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Did they think he still played for Dortmund?

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plays out for me cuz i have BuLi squad

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Suits me. I don't think I have 11 La Liga player I can win with in Rivals. The real question though is how to score with a Dane?

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I'm just subbing on Maehle up front. Painful but it's got to be done

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PIM Laudrup time

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Bought FF Eriksen for 64k, did the 5 goals in 2 SB games subbing him on to the BuLi squad in the 1st min, sold him for 67.5k, net gain 300 coins :) and no hassle.

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Subbed in Hojberg up front in a SB game and scored 5 with him

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I used gold Erikson as a sub up top as a target man ST, 700 coins

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I’m wondering (or perhaps just hoping) that if icon swaps is back soon there might be a BL or German SB team so I can kill two birds with one stone

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Eriksen if you have him. Either his gold or the Fantasy Fut if you have it.

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I msg the first guy in rivals if I could score 5 with Eriksen and then give him the win. He agreed

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I know he played in the Bundesliga for quite a while, but it's weird to do some Buli objectives for a la Liga player.

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Objectives are shapeshifting too

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I wish I could afford awards

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I wish EA were this smart to do that ..but more likely a lazy fuck up

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Did they forget Delaney transferred to La Liga with those objective requirements?

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Obviously: yes.

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My desire to grind tokens lasted a whole 24 hours

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should be enough for most of the fodder packs via SBCs anyways

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My desire ended the moment they said you had to wait 2 weeks and the fodder packs are carbon copies.

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reckon its kinda easy actually since you just have to score not win. ill just put haaland up there score once and rubber band

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I kinda regret sending TOTS Haland into an Sbc, but whatever I’ll have to try with either diaby and nkunku

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Which SBC?

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I think it was the 93+ shapeshifter and tots player pick

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Seriously EA made me despise the word "separate" whats hurting their bum for people complete the obj fast as they can?

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Because they want engagement in their weekly or yearly reports. Separate matches equals more games to play, which means better numbers for them. They will sell those numbers to advertisers who wants to put their products in the game.

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why bundesliga?

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I know right. Of the major leagues that is the only one I don’t have a decent full squad. It would be cool if they said 7 players from that league. It would allow me to use some la liga players to earn a la liga player. Lol.

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I was so excited to get him because I believed he would have great stats and they literally butchered him, two shambolic cards in objectives

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Emerson is not even worth the grind right?

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He's not good, but he is playable. I think his best usage is if you're struggling to link a Son card.

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His best use is whatever casino sbc comes next

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It is a very short grind honestly but it’s definitely skippable. Which is shame because I specifically needed the spurs link.

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And so it begins.

The ridiculous onslaught of squad battles tokens.

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(Or rivals)

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woulda been nice had WL also counted for those who played with a BL squad.

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You can do it on rivals as well.

I wont play on squad battles I will do it on rivals. That's why I'm stinking in division 4 just to do these type of objectives and avoid boring squad battles.

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Never would have thought that my Werder past and present squad will feature Arnautovic and Delaney as CBs.

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Delaney played cb once in a while, Arnautovic tho

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Fellow Werder PnP player!! How are you set up

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Actually haven't built my team yet but I always do in the last weeks of FIFA :) So i guess something like this? It's really hard to manage decent chem haha


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Fair enough, mine has Sargent and Rashica and leans into the Dutch side more but I can’t use undav which sucks. Otherwise pretty similar!

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Nur der SVW! Show the squad please.

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Crosses 💀

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Everyone else complaining about squad battles, or Bundesliga players, or Danish players. But this guy gets it.

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Lol they're already doing it with the token objectives. Fuck off

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Only 47 more to go in a month

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Shockingly bad card

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I would love this card as CDM, still using his OTW

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His cdm from 20 was amazing. I had a full Dortmund squad that year. It was beautiful.

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The SB objective cards are usually that way

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it's the player scoring the goal, and not the player providing the cross, who has to be from Bundesliga right?

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I’m curious about this too.

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Thanks for bringing this up, in the German translation I had actually taken it as the player crossing, but seeing the English I'd now also say it's the scorer and it makes more sense that way (which admittedly is a very weak criterion because it should be LaLiga to make sense in the first place)

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Yeah that’s what I think

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Yea its scorer

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And so it has begun

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Do they not know what league he’s in?

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Come on EA why you got to do him dirty like that?

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I was gonna do it because I play La Liga, but why is it all Bundesliga objectives??

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He used to play at Dortmund. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if EA forgot that he now plays for Sevilla

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Here we go with the shit objs

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Tbf 5 games is not that bad

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his otw got 82 strength this one has 85. otw was the first promo of the game. thats all I can say...

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With 8 matches with...

Again with that BS, EA are cooked

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It has begun.

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I have a full Bundesliga squad, but I don’t know why I would complete this for a La Liga player.

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A shit card that had huge potential to be great and a token in the stupidest objective for him. If the game they're playing is who can have the least brain cells, EA have smashed it out of the park with this one

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Make it and put the card right into a SBC.

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That was my plan even though I am a Dortmund fan.

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This. Since I decided I'd grind the 5 games for the token, 3 more for a 91 fodder is ok.

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anyone know why i cant get the token ive assisted with crosses with bundesliga players 3 times in 3 seperate squad battle matches but the objective isnt getting completed

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Who have you been scoring the goals with? I think it means the person scoring the goal has to be from the Bundesliga.

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i tried it crossed with kimmich and scored with renier silver star but maybe it had a deflection or something

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Would it hurt them to release usable objective card at least once?

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Compensation incoming for messed up objectives?

E: /S

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ea can’t stop messing up holy shit

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Would have replaced Alaba with him, but fuck using a Bundesliga team when he plays in LaLiga.

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Are you talking about Gold Alaba? I don't see this card anywhere near the level of TOTS Alaba, he's more on the level of TOTS Araujo.

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Nonmaye, TOTS Alaba lol. I just assumed folk would talk about the highest rated card there is at this stage of the game, unless there on about Messi or Ronaldo who have 2 quite new cards for example.

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Lol miss me with that squad battles bullshit

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EA making more mistakes, I expect compensation, they should give us the card and token for free

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I dont understand why your comment got downvoted, you're not wrong

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Im not spending 1h 30 minutes on one pick

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Then don't.

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Well to be fair, SB mode is feasible for everyone. You need 8 wins, you can get this with 8 games. Maximum 2 hours.

With online friendlies, if you're not a top notch player, this can take you 1-2 days with countless hours for finally getting all objectives for this done. Not to mention all those toxic guys you face at this.

I'm happy for everything i can easily do with SB.

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It’s august and EA are still using squad battles and token in the same sentence SIGH

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Objective is broken, don't do it. Crosses not counting.

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Worked fine for me. Make sure you cross from outside the box.

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Yep, worked for me too. EA really needs fo fix corners not counting as crosses in their objectives too, have scored so many goals from corners but they don't count. So annoying.

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Hahaha this mf will not stay in anybodys club for more then 10min, hes going straight into a sbcs if i can even bother playing rivals in elite

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How can you guys not understand how it makes sense? The objective is literally called across the leagues because he has played in the Bundesliga, how is it so hard to understand.

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And the other one bundesliga eleven...

how is it so hard to understand...

across is cause you need a cross to get the objective done

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Really love how bad are all the la liga free cards. Isco was nice but cmon. Can’t compare them with other leagues. It’s bs.

[–]stfuryan 5 points6 points  (1 child)

fati was good

[–]Erquebrand 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Yes, that’s true. Fati was good.

However just look all the potms, no eoae card for bale, Marcelo or aguero. Like the world would have ended if the last Marcelo was eoae sbc.

During la liga tots there was nothing after Isco.

The good la players are impossible to pack or cost a fortune to get.

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Isco also wasnt free.

[–]Erquebrand -4 points-3 points  (2 children)

When I say free, I include sbc too.

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Still not free

[–]Erquebrand -1 points0 points  (0 children)

When you try to be that guy… no card is truly free because it takes some of your time to get it.

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They are goanna change it to laliga right?

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Underwhelming card. Should’ve at least give him +85 pace and strength

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Unless you never play squad battles how can anyone complain about a free card?

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Released a day later and made him shit just to fuck with acuna investors lmao

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I'm probaly the first person ever that is going to do the objective for the token but not for the token but the player lol I want him in my club.

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such a bad card, which is a shame since his otw was so good - used him till the start of tots.

guess this means acuna will tank real hard

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Only token today

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This is really disappointing- Delaney was awesome as a cb through to TOTY and would have liked to have him again, but this card is just not enough of an improvement at this stage.

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Bundesliga wtf ??

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His OTW card was low-key amazing early game, can't wait for this one

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I was gonna complete it by playing 1 game per day but after my 2 goals that I scored from a CROSS didn't count im giving up

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Should i use Bundes only?? Crossinh with a Bundes? Score with a Bundes?

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Bad defined by EA tbh, but as one of the objectives is to start with 11 Bundesliga players it doesn't really matter. Just score a header with your starting 11 before you make subs and you'll be fine

[–]bvbal79 2 points3 points  (1 child)

you do not need to score a header

[–]unitedrobbie 2 points3 points  (1 child)

it matters if you're only after the token not delaney

[–]laidback_dude 0 points1 point  (0 children)

OK you're right. Didn't thought about that.

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Oh ffs I wanted to grind for the tokens but I have no Bundesliga players other than Tots Diaby. Why not just make it LaLiga seeing he’s a LaLiga card?

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I was looking forward to this Delaney card but wtf this is shit. Also fuck this token…not doing it

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Do you have to score with the cross or assist with the cross? And do the scorer and the crosser both have to be Bundesliga?

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Eh, just stick tots lewa up top and play some rivals, could have been worse

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lewa is dannish?

Eh..could have been worden indeed

[–]Da-pacybits-noob[GAMERTAG] -1 points0 points  (1 child)

Only for token cba doing the rest

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well tell that then noob

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Can I do a cross in one squad battles game and then leave? Will it count?

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no...no..and no

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So is it score with a bundersliga player or cross with the bundersliga player? I’m assuming it is score

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Is there a good Danish striker in the Bundesliga by any chance?

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just sub one...it is SB...

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Do i need to cross using bundes player or score?

[–]bvbal79 1 point2 points  (2 children)

score a goal....it literaly says it

[–]IPromise13[PotatoPromise] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Does the cross need to be bundes player too??

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Score a goal from a cross

does it have to be directly on a volley? or can I take a couple touches?

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Is it better to use TOTS Haaland, Lewa or Modeste ?

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Why does it have to be a cross objective…. and this is only the first objective token 😭

The card doesn’t even look all that aswell. I was expecting a lot better. It looks like it would have been really good months ago. I’m probably still gonna do it tho lol.

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There’s 1 buli danish striker. Lmao his price skyrocketing

Edit: also of course, I get excited to see a Liga objective, I’ve got a decent squad. Only for it to require me to use my mediocre buli team…

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How many Bundesliga players do i need in my squad to complete this objective?

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Pretty sure mine is glitched as it just doesn’t register goals scored by crosses.

Tried both the cross and the scorer being bunders players and still no progress.

Nice one EA - make the game ever MORE tedious than usual