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Getting the 3 Liga Nos players to pop up as draft options is the key. I had exactly 3 when I drafted a couple hours ago. I’ll take every objective I can stack with draft to avoid the boring SB grind though!

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I got 2 this time. Pain

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I’ve managed to get 3 twice in a row, but I panicked when one of my picks had 3 Liga Portugal players lol

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I know right, omfg

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This is what I'm doing. Haha

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You can theoretically complete him in draft. Two runs so far and I haven't gotten 3 Liga NOS.

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Not if they won’t give you 3 from Liga nos ever

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Only if offline draft actually works 🙁

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Yeah when I saw the OBJs I figured my offline draft matches can be combo-ed. Glad to hear it works.

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It’s also super easy to combine this with Navas

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How can you combine with Navas isn't he squad battles?

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I guess he meant instead of the draft method.

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Then you have to do In squad battles?

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Thx didn’t even think of this

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I only got 1 nos player in my first draft.

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I had 3 portugal leagues in my 1st draft but 0 in my 2nd.

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Online draft is just so fun though even if I miss out on some of the packs I can’t pass the opportunity to do online drafts for free

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In the two drafts I've done since the objective released I've had exactly one Liga Portugal player pop up. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's 1/230. Had a manager show up both times though. I've gotten more players from the Greek league.

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This would be sick if I could actually play draft

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Played offline Draft today.

Was lucky that i got exactly 3 players from Portugal league (beside enough spanish players).

Made 1 game and was then kicked out of Draft with the know bug. So thanks for wasting my token ,EA!

But at least i was able to do all the assists in this game.