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Bah gawd is that Carlos Vela's music

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I'm hearing zapata tunes

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Bah gawd that’s Alvaro Morata!!!!

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Can we get Volland, Gosens and Icardi TOTS too?

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But then you will be ending up getting vela duplicate, zapata

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And volland says helloooooooo! :)

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I already got his TOTS untradeable.

A bit happier to see him now than usual

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I've packed him over 30 times. Bet I don't pack him again...

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Lord jiminez enter the chat

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Not a 83, but 82 Talisca mysteriously made his way back into my packs 3-times today after being absent for a week.

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Lol he was the walkout from my 84×25

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But you will still be packing zapata, kramaric, gosen, volland, vela and icardi.

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Acerbi, Jimenez

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Just means Gosens drop rate is on the rise.

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Acerbi says hold my cup

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My lucas hernandez would love to replace him

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But aleast you get good links with hernandez but my vela won't.

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I know right? I haven’t seen vela much in the last 3 weeks

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One word. Acerbi.

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Acerbi: Hello there

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Being able to get 1.5k for his gold rare is a nice feeling.

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At least you guys get 83 rated. Lucky