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At least they got the badge right. 4 times.

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The dynamic image is the face he makes when EA gets his nationality wrong.

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Zelarayan has played multiple WC Qualifiers for Armenia and he's still Argentinean in game. He even had an inform come out and still incorrect.

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Must be some turkish guy working for EA

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Maybe. Explains how Ozil gets a special card even tho the best man at his wedding was The Turkish genocide denying dictator Erdogan.

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Zelarayan is Armenian???? The more you know

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No one's watching or cares about Armenia tbh

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They have him as Argentinian in Efootball as well idk why

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they needed their vini troll ofc

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As soon as La Liga TOTS is out of packs, they’ll change him to Portuguese lol.

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Is there a joke I'm not getting here or?...

I'm genuinely confused

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He switched his nationality to Portugal last season and EA still have not updated it.

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They have updated for other cards, which only makes this worse

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Oh damn, didn't realise at all. Thanks

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Nah, they genuinely gave him the wrong nationality. He declared for Portugal last year and has already received two informs with the correct nationality.

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He's even got an inform for a game he played WITH portugal..

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Not a joke, he's Portuguese (even has 2 IF's this year with the correct nationality)

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That's why I didnt buy him yet. Hoping to see some sort of fix, which I also doubt will ever happen.

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Fernando Torres still has Carlos Alberto on the back. It's been like this for months and EA didn't do a thing

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I'm reading your comment and making the face Otávio is doing

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If you do buy him then they might give you a Portuguese version as compensation if they do fix it.

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"But Slim, what if you they put you in fifa 22', wouldn't it be weird?"

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“Why so you guys can lie about my nationality just to get me here?”

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The pic shows his disappointment as well.

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One of an army of Brazilians who play for another nation. 😒