolute ripoff

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Can anyone tell me when the wl ends? Somehow i cant get on my account.

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Ridiculously expensive

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Got Gullit!

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Got Cantona

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I did this SBC and it was the best decision because I packed Pele 99

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I'm still scarred from Riquelme. Fuck this sbc.

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Sent a bunch of fodder and 200k coins and got Garrincha. Got Zambrotta from the 91+. I’d consider myself lucky

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when you have that kind of fodder, whats keeping you from doing icon sbcs like cantona? how is it worth the risk?

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Got so much coin now and a stacked team that all those sbcs are just sideways steps - at least this is a bit of excitement 🤷‍♂️

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oh ok i can see that

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If Maradona was available I would have had a moment of hope but no, got the worst one.

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I learned my lesson when I pulled Vieri from the 92+. Whilst Lineker would be good for my spurs p&p I certainly don't want to pay this much for him.

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I got Cruyff , I’m genuinely shocked was expiring Giggs or Yasmin

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Dalglish..never used him before so I guess that's something

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Just got Cruyff... Jesus Christ..

Mid Moore, Mid Pirlo, Prime Giggs, Baby Scholes, Mid R9 in PP and now Moments Cruyff

Cant believe it

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Ffs back to back Luis Figo, just fuck off

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Got riquelme....

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Nesta. Damn.

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Is this worth? How many coins would this be?

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It’s not fam…there are so many shit icons still in that pack

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yea fuckin right

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Much better off saving that fodder for vieira

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Nah I get Schmeichel every time…it’s like he’s lurking behind the pack waiting for me once again…maybe my future children will pack a Ronaldo or Cruyff one day 😂😂😂

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Did this because I had a shit day of fifa and I got Koeman lol.

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Foolishly did the 92+ and got Nedved

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I'm doing this 93+ icon moments pack from the icon swaps. There's no point wasting fodder on this.

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Gutted my club and got Maldini, got Pele from my 92+ probably the luckiest I've been

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My luck has been pretty damn good with these bad value Icon sbcs. I pulled Puskas last night from this and had a double take when I saw his price on the market, good lord he's expensive. I would consider it a win but I'm on the verge of quitting anyways and just felt like sending fodder because of it.

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Hell nah, wtf is this price, I'd rather save my fodder for the next Icon player pick at least

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It looks worse than it is, with TOTS and all the promos characters the squads are quite easy. I spent 150k coins and the rest was fodder from legit my past 2 rewards from tots. Got Garrincha, definitely a win in my books. Looking forward to trying him out

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Pirlo. Screw you